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  1. Thanks Mike. I tried to crank mine by hand but I don't have a handcrank. I tentatively used a socket wrench but I either didn't have the guts to try hard enough or something else wasn't right. I know I have spark because I pulled a plug wire to try to check while hand cranking and gave myself a good jolt. I'm away for the long weekend so I will pull the starter when I get it another try.
  2. I've had the same result over the last few days. I just type dodgebrothersclub.org into the address bar at the top and it works instead of the search bar.
  3. I attempted to fire it. It turned over pretty well for quite while but nothing happened. I realized I had left the vacuum tank fuel valve closed. I made sure I had fuel to the carb and tried again. The starter started smoking really bad on my second attempt before it fired. I stopped. I charged the battery overnight and checked spark with hand cranking this morning. I have spark and fuel so decided to try again. The starter won't turn over today. I was trying to get it started as is but I will probably have to send the starter off for a rebuild. It turned over off the car and it worked ok for a few minutes of cranking on the car but it is 96 years old and has the original pot metal pieces. It does have a steel end cap someone put on at some point to reinforce the pot metal but it is probably long overdue for a rebuild. I'm bummed that I couldn't get it to start. I'll pull the starter off tomorrow and try to see what's wrong with it. I waited ten years or so before digging in to the engine, I guess I can wait a little longer.
  4. Time for a little update. I work at a small college and recently went back to teaching so I am spoiled now and have summers off. I had a lot of time to spend in the garage this summer and got a lot done on my car for the first time since I bought it 10 or 11 years ago. I had to shift to other projects and family for the end of the summer and then classes started up again so I haven't gotten much done since July. Still working on the garage addition for camper storage as well. The roof is on and I cobbled together a small cupola to cover where the new ridge ties in to the old one. Still have to get sides on by snowfall. But I have gotten a little DB time in as well. I made another parts run to a fellow DBer and picked up a vacuum tank and some other parts that will help to extend the frame from it's doodlebug length back to stock in the future. I mounted the vacuum tank last night to test it and have a fuel supply for a test fire of the engine. Also worked on the wiring/ignition. My distributor is back on and I modified a rotor I found locally which is probably from the 30's but I think will work. It is the right size, but needed to be modified to mesh with the distributor shaft. Also bought a new 6 volt battery and coil. Still using old wiring for the test fire, but I cleaned up all of the contacts. Original condensor and points are in place but also had contacts cleaned. The starter button on the floor was frozen solid. I removed it last night and got it free after a two hour soak in evaporust. I left it to soak over night and will rinse it and flush it with WD40 tonight after work. Hopefully it will work. Could be a test fire tonight or tomorrow. I am both excited and a little scared. Worried that I might have the timing out 180 degrees but I should be able to figure that out pretty quickly if it fires. A few pics below of the garage and the engine.
  5. Thanks for the tip. If you go to the AACA Library webpage there is a link at the top for Automotive Advertisements. You can go to the Chrysler ones and hit the Dodge Brothers button and view all of the ads by year. Once you hit the year you are interested in you have to scroll down the page and they are all there. Fun to see them all. I did find a two door coupe ad that is two tone. Still no roadsters but fun to see all the ads. What a great resource and thank you for doing all of the scanning.
  6. How can you beat that? A ride in a beautiful car with a beautiful woman beside you on a beautiful day with a handsome dog to welcome you home. I'm envious, I am almost there except for the car part.
  7. Thanks for the tip. If you go to the AACA Library webpage there is a link at the top for Automotive Advertisements. You can go to the Chrysler ones and hit the Dodge Brothers button and view all of the ads by year. Once you hit the year you are interested in you have to scroll down the page and they are all there. Fun to see them all. I did find a two door coupe ad that is two tone. Still no roadsters but fun to see all the ads. What a great resource and thank you for doing all of the scanning.
  8. Just a little update on my paint questions. I did hear back from Rodger the DBC four cylinder Tech Advisor. He has no more information about paint than is in the chart on the DBC webpage. He does believe that the paint shown in my two example pics is representative of the upper/lower paint design originally done by dodge. I have tried to search for advertising from the time and there are a few ads for the "new four cylinder" cars that show two tone in a similar pattern but I didn't find any depicting roadsters just four door sedans.
  9. I did send Rodger an email asking about the paint chart listing two colors (upper and lower) for the 1926-1927 Sport roadsters. Hopefully he might have some experience or documentation that can answer the question. Thank you.
  10. I received a reply on my build card request. They are unable to do hands-on research at this time because of corporate guidelines etc. They can only do remote access research. I was asked to send another request at the end of September/October. I was happy to hear that it is still a possibility. I'll keep you posted.
  11. I have not checked with the tech advisor. Thank you for the suggestion.
  12. I kind of like the look as well but I would really like to know if that was what was done originally or not when the paint chart lists upper color and lower color. Thanks.
  13. I sent my email request in a day ahead of you. No response yet. I imagine they had a lot to catch up on after the long weekend. Still anxiously waiting.
  14. Hi Matt, Thanks for the response. I have been collecting as many DB roadster pictures as I can find for a few years now. I went back through them after my post last night and found the picture below. It is a two tone body with the typical black fenders etc. It also looks like it might be an Australian car because of the RHD and the trees in the background. I wonder if any of you Down Under recognize it? Was it painted to match an original paint scheme? I also found a touring car with a similar scheme. Both pics are below. Just wondering if this was the DB upper/lower paint design? Thank you.
  15. Just trying to plan ahead (i.e. daydreaming) and make paint decisions. The DB paint colors document on the Dodge Brothers club webpage list two colors for the four cylinder 1926-1927 Sports Roadsters. One color labeled upper and one labeled lower. Does anyone have a picture of a two tone sports roadster? I would like to know where the "upper" color went and where the "lower" color went. I can find pictures of sports roadsters but they are all one color. I believe that my car was painted ( the firewall is the only place where paint is left) Cossack brown and its serial number falls into the right time frame for that color in the chart. The other color listed is Czarina beige. I assume that the fenders and splash aprons were still black so the cars were really three tone. I tried to attach the paint chart file here but it is not in the right format. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. What a bummer being forced to move and facing the relocation of home, hobbies, and business. But you still keep knocking the projects out of the park. Cute train and beautiful trailer.
  17. In the passenger car chart you shared I believe that the two numbers are both model numbers. The line above shows 128-129 which were both models with "Fast Four" engines. I think I saw somewhere else on the forum that differences in the two were brakes and wheel diameter? One had two wheel and the other four wheel hydraulic brakes? That may also be the case for the Model 130-131 line. Interesting also is the serial number start and end numbers for the models. I have seen this chart and another for the passenger cars which show different information. I have a car that starts with A931,xxx but it is a model 124. There seems to be some differing info and a shortage of info during the time leading up to the ownership change.
  18. Just checking in. I have been following along on everyone else's projects but haven't posted anything on my own for awhile. Life has been busy. I got to visit my parents for the first time in two years because of Covid and the fact that its a 1200 mile 18 hour drive. I have also been busy on some other projects. My wife and I redid an old camper about 10 years ago and have used it for camping since then but she has continued to redo the cushions etc. We spruced up the paint a little and did some finishing touches so she could take it to her first Tin Can Tourist rally. We have also procured the next camper project so since we live in a major snow belt, I had to tear the shed addition off the back of my Dodge garage where the camper was stored and turn it into a two bay pole barn addition to store two campers before winter. Also started assembling a jeepster commando front clip for a 1973 Jeep Commando that will eventually be the vintage tow vehicle for the camper. Needless to say, but the DB is just biding its time. The motor is all back together and waiting for me to get the ignition and fuel system complete enough to try a first start. Too many projects, but I have to keep making progress on ones my wife is interested in too. I may not have Aussie super powers but I try to stay busy. Love joking with you guys and enjoy participating on the forum. Hope to have some DB progress to share soon.
  19. The NY sprint car you mention was called the Dundee Dodge. Pictured here.
  20. Better than new, take two. Looks great. I would still like to know what you Aussies are drinking to get you so productive. The whole lot of you are putting me to shame.
  21. Looking really good! Just let me know when to send mine over.
  22. You can't beat safety with any other argument. You need to be able to see the 'roos on the road at night! Besides, they go well with the alternator.
  23. Amazing how fast you were able to get it back in shape. Looks great.
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