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  1. Thank you for the response. After zooming in I could see the fill cap. Nice way to run the engine for a short time while working on it until you get your fuel system fixed. Thank you.
  2. I've had my car for 10 years now and have not gotten much done on it. Kids, house, work, illness - basically life seems to get in the way. However, I have diligently watched for parts on ebay, craigslist, and this forum. I have collected lots of bits and pieces for the car but have never seen anything for the wire wheels come up. I did purchase a full set of wood wheels to get the outer rims and hardware for mounting them. The rims worked out great and I was able to pass the wood wheels on to someone else as a spare set. I have also searched for pictures of wire wheeled cars like mine. I
  3. The picture below is one I found on the internet. It has the same wheels that I have. It's how the car was assembled. Originally a nickel plated ring would be in place of the six locking tabs that lock the rim to the wheel. The outer rim is removable like on a wood wheel. I replaced my rotten outer rims with ones I took from a set of 21" wood spoke wheels. When you change the tire the wire wheel stays on the car. To take the wire wheel off you have to pull the hub to get to the lug nuts in the rear, you can access the back of the hub in front.
  4. The bolt is 1/2"-20 TPI. About 1 3/8" total length with 3/4" threaded. "Keys" are 3/16" wide and 3/8" long. Head is 15/16" wide at widest point. Nut is 3/4" . The dome is what shows externally, the keys go through the wheel and slot into keyways in the hub. Nut goes behind the hub in front and behind the brake drum(which is behind the hub) in rear. Each wheel takes six. I have enough for one axle. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I apologize. Didn't mean to offend or get the thread off topic. i just liked the ingenuity that I saw in the photo and wanted to know more. Thank you.
  6. I got my wheels mounted inside the rims. It was kind of a pain to get everything balanced and tight. I have to imagine that it would be much worse with the wheel on the car. Trying to come up with enough lug bolts to mount them on the car. I need to roll it to where I can degrease the engine and drop the oil pan. I put separate post up about the lug bolts and have reached out to a few places to try to find the bolts or a substitute. I may have to check out what it would cost to get some machined/made. Getting the wheels mounted has freed up some space in the garage and looking at them
  7. Hi Matt, Is that two bows on either side of a steel form? I'm looking forward to watching your top as it progresses. Thanks
  8. Stakeside, Can you tell me about the top on your vacuum tank? Is that a homemade cover? The top of mine is cracked into pieces some of which are missing. I would like to know about yours and how you made it if possible. Thanks
  9. Great car. I think you're lucky that piece of paper kept turning up.
  10. I understand. My car was turned into a tractor and then left to rot. I have found a set of fenders, but they need a lot of work. I keep waivering back and forth about open wheels or full fenders. I'm planning a tapered rear for the body so it would be 30's race car or full-fendered boat tail. Either way it won't be a restoration but just something fun to drive with a period feel. Thank you for the response. I like your car hopefully getting mine running soon.
  11. Did you stay open wheeled and if so do you like it?
  12. Great pictures of what looks like a lot of fun. Can't wait to be able to do it as well. You guys keep it up, it gives me motivation. Sorry about the axle but given your track record it's probably already fixed.
  13. Hey Moose, What's the status of your coupe now?
  14. That's good to know. The tires I have came on the set of wooden wheels I purchased to get rims to fit my wheels. They fit well but look a little skinny for the car. I'll be happy to go bigger when it is time to replace them.
  15. Hi I have 21" tires on my 1927. I have wire wheels but my outer rims were shot so I bought a set of wood wheels for the outer rims so they should be the same as yours. My tires are 4.50 x 21". I did have two larger tires on the rear when I got the car. They were 5.50 x 21" . I just purchased new tubes for mine from Eckler's Automotive/Mac's Auto Parts. They were listed for a model A but they fit fine. Centered valve stem. All four tubes plus shipping for less than $100. Pretty awesome price compared to other suppliers who wanted that for one tube. Good Luck.
  16. The wheel looks great all put back together. Glad there was only bumps and bruises but sorry about the rim. Love the sunburst striping. Can't wait to see the body back on.
  17. I thought when you first posted those pics that it was all one car that had been repainted at some point. Pretty cool that there's two Fast Four boat tails out there. They are good looking cars. Pretty much what I have been dreaming about since I brought mine home. Thanks for the inspiration.
  18. I do need to give the new Romar a call. They are fairly close to me. I think I might have met George at my local Antiques Fair (Bouckville) just before he bought Romar.
  19. I've saved pictures of that car already. I like it! I got mine with the original cowl and hood. I have since found a radiator shroud, headlights, and all four fenders from 23- 27 cars. They all need work, but they were reasonably priced. I m planning a boat tail for the back of the body. I've been all over the board in looking up options. I really like the idea of wood for at least the top deck but want steel for the sides of the boat tail. My fenders are rough and were cut (I think) to fit over independent suspension up front on a hot rod before I got them. That keeps making me waiver
  20. Thanks a lot for the links. I'll be sure to check them out. Matt, sorry to hijack your build thread into windshield construction but it's because of all of your good work and inspiration.
  21. Got my tires mounted with new tubes and sprayed some color on my wire wheels. Don't look too close. This is a make it look a little prettier while I make it run "refurbishment" not an Aussie quality restoration. Hard to believe that two days ago (Thursday morning) I woke up to a temp of 24 degrees F and six inches of snow and today I was painting outside with a temp. in the mid 60's.
  22. I got new tubes delivered this week. Mounted my spare with an old tube and a re-used cleaned up tire flap earlier in the week. Mounted all four tires with new tubes this afternoon and shot a coat of sealer on the wire wheels. I made new tire flaps from the old tubes. Yep, I'm cheap. They are so much better than what was in the tires when I pulled them apart. I had a canvas/felt flap that was almost solid with rust, two flaps made from old tubes that were twisted messes, and one really heavy flap that turned out OK once it was cleaned up and de-rusted which I repurposed for the spare. Two
  23. No worries. I'll keep looking for a source over here. I did find an Aussie supplier with it but haven't found a US company yet through internet searches. I missed a complete windshield on Ebay a while ago and I'm still bummed over it. Thanks for the thought.
  24. Hi Ron, Thank you. I'm in central NY. Right in the middle of the state in between Syracuse and Utica.
  25. Thank you very much. Those pics are very helpful. Hopefully I can found a local source.
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