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  1. I have new oil cups and any other parts you may need available in stock ready to ship. Let me know if I can help you out in any way. -Jason
  2. I dont have a 935H generator. Do you have a core that could be rebuilt? I would have all the parts you would need to restore yours if so. Let me know if I can help you out. -Jason
  3. Your starter generator guy should have a generator test bench and should be able to run the regulator with a generator to calibrate the regulator. I have a regulator test bench, but dont use it because I prefer to run it on the generator test stand with a generator (preferably the one off the car, but not totally necessary). I feel its more of a true test by basically simulating the on car setup. If I can help in any way, please let me know. -Jason
  4. Autolite model MF starter. Used on 1920 Chevy. It's used for more years than that, but not sure on how many. -Jason
  5. I can help you. There are several different options on repairing yours. Contact me direct to discuss details. My email is and my toll free number is 866-228-0218 Thanks, Jason
  6. The 943-H generator would not have a fan on it. That would be a non-ventilated generator. The first picture keiser31 posted has a non-correct generator on the engine. That generator is more modern with aluminum end housings and a fan. Taylormade! That generator looks familiar! -Jason
  7. Oops, my mistake. Darcy messaged me on here, but I haven't logged on in a while and did not see the message. I have now replied. Sorry for the delay darcy. -Jason
  8. Just in case Joe doesn't come up with anything, I can rebuild both the solenoids and starters. Let me know if I can help. -Jason
  9. Terry, You called me recently, but I can't recall if it was on this issue or not. Either way, I can rewind the original coils you are talking about. It would be a true restored and rewound coil and not a modern coil hidden inside. let me know if I can help. Good Luck, Jason
  10. Problem Solved? I'd be happy to help you get the units you have functioning again. Let me know if I can help. Thanks, Jason
  11. Are you missing the starter and generator all together? -Jason
  12. What about sending me your armature to be rewound? -Jason
  13. I can rebuild the generator to 12 volts and also convert your regulator to an electronic 12 volt as well. The electronic regulators I use provide a very smooth output and are very reliable, and I use the original case so everything looks original and stock. I do not convert generators to alternators and last I knew the power steering generator could not be converted. Let me know if the first option interests you at all. Thanks, Jason