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  1. That is a very interesting take. I have thought about this a lot but haven't been able to sucintly say it. Where are people's leisure time going? Why is negativity impacting hobbies? Obviously, WE make time for this hobby. Is that people are spreading themselves too thin or are they choosing different hobbies? I see less participation as course many difficulties with this hobby. Less people means prices of everything goes up, lead times go up, finding quality people to the work get harder.... Very interesting though!
  2. I like that reply, that is what I am most worried about. Probably because it is skills I don't yet have but the thought of cutting, welding, grinding on pieces of steel that would be very expensive to replace... That is what nightmares are made of!
  3. I am about a year into my first restoration project and I wanted get your thoughts on your previous projects. What has been the worst part of your projects? It could be a specific aspect of your car that was really tough or just a general aspect of restoring in general. So far for me it has been the frustration of finding all the parts and making sure they are done as close to original as possible. I bought my car disassembled (torn apart in the 1970's) so I don't have pictures or labels or anything.
  4. Here are a couple of pictures of Devaux coupes with the vinyl top I was talking about.
  5. Justdave and any other members with hayes bodied cars from the very early 30's: 1931 Devaux coupes all had a wood framed roof fully wrapped in vinyl. If you have any pictures of a competed car or a vinyl top being installed they would be greatly appreciated. Specifically, we are looking for how the top gets "finished" around the rear window.
  6. Hey Dave, this is actually Robin's son Tim. My dad is quite computer illiterate, so I keep him aware of anything on interesting on here! I will use the forum in the link below to continue this conversation to not hijack this one too much. But this is a good example of how project cars can benefit clubs and clubs can assist with projects.
  7. This is the biggest advantage of car clubs that is getting lost now days. I just bought one of Dave's Devauxs and need to find some examples of Coupes to figure out how the top goes together. Luckily, through clubs I know of some cars I can look at for samples. If more project cars get worked on by new members of the hobby, I am hoping it will boost club participation.
  8. You hit it square on the head. I am 30 and am very thankful for project cars and their falling prices. They are the only way I was able to get into the hobby. They have also been the best investment I could have made. Not from a financial standpoint, but project cars have 2 huge benefits that buying a competed car don't have. 1. They have given me a good opportunity to spend lots of time with my dad and grandpa 2. They have forced me to develop skills I likely would not have gained elsewhere.
  9. The article is a little misleading like what Matt Harwood said. I am 30, so very much who the article was talking about. All my friends say "Wow, that's really cool" or I would love to own a Mustang someday." But when I ask them if they want to come with me on a tour, to a cruise or a show they say, "I'm too busy" or "That's not my thing." Or worse yet, "Old cars are too much work." It is all a dream, not really something they want to work towards or truly care about.
  10. Color tour in the Middle of the Mitten (Mid-Michigan) 10/10/20
  11. Project cars are just not too exciting to people. Luckily, the 3 cars I have I got cheap because they were projects. That is the only way I could afford to get into the hobby!
  12. Can anyone identify the car that these handles belong to?
  13. Sadly, we are in the middle of another project, a 1931 Chevrolet Special Sedan. We will be hitting the Chevy hard for the next year or so then start on this Devaux Coupe. We are not sure if we will make it a full show car restoration, or just make it a nice driver. I am very excited for this coupe though. We now have one of every body style Devaux sold in the family.
  14. This car has been shown on here before, but it is going to go a new home. On Monday August 17, we picked it up from JustDave. Here is the car loaded on our trailer. Other pictures of the car can be seen in the linked post from when Dave got the car. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/310751-1931-devaux-coupe/?tab=comments#comment-1746717
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