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  1. Thanks I did see that on, Just a little to much for me and what I want to do with it.
  2. Hi all looking for a 1957 or 1958 Olds wagon. 58 Buick wagon may work also. Thanks
  3. 1958 Oldsmobile super 88 Convertible. Please see under Automobiles for sale on this forum thank you
  4. Beautiful car. Excellent paint and chrome Very rare you don’t see many of these Runs and drives excellent I have owned the car for 30 years I have a title in my name For more information or more pictures $ 85,000.00 Please call me 717 683-3254
  5. Hi All It's time for me to replace the exhaust system on my 58 Olds super 88 Convt. I see a co on ebay from Ohio selling the aluminized daul exhaust system with mufflers and resonators and with out the resonators. # 1 question anyone here use this co.? # 2 question do I need the rear resonators? I have a lift so install is no problem . Or should I use a local muffler shop ( does old cars all the time) Thank you so much Tom
  6. Wanted to buy 1958 Olds Wagon Any Condition
  7. Wanted 1958 Buick Wagon Thank You
  8. Hi all Looking for a 1958 Oldsmobile or Buick wagon Thanks Tom
  9. Hi all Any one have the frame dimensions for a 1961 Ford Truck ? Have one in my shop now damaged. Thanks
  10. Hi and thanks in advance. Are the 1957 Buick Century and the 1958 Buick Century Frames the same ?
  11. Hi all would like to find a 1958 Olds Wagon or Buick wagon. No rust buckets. Located in PA. May trade a 58 Olds Convt. Thanks
  12. Yes Tedd have to remove starter and lower center drag link then oil pan will come down ,and yes strange looks like some one before me did some work on the dip stick tube has a spot of brass filler on it
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