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  1. Look at the nut securing the seat/inlet assembly inside the float bowl to see if there isn't a crack in it from over tightening.
  2. In a good many years of checking radiator temps the only radiator I ever saw getting more than 25degrees from inlet to outlet was on a 25 Nash, I'd be happy to see 15degrees on a driver, most are barely 10.
  3. Likely won't need shims, you pull one out to tighten the package.
  4. Glad you solved it, I will suggest that when you pull it back apart to replace the seals that you measure the axle freeplay, I think that rear is shimmed between the backing plate and axle bearing, if the axle has too much freeplay it'll clunk and when tightened further as you have done it could briefly preload the axle to mimick proper shims but will loosen itself back up with the Klunk returning unabated. Just a solid push-pull on the axle snout will tell you whats what, I'd expect it to have about .003 freeplay.
  5. You said you pulled the rear hub to check the keyway, you make it sound as if the hub just came off. You had to use a puller and it took a LOT of omph to get the hub off, right?
  6. I've heard that the 10deg delta another mentioned is the minimum acceptable as well, it will allow radiator to recover while on the road - the 10deg is stationary - you sit at traffic light and temps rise but recover when moving.
  7. I think CPP is the source of the Hoffman Group products, be very wary of them.
  8. Easy to understand why it doesn't have the original dash or seat, they had to put the transmission somewhere! thats a hoot, for sure!
  9. With some luck a member at Carlisle will read this and find one up there.
  10. Dunno about the terminals but the copper colored armature frame suggests it is a 'Positive' ground unit, the 'Negative' ground units would be cadmium plated. The 'S' terminal might be for the 'Shunt' winding that is constant voltage from the generator and common to the voltage & current regulators.
  11. They did a great job on it, the paint and everything was done almost 30 years ago, I was criticized for leaving the wheels on it that they used, I felt it disrespectful to 'update' them. Cruising down rt 81 at 100mph, arm on the windowsill, VooDoo Daddy on the sterio, just puts the right kind of smile on your face. It is called 'RubaDub', I sure miss it.
  12. Here's one I redid the mechanicals on, an excellent road car, you just wanted to keep on going.
  13. I've had problems with regular plugs and modern gas w/alcohol, they work ok for a while and then start missing. I'd try a set of NGK XR5 with the 'projected' tip developed for modern fuels.
  14. Thats typically caused by the float not being clipped into place by that little wire gizmo, it clips around the float shaft and latches against the needle & seat. Without it being clipped in place the entire float assembly rises up and fuel dribbles into the engine thru the booster. When it clips in it is a very positive latch, probably hear it snap in place.
  15. A friend was restoring his Dad's Model A Tudor, he had pulled out the rear upholstery and found copper tanks inside the panels, they were joined together with plumbing and there was an outlet but no inlet. He asked around and finally got a plausible answer, the area where they lived was 'The Plains' in Virginia a bit outside of DC, it was notorious back in the days of prohibition for the number of stills. People would smuggle the hootch into DC for much needed cash and the tanks were a 'dealer installed' option. He thinks just as his Dad bought his from the dealer the law was repealed and t
  16. On the way to the Abbey for the fruit cake you could stop at Knolls' and get one of their Strawberry-Rhubarb pies, hot from the oven, a quart of cold milk and a fork - I guarantee you'll forget all about them fruitcakes with THAT if front of you!
  17. Be aware of a condition I call 'Expanding Horizons'. Thats what happens when you have the project in front of you and you develop a plan on what you want to do. Once you take things apart then you can see more work you want to get done while you are right there, I guarantee once you take that extra step you'll see even more things you could do. Thats 'Expanding Horizons' you couldn't see that extra work until you got to to a certain point. The real problem when you get Expanding Horizons is that, now, the project is dictating to you. It means the project now has control over you. Bad juju
  18. Looks will be deceiving in this case, a shop will pull the bed and then you'll get a long list of additional work that needs to be done. I'd be wanting the shop doing the work close enough so you can visit often. It looks like a great project, a 'keeper' that.
  19. I hadn't heard, well well. I trust Ebay's judgement, I'll assume they recognize a problem and are making an improvement. We shall see, I have been known to be overly optimistic.
  20. That was when Paypal was good enough to respond, now they make it impossible. I mean that, you can't speak to anybody in Paypal. Thier 'Contact' section is circular where you click on a link for contact and then you have several options that you already exhausted in order to get where you are, when you choose any of them you are brought back to the 'Contact' page where you started from. There is a telephone number that when dialed you get a message 'due to unusually high demand there is an extended wait time' and you are referred to the 'Contact' link at the website. It is done like this o
  21. Yes, a friend has an EDM machine, pretty amazing gizmo.
  22. Blame the right people, E bay provides the platform and manages the sale, its PayPal that does the money and they are separate. You haven't lived until you try to complain to a person on Paypal, Ebay you can call and speak to somebody, PayPal makes it impossible on purpose.
  23. Last week I broke an 8-32 tap on a stainless luggage rack cross member and had to replace the whole thing, I'll have me a set of those extractors!
  24. Before I drop the tank I connect a rheostat to the wire going to the gauge and connect it to the ground at the tank, then I see if I can operate the gauge. I want to see the gauge work before I drop the tank. I made a tester just for checking gauges and the circuit. When the wire is disconnected, the circuit is open and the gauge could read either full or empty depending on which way its spring pulls the needle.
  25. ojh

    Body part

    Try contacting Ben, I don't know exactly where he is in the Netherlands but he's one of the best metalshapers and might be able to fix you up: http://www.bensmetalshapingshop.nl/ Good guy, very slick.
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