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  1. Definitely take the memories. I am very thankful for the cars my grandpa left behind, but I would trade them in a heartbeat for more time with him. He taught me most of what I know about cars and I think about him every day I see a car. That is what I think this hobby is really about.
  2. On only a few of the bigger parts, like drums and brake flanges did I decided after I painted them to resand and put another coat on. It won't be perfect, I thought I did pretty well for my first time painting. Luckily my dad has restored a few tractors and was able to give me a lot of tips!
  3. The spring and summer of 2020 I was able to sand, fill, prime and paint all the little parts for the chassis. I had no idea there were so many parts! Luckily, covid provided me with a 6 week extended stay-at-home vacation and the weather was decent. Being as the car was in pieces I was lucky that almost nothing was missing. Thankfully, my wife was kind enough to let me use a spare room in the house for storage so I didn't have to worry about overspray on the finished parts.
  4. First I sanded and wire wheeled (using an angle grinder) all the old primer off. Then I filled the side rails and underside with body filler. Then sprayed with (high build)primer, sanded, primed again, sanded again and painted. I think the body filler may be where I screwed up. The second coat was put on on a weekday last winter when I didn't let the frame heat up for hours, so it was fairly cool. So it could be moisture as well. Oh well, I am learning!
  5. Sadly, I think I made a mistake to not have the frame sandblasted. After I painted it, it looked really nice (nearly perfect). I used a Martin Senoir black gloss black paint (as recommended by uncle who owns a body shop). After a few months, maybe because of the cold, some small "bubbles" emerged from the paint right above the rear wheels. I think some of the body filler might have pushed out of the pits in that area.
  6. The first thing I did was sand and wire brush all the old primer off the frame. In the 1970's the frame had been stripped of all paint and and covered with a thick layer of primer. Well there was rust in all the little pits under the primer so I went at the frame with a DA sander and wire brushes to clean it really well by hand then filled the outside and underside of the frame rails and cross members. I am too lazy to fill the inside of the frame rails, I am hoping the shadows under the car will let it look good enough. Here are some pictures of the frame work.
  7. I guy I bought the car from was the son of the owner, who had sadly passed away. The son new very little about the car. Once I started going though everything closely I understood why. Many of the parts were wrapped in newspaper dated 1973, I would guess the son was about 10 at that time. Since my dad and I had both grown up around 1931 Chevrolets it was fairly easy to inventory everything and see what I was missing. Luckily the only things missing were fairly minor like some interior pieces and some mechanical stuff, which my dad always has a lot of extras since he drives his cars
  8. Here are a couple of more pictures of the "stuff" when aI brought it home. Over the next few days I will post more about the work I have done over the past year.
  9. I bought this car in November of 2019. I have always liked '31 Chevys because they are what my Grandpa and Dad collected. My dream car is a 1931 Chevrolet "Six wheel" 4-door sedan. Likey ly because when I was growing up, my grandpa had 2 1931 Devaux 4-door sedans and I always thought a Chevy Sedan would round out the family collection nicely. In the summer of 2019 my dad spotted an ad in Jennings Motor News of a 1931 4-door sedan. The add said "Car disassembled, Nice wood, New interior and Chrome." There were no pictures. Sadly he and I were not in a position to buy ano
  10. That is a very interesting take. I have thought about this a lot but haven't been able to sucintly say it. Where are people's leisure time going? Why is negativity impacting hobbies? Obviously, WE make time for this hobby. Is that people are spreading themselves too thin or are they choosing different hobbies? I see less participation as course many difficulties with this hobby. Less people means prices of everything goes up, lead times go up, finding quality people to the work get harder.... Very interesting though!
  11. I like that reply, that is what I am most worried about. Probably because it is skills I don't yet have but the thought of cutting, welding, grinding on pieces of steel that would be very expensive to replace... That is what nightmares are made of!
  12. I am about a year into my first restoration project and I wanted get your thoughts on your previous projects. What has been the worst part of your projects? It could be a specific aspect of your car that was really tough or just a general aspect of restoring in general. So far for me it has been the frustration of finding all the parts and making sure they are done as close to original as possible. I bought my car disassembled (torn apart in the 1970's) so I don't have pictures or labels or anything.
  13. Here are a couple of pictures of Devaux coupes with the vinyl top I was talking about.
  14. Justdave and any other members with hayes bodied cars from the very early 30's: 1931 Devaux coupes all had a wood framed roof fully wrapped in vinyl. If you have any pictures of a competed car or a vinyl top being installed they would be greatly appreciated. Specifically, we are looking for how the top gets "finished" around the rear window.
  15. Hey Dave, this is actually Robin's son Tim. My dad is quite computer illiterate, so I keep him aware of anything on interesting on here! I will use the forum in the link below to continue this conversation to not hijack this one too much. But this is a good example of how project cars can benefit clubs and clubs can assist with projects.
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