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  1. Beautiful cars, and tremendous knowledge! Thanks so much for sharing with us, Ron.
  2. The Grant Motor Co exported Grant Six automobiles to New Zealand (I ASSUME this photo is from Kiwi-Land, since the OP is NZcarnerd). My parents once bought a very uncommon 1921 Grant Six chassis from a Mr Black in New Zealand, and had it shipped here as a parts car for the 21 Grant Six roadster they owned at that time. At first I wondered if this one could be a Grant, but the hood seems too rounded, and if I'm seeing the hood-side louvres correctly, they are way down low on the side of the hood, and pretty short.
  3. I agree with Craig. This handle looks pretty delicate, with that long, thin hand-grip portion. Yet the steel hexagonal shaft is pretty beefy. I hate to throw it away...but...?
  4. Winner, winner, chicken dinner, Greg! You know, I actually thought of that a few minutes after answering Wheelnut, and just got in. But I've worked on that for an hour, on and off! A strategically-placed comma in there, and maybe putting the word "one" after the word "which" might have made it make sense, even to an old man like me! LOL. Thanks so much!!
  5. Thanks for trying to help, Wheelnut. No luck. I tried "Trailer Bus," with no luck, and then tried "train." Both duds. Guess they want to keep us dumber folks out!
  6. I'm also member of a tool and garage forum, which had to be totally re-built a year or two ago, wiping out old memberships like mine. So recently I rejoined, and was warmly welcomed by old forum friends. But tonight I went there to post some photos of some bench vises I have acquired, but I have to answer some Q's first, to prove I'm not a "Bot." The questions are usually super easy, and I've done them before. But today the questions changed. Most of them are easy, as before. But one of them is a sort of riddle, and although the answer is likely simple as pie...I can't get it to save me. Since
  7. Rocket, what I actually DID do, when wifey and I had finished our coneys and rootbeer, was fire up my truck, drive slowly past those other hot rods while revving the engine. I challenged them with a nod of my head and hand gestures, to follow me out on the street to "run a pass or two." That 327 was pretty healthy, and it sounded that way too. The truck weighed very little, and it accelerated almost like a motorcycle. The laughter slowed, and no one returned my stare, or offered to follow me out onto the street. I felt a little better then. 😉
  8. When I was a young married sheet-metal apprentice, I bought and sold cool cars for a hobby. One day I acquired a hot-rodded 40 Ford pickup for next-to-nothing, since it had a busted 50's Chevy rear end. It turned that the "pumpkin" assembly was the only thing wrong, and I quickly cleaned out the grease and metal shavings, popped in a new one, and drove it every day to work for about a year. The truck had been set up to look like a gasser from the 60's (This was in about 1976 or so), with the front end jacked up high above the straight axle, the bed shortened, and cheesy rear fende
  9. Heck, folks can now laugh at me too, since I thought the first Imperial by Chrysler was in 1954! 🤪
  10. Years ago I got a load of mixed vintage car parts an auction or estate, or such. Among those items was an old handle which LOOKS automotive. But it is attached via set screw to a hexagonal shaft that is nearly a foot long. I tried to think of an automotive (or truck) application, like maybe a trunk or rumble seat latch, or maybe a tail gate. But, I have never seen one like it. I wondered about old appliances, like "ice boxes," etc. Still doesn't seem to fit for me. Maybe a compartment on a commercial truck or fire apparatus? I dunno. Over the years I've dug this old h
  11. Sorry, Xander. I really butchered the spelling of your name. Please accept my apologies. I'll get "Wildeisen" right, next time. For the record, I actually think that car looks pretty cool. Probably a pain to turn corners with, but cool.
  12. Check out this Hudson town car I found on the Hudson page on Facebook Step-down Hudson "town car"
  13. My pals just came upon a load of old auto parts, and asked if I could help them ID stuff. I knew a FEW items, but I am lost on this dash panel. Does anyone recognize it? Your help is truly appreciated!
  14. A friend showed me some rough old Auburn wheels, asking if I might be interested in them. They have Auburn hubcaps, with the name "Auburn" repeated twice (once upside down), and a slot between the names. The demountable rims are still there, although rusty, along with rim bolts and rim clamps, and stamped sheet metal brake drums. I ASSUME these are really only good as wall-hangers? Am I wrong? Anyone need these?
  15. In my opinion, if you want to be sure the battery is fine and not the cause of any issues, then disconnect the cables, clean both posts, and put the battery on slow charge overnight. Then, since you probably don't have the equipment to draw down the battery under a load, and see how fast it recovers, just take it (fully charged) to your local auto parts store and have them test if for you. If your battery is in any condition less than perfect, you would be wise to replace it first thing. Then, as you begin to diagnose other potential issues, you'll know the battery is not the source of your pr
  16. LOL. I know what that's like, 55er. I grew up in the antique car club, riding around in all manner of antique cars. Then as a teenager I fell in love with 55-57 Chevys and 62-63 Chevys, though my dad wouldn't allow me to own any car. Then I grew into a street-racing teenager (just as my dad had feared). I had to hide my junky old hot rod muscle cars in a friend's garage for a couple years. Then I got married and bought the big block Camaros, Novas, Impalas, and Chevelles I really wanted. Later I became an automotive writer and magazine editor/publisher, etc, etc. So today I'm pretty good with
  17. Thanks, 55er! I've noticed that you are really pretty sharp on cars of the 40's & 50's. I always look forward to seeing your posts.
  18. Two pals of mine just helped haul away a small horde of parts, with many items unidentified. I offered to try and help them a bit, because they are often doing kind things for me. Can anyone help me to ID this sheet metal pan from the front end of a 40's or 50's car? This pan fits under the grille, and behind the bumper. Folks around the country use lots of different names for that pan, including gravel pan, valance, bumper filler, and others. So, what name do YOU use for it?
  19. A good friend of mine found two hood sides at a little local flea mkt (non-automotive event!). He said they were supposed to be from a 1939 LaSalle coupe. I offered to try and verify that for him, so that he could begin the process of getting them into the hands of someone who might need them. Do you folks agree with the 39 LaSalle coupe designation? Would it also fit any other LaSalle years or body styles? Any help much appreciated. Cheers!
  20. Chuck, I'm not sure if Mom and Dad were ever at a Hupp Nationals event. They didn't have a lot of financial strength, and rarely made the "dream trips" they wished for (IE: They were never able to attend Hershey). But if you find an old roster, they will probably be listed there. I have some old copies of HUPP HERALDS, etc. I'll try to dig those out, and see if I can find any relevant interesting info. Cheers!
  21. The 40 Ford coupe presented to my new wife and I, on our wedding day in July of 1974. Wish I had never taken it apart to "restore it." Maybe I would still own it and be driving it today. Sigh...
  22. You know, my parents may also have been "charter members" of the Hupmobile club. I know they were members for quite a while, having bought their last antique car (my 23 Hupp touring) in 1962. And they were killed in a tragic automobile accident in 1978. So if they weren't charter members, then they were at least "early" members. Their names were James "Bill" and Pat Wirth, of Dayton, Ohio in 1970, and Beavercreek, Ohio at the time of their demise. You might check an old roster, or something. If so, I ASSUME that I too was considered a "member," as the minor child of our family. Ch
  23. Enjoyed reading about your Hudson project, Wilf! It's great to see you enjoying your car. Cheers!
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