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  1. Yes, this is the exact one that he has. This is outstanding. The owner is 95 years old and worked in his fathers repair shop when he was 15 or 18 years old. Took it home after his father closed the garage. Has had it for many years and just recently restored it. But, never new exactly how it worked or the history. You have just made an older man a very happy person! Can wait to bring this over to him ! Obviously at 95, he's not into computer searches . Once again the "Forums" come thru. Thanks Al Ruckey Detroit
  2. Wow, that was a very quick reply. Yes, this looks very much like the one in the photo I sent. However, this is not patent number on it. The one my friend has has a different handle the the patent sketch you sent. This handle shows a check valve system. Now that you provided the patent number I'm going to search near the same number. thanks for the info 30 Dodge Panel.
  3. Looking for Info on this 1921 Harper Lift. A friend restored it and cannot figure out how it works. Is it air or hydraulic. Has a folding handle. On the far end is a pump hand pump inside the handle. He was told it was a truck jack. Is about 14-16" tall and has a round leather seal inside the cylinder. Thanks Al Ruckey Detroit
  4. Would like to buy a used tire to use as a spare for my 1926 Nash. 5.25 / 5.50 - 21 inch. Black wall. I am in Southeast Michigan area. North of Detroit. Al Ruckey cell: 248-212-3261
  5. This alternator is from a Chevy V-8 engine and is designed to run in a counter-clockwise direction. It is now running in a clockwise direction on my Nash engine 6 cylinder engine and the fan behind the pulley is not pulling air through the alternator. I am looking for a fan that is designed to be used on some marine v-8 engines. These engines rotate in a clockwise direction. Obviously not all marine engine are set up to run that way, only certain applications. In the end I may just cut of the blades and weld them on in the opposite direction.
  6. I have added a GM V-8alternator to my 1938 Nash. After installing, I realized that the cooing fan on the alternator just behind the pulley is turning in the wrong direction. I found that it is ok to run the alternator in this reverse direction and will still put out 12 volts. I understand some marine engine run in the reverse direction compared to cars. Looking for a replacement fan with reverse direction fan blades. Someone mentioned 1965-69 Corvair ran in reverse direction.
  7. I posted the above carburetor on E-bay July 20, 2020 for those who might be interested.
  8. Want to retro-fit my '38 Nash water pump with modern lip seal and remove rope packing. Over the years there have been articles written but I cannot recall in which magazines. Articles give info on dimensions for maching hole and shaft size.
  9. Fellow trying to buy my engine named Bill Mike from Tallassee, Florida. I asked for Paypal or Postal Money Order. He replied back that bank can only do a Cashiers Check! As you know, Cashiers are not very good! Any one hear of this fellow. I think it's a scam.
  10. I have my car ad in Hemmings Motor news. I was asked by a person what the ballpark cost to export the car from Michigan to Netherlands. Can anyone give me some costs? Thanks Al Ruckey
  11. Thanks for the help on I.D. for Paige. Now I can dig a letter deeper in my books. Al Ruckey
  12. 3 hours each way. U-Haul wants $60/day. We are going to a car show in northern Michigan for 7 days. Trailer will sit for 6 days with not way of returning it in that location. $420 or more to use trailer. Must be a better way. I agree with you on it should be trailered
  13. Possible. One would have to secure the steering wheel very tightly.
  14. Hello Group I have a 1950 Nash with Hydramatic transmission. It has no neutral position, only park, drive and reverse detent positions. I would like to tow car using a two wheel tow dolly on the front wheels. Can I tow the car in this manner? My only option would be to put the selector in a drive position. Would I have to remove the drive shaft to be safe. I heard there is an issue with the internal pump in the transmission. Thanks Al R.
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