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  1. One problem I've had is the coating is thick enough to affect the fitting especially the body parts, it can easily be 1/16th and more thicker, the body sets down on top of the frame and fender or hood latch bracket bolts to the side and now everything is off by an 1/8th, you've already mocked everything up and had it fitted perfect, nice and tight and they're you'll be.
  2. When I was doing DoD Condition Assessment I had an occasion to open a number of sea freight containers at the Norfolk Naval base and they were packed with Japanese Zeros' from WWII, they were all taken apart for shipping but they were all there about as authentic as you could get.
  3. Something I just learned, the Delco-Remy voltage regulators for Positive Ground systems had copper plated armatures (the spring loaded frame with the contacts) where the Negative Ground were cadmium plated. I don't know if this was an industry standard or just Delco-Remy.
  4. I friend has a few caddies, one of them is a station wagon with a VistaCruiser roof that came that way from GM. I'll check my other computer for pictures of it and post them up. Here's a picture of another one he likes to drive around.
  5. A buddy bought a late '20's Buick survivor and showed me a work ticket when the original owner drove the car from Colorado to Virginia, the ticket was dated in the 1950's and the Buick dealer was prepping it for the drive, they replaced 2 spark plugs, did some lubricating and adjusting, I think the bill was about $14 and change. I can't help but reflect that that must've been quite a trip, it must've taken days. They must've done a good job.
  6. Is the inside brass or 'terne plate' with lead? If its lead in there that might be what the radiator shop guy is concerned about, the leading will have had fluxes used and they are corrosive - that greenish stuff you see on the joints in your houses water pipes? Maybe you could flush it with baking soda laced water to neutralize the flux if you're concerned.
  7. Also, check the accelerator pump, the gaskets in them won't live with alcohol laced fuel and are probably hard as a rock making the pump nonworking. The gaskets are a bellows, if they're hard they won't push fuel thru to the squirter.
  8. ojh

    Truck kingpins

    Back on the kingpin, That capnut really shouldn't be tightening down against anything, its there to keep the kingpin from dropping out, I'll bet the original assembler used a hammer to seat the kingpin in the taper, #20 the thrust washer, #8 machined step washer to register the kingpin, #9 washer to protect #8 from the capnut so that the capnut is tightened to the kingpin and NOT the spindle. If the capnut is tightened to the spindle then the kingpin would want to turn with the spindle and steering will be difficult.
  9. ojh

    Truck kingpins

    Thanks for posting, very interesting setup and I think you diagnosed it proper, the thrust washer #20 is where I'd be looking, theoretically you make the castlenut wrenchtight you could pull that washer out if not for the kingpin, it would have a few thou clearance from top of the axle to the spindle. Its probably set up on the tight side from the factory and probably a coating of oil (parafin based oil now turned to wax?), remember that truck really is on the 'new' side mechanically - maybe nobody wanted to drive thing because it steered so hard and it just sat at the yard and other trucks w
  10. ojh

    Truck kingpins

    Maybe I'm dense, but, I can't get my head around the tapered kingpin, how you can loosen it, what the kingpin locking nut tightens against and the entire arraingement? Can you take a picture of it? Here's a pic of the truck I putt around on and it has 4 wheel steering: On a brighter note, with only 12K miles on the truck, maybe it isn't broken in yet?
  11. ojh

    Truck kingpins

    Perhaps you can locate/borrow a set of those old Hunter Wheel Alignment plates to set the front end on, they'll turn and you'll be able to quantify the resistance. Is it equally difficult turning to left or the right? Like if it had too much caster?
  12. I got to tour the Yankee Lady B-17, they let me into the belly turret and told me that the earlier B-17's accessed the belly turret from the outside only and the belly gunner took a pistol in there with him. And they volunteered for those jobs.
  13. Heat and melt some wax down inside it.
  14. You can try to raise the float level a little to help get the idle circuit flowing earlier.
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