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  1. 1926 Buick, I think? Used to have some of those.
  2. Looks like that dash insert was engine turned at one time. Interesting dash.
  3. I tried to zoom in and lighten the bottom area of the plug, but this is about all I can do with it. I would really look closely at that slight raised ridge around the hollow area in which the porcelain insulator is enclosed, and see if it might possibly show any evidence of having been sheared or cut off.
  4. Looks to me like the threaded part of the plug (which would have had the ground-electrode attached) has been broken or cut off. Can't see well enough in your photo of the bottom side of it, but that electrode in the bottom which is surrounded by porcelain sure makes it look that way.
  5. Neat little car. I've never seen a 1914 Princess car before (or any year, for that matter). Can you possibly get a much-closer photo of the lamps in the sketch in that ad? Or, maybe we can find other photos or images to help ID what you are looking for.
  6. Padgett, 1965 can't be right. My grandparents took me and my cousin across country, deserts included, in their brand new all-black 1959 Ford Galaxie. I remember the trip well. Are you sure about that date?
  7. NOTICE! The date for our February, 2021 swap meet was listed incorrectly on our little yellow schedule cards which we passed out at our other events last year (we got our wires crossed with fairgrounds, and screwed this up). The CORRECT DATE is Saturday, February 20th, 2021. PLEASE help us, by sharing this information on your Facebook page, and mentioning it to all your friends who enjoy cool cars n trucks. We don't want folks showing up on the wrong week! You GOTTA BE THERE! Address: 4401 South Charleston Pike, Springfield, Ohio 45502 (at the intersection of intersta
  8. For a good look at those long pins on the back of these brass radiator scripts, I offer these photos of Hupmobile 8 unit that I have had for a long, long time. I'm absolutely certain that it is original and authentic. No maker's mark on the backside, but you can see that the letters are convex on the front, and concave on the back, where it was stamped out all those years ago. The coloring of the metal almost looks a bit like nickel or German silver. It must be plating, I assume. (For the last photo, I took a toothbrush-style wire brush and removed some of the dust and dirt on the backside, lo
  9. Sorry you're going through this, Matt. Unfortunately, in nearly all the cases I have seen go to court here in Ohio, a "dealer" generally loses vs a "poor customer" who will suffer much more financially than the dealer would, if he were to lose the case. Courts see dealers as being wealthy and prosperous, and consumers as "victims..." even when they are victimized by their own decisions and/or actions. I totally understand your frustration. It just isn't fair. But I'm guessing you'll end up returning most of his purchase price, minus any damage or wear/tear the MG has
  10. John, Yes, the AACA museum might like to have it. If not, I have a 1923 Hupmobile, and would be enjoy having that in my files. Let me know, and I'll send you a PM with my address. Thanks most of all for not throwing it in the trash! -----Jim
  11. Tom, I was probably at that Ohio Region tour with my parents. I have some old photos around here somewhere... I'll have to look around for them. And I too have seen that Thomas Flyer (and another one...white in color, I think?) when visiting Corky Coker in Chattanooga. Great family, good friends.
  12. On a Facebook page that I follow, they are often posting photos of "mystery cars." I know I have seen you folks ID a photo of a car with twin cowl vents before, and that I SHOULD be able to recall. But sadly, I have a bad case of CRS these days. Can someone help me with this one, so I can go back and tell them, and thus appear to be a smart person? Thanks!
  13. Terrific info. Thanks SO MUCH, Steven!!
  14. I had a Delco glass battery case a year or two ago, which I picked up at a barn sale. It was from the aforementioned electrical sources for farm use. I think I paid 10-15 bucks for it, and sold it for about the same when I quickly grew tired of it.
  15. Steven, Thank you for sharing interesting information on eBay searches! Question #1: I used to get better-refined search results using quote marks on both ends of items that I definitely wanted to be included in my searches (directly-adjacent to the words, with no spaces between the quote marks and the words). But lately that hasn't worked quite so well. I keep getting all kinds of stuff which is not within my quote marks. So, do I understand that use of parentheses has now replaced the use of quote marks for exclusive searches on eBay? Question #2: I have long
  16. The Amish craftsman who made all new leather interior for my Model R Hupmobile touring car restores and repairs old wagons and buggies routinely, and then they are put back into service. During my first visit to his shop, he showed me an old horse-drawn hearse he was restoring at that time. He has done a few over the years.
  17. hddennis, are you still on this forum? For whatever reason I didn't realize that you had responded. If you still have questions, you can contact me by my home email address, at wirth4@aol.com. Be sure to mention antique car or something similar in your message, so I won't assume it's spam and delete. Sorry for the delay.
  18. Chris, If you are still out there, and still looking, try Denny Long of Beavercreek, Ohio. He has several early Grants, and lots of parts. He is a member of this forum, so you ought to be able to find him here and send him a message. Good luck.
  19. lump


    Calcoupe, are you still around? I still have lots of Ford tools. My home email address is wirth4@aol.com. You can contact me that way. Please be sure to put "old Ford tools" or such in the subject line, so I won't delete your message by thinking it is spam. Cheers!
  20. Auburnseeker, I would like to watch your auction listings on eBay. I have lots of junk lying around that I need to sell, and you have often offered insights and tips for working with eBay. So I would like to check out your auctions. And who knows...you might have a piece of auto literature that I cannot live without! Cheers.
  21. Metro Moulded Rubber Parts, Inc manufactures lots of rubber floor mats with logos. You can find them online.
  22. Are there any brand names or casting numbers/symbols on the backside, or tags on the wiring loom, maybe? Look very closely at that white "tape-looking stuff" around the wiring where the black tape ends. SOMETIMES these are strips of roll-tape with the same part number repeated again and again, so SOMETIMES you can carefully start unrolling it and reveal part numbers inside. Without any numbers, I would observe that the multi-directional "joystick" might be the kind of switch control needed for powered remote control mirrors, or power seats. Good luck!
  23. TerryB and Keiser31 are right on with this one.
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