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  1. So you are loaded!! With what I ask??!! LOL I envy you easterners, big time!! Hershey! Us westcoasters have less rust issues, but NO HERSHEY!! And I just love chocolate!! Do you get free chocolate there??? Oh, well, maybe some day!! Cheers, and enjoy, Mike
  2. As the wood deteriorates, water leaks inside the wagon. That nice thick jute padding absorbs it and holds it against the usually poorly painted floorboards. Most project Woodies need floor work. Mike
  3. I have dragged home many relics like this one. I find, instead of shrink wrap, a large piece of shade cloth, covered with a cargo net works best to hold all together. The air passes right through, and there is no flapping!! Mike
  4. Did you get any? I have a couple. If interested, email me. Mike
  5. Tommie, I have a friend who was selling a panel, not sure of the year, but in your range. I just tried to call him, no answer. If you email me, I will respond when I can find out more info. It is in the LA area, CA...no rust at all. Mike
  6. I have one in the trunk of my 1950 Roadmaster parts car, missing the base. Not sure if it is the same. Email me if any interest, I can return a picture. Mike
  7. I am parting out a 1953 Super Estate Wagon. It has rusty floors, etc, but the frame may be ok. I have not really looked at it. I will if you still need one. The wagon is still pretty much together, so it would take time to prepare. Mike
  8. Hey Carlos, I just joined this outfit, and it was good to find your link!! Cheers, Mike...AKA "Mikes WoodieWorld" PS. Do all of you know Carlos is in a wheelchair, due to protecting our freedoms, and has made tremendous progress on this woodie, in spite of this? He is truly a wonder!! Mike
  9. I have a 1947 Buick Super Estate Wagon that was quite complete when I acquired it. The wagon was from Pennsylvania, and quite rusty, so I started looking for a sedan donor car, which I found. As I started to remove the wood, the rust became even worse than I had expected. I have cut the sedan down with the idea of adding all the special wood brackets from the rusty wagon, and using this body instead. Since then, I have found a very nice frame and floor pan from another one, so I am fitting the wood to that one. I think I am way over my head on the first one, but perhaps you would be interested in this project. I am in California, near Bakersfield. I have some wood, but it sounds like you wouldn't need it I have pictures available if you contact me through my email address. Regards, Mike
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