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  1. Hi all Any one have the frame dimensions for a 1961 Ford Truck ? Have one in my shop now damaged. Thanks
  2. Hi and thanks in advance. Are the 1957 Buick Century and the 1958 Buick Century Frames the same ?
  3. Hi All possibly need a 58 Buick transported from Grand Junction Co. to Southern Pa. Great roller but not running . Thanks Tom
  4. Hi all would like to find a 1958 Olds Wagon or Buick wagon. No rust buckets. Located in PA. May trade a 58 Olds Convt. Thanks
  5. Yes Tedd have to remove starter and lower center drag link then oil pan will come down ,and yes strange looks like some one before me did some work on the dip stick tube has a spot of brass filler on it
  6. Wanted 1958 Buick wagon. Please no real junk. thank you
  7. Yep tried vise grips and even clamps. I have it out about an inch but will not move at all.I have a body shop so not a complete dummie Will drop the oil pan next. Thank you
  8. Hi and thanks in advance Have a 58 Oldsmobile w/ 371 motor and can not pull out the oil dip stick? like its frozen in place When I pull hard on it the tube that the dip stick goes in will pull out of motor about a inch and stops. any one know if the tube can be pulled all the way out. HELP!!!!
  9. I emailed you and thanks. Let me know if you get the email or not
  10. Hi wanted 1958 Oldsmobile Wagon. thanks Tommie b.
  11. Wanted 1958 Buick Wagon to buy. Any Condition but no junk. Thank You Tommie b
  12. Hi All wanted a 1957 or 1958 Oldsmobile Wagon. No junk please. PM me Thanks
  13. SPI are great products and great customer support. A pic. would be good. good Luck. Also the SPI forum has a lot of info.
  14. Epoxy Primer Great. read the tec sheet for your epoxy primer. if deep pits give a coat finish glaze filler but after epoxy is dry and in the window of time (read tec sheet) . Block sand filler and another coat of epoxy primer then your 2K primer, May I ask what brand of Epoxy are you using?
  15. Hi all and thanks in advance.The horns on my 58 Oldsmobile are not working. No power to the wires at the horns.Where is the horn relay located on this car if the problem. 12v to horns and they work. thanks