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  1. Project cars are just not too exciting to people. Luckily, the 3 cars I have I got cheap because they were projects. That is the only way I could afford to get into the hobby!
  2. Can anyone identify the car that these handles belong to?
  3. Sadly, we are in the middle of another project, a 1931 Chevrolet Special Sedan. We will be hitting the Chevy hard for the next year or so then start on this Devaux Coupe. We are not sure if we will make it a full show car restoration, or just make it a nice driver. I am very excited for this coupe though. We now have one of every body style Devaux sold in the family.
  4. This car has been shown on here before, but it is going to go a new home. On Monday August 17, we picked it up from JustDave. Here is the car loaded on our trailer. Other pictures of the car can be seen in the linked post from when Dave got the car. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/310751-1931-devaux-coupe/?tab=comments#comment-1746717
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