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  1. thanks Steve, appreciate the help.
  2. Hi, does anyone know who can recondition a Folberth pneumatic wiper motor for a 1927 11B? Not really sure if it is the original but it what is there now, just not working. Certainly open to ideas for a replacement?
  3. Thanks so much Paul, very helpful. Will try these in the morning!
  4. Hi all, wondering if someone can help me with two questions: - Working on my 1927 11B and trying to get the light switch cluster out to see if I can fix the headlight switch. Although I unscrewed the choke cable from the dash light cluster, I don't see how to separate the cable from the pull button itself. any ideas? - When I start to brake over about 15mph the service brake chatters pretty bad. From what I have read on the Franklin website this can typically be caused by an issue with the pads or with the drive shaft needing adjustment. I can't find a detail procedure of how to actually do the drive shaft adjustment because I think the pads look good? Thanks, Tim Clarksburg NJ
  5. I have the 11B Sedan. Thanks a bunch guys, I figured there wasn't a typical pre-made one out there but thought I would try. Attached is a picture of my existing, I'm sure not the original carpet now that you told me what the original looked like. Thanks, again, Tim
  6. Hi, I need to replace my 1927 11B carpet, it's pretty shot. Has anyone found a place that has pre-cut/molded carpet for a Franklin or should I try to find a local upholstery shop and/or try to cut myself?
  7. Sounds good. Actually, I bought on ebay and had it shipped from Arizona before the holidays. Guy I bought it from said he also had a later Franklin Limo which he was keeping. BTW, late last night before messing with the vacuum tank and the carb, I decided to replace the battery with the biggest 6V I could fit. She cranked twice as fast and one spray of starter fluid kicked off and started idling on it's own. Made my night, now a driving test for the weekend!
  8. Thanks guys, was hoping that would be the answer. This weekend I'll try a mini stand-alone gas tank to take the vacuum tank out of the equation and if needed afterwards, the dreaded carb settings, carbs always seem to be my nemesis.... Hi 29 Franklin, were practically neighbors! I'm in Clarksburg, a part of Millstone Twp about 5 mins from Great Adventure. Exit 98, then 195 to exit 16. If interested in getting together to compare notes, please let me know. Happy to come to you or you to me, personal e-mail: timothy.ryan19@verizon.net
  9. Hi all, I bought my first 1927 Franklin 11B in December, joined the Franklin Club and now it's warm enough in NJ to try to get it running. Compression is good 45-50psi across all cylinders, all have spark and I'm down to the OE2 carb which I'm pretty sure is the culprit. Seems the guy before me got a rebuilt one because it looks new, but it doesn't have the Franklin vaporizer attachment. My question is how important is the vaporizer for start-up and do I need to change it out to an OE2 carb built with a vaporizer as it looks like it would not bolt right up to this one, picture attached. I've tried Jon Hardgrove at the Carburetor shop, but he e-mailed me back this past Sunday and said he doesn't have one. I've been primarily a 60's car guy my whole life, but I am fascinated with the look and engineering of this car. Any ideas/insight will help. Thanks! Tim