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  1. Have any of you had to repair/rebuild your B pillar bottoms in a 1938 Dodge Humpback Panel or something similar? I plan on piece by piece, but could use some techniques if you've got them. Thanks
  2. We finally did it. I had not taken the distance to the ground and the angle of ramps. There were three of us and we decided to hand roll it each of us on a tire (it could have been done with two people). we had complete control as it rolled down the ramps. We hand rolled it right into the storage unit like it belonged there. Thanks for all of the suggestions. Each had value to me. When you are in the middle of a project and have to change what you planned, having a few ideas is great. Thanks again.
  3. I am not able to use the original L6 engine in my 38 Dodge Humpback Panel truck RC. I'm interested in finding out what you all used as an upgrade substitute from 70's and up engine and automatic transmission combo. I'm not sure what I really want to do so your info is of value to me. Thanks for your help.
  4. I will be unloading un a storage facility (UHaul) I don't think they would appreciate any dents in their "Lockers". I need to control the off load of a 1/2 ton truck with no engine, drive train, or brakes. I loooooooooovvvvvve doing things the hard way. I've seen a couple of ideas from you all, and I thank you for your experiences. I think I'm leaning towards friction. I'm not a fan of "free fall". I like what little control I'm allowed. Keep em coming folks. I know there is something out there that will fit my needs. The pic below is what I'm working with. Thanks again
  5. I am looking for your experience on this. I have a 1938 1/2 ton that I will be trailering later this month. Getting it on the trailer is not my problem, BUT getting it off is. No engine or brakes. I'll be using a UHaul trailer without a come along attachment. How do I get it off the truck without brakes. I know someone out there has done this. Please share your info. Thanks guys.
  6. Thank you joe_padavano. Thanks for catching that. That's info that a beginner needs to know. Then I do have the right size. I tried to hand tighten one in a few holes ,rt side and lft, and it wouldn't bite so I might have to go the rust rout. I'll try that first. Thanks to all who answered
  7. I've got a 1938 Dodge RC Humpback Panel Truck and no rear wheel bolts. with this truck, the bolt screws into the drum. I have measured the opening with my caliper and it shows 7/16 ". All of the wheel bolts that I have bought from the web sites are 1/2" thick. Where did I go wrong. I bought this truck totally stripped. So I don't have any samples. The original part numbers are 571810 (rt rear) and 5571811 (lft rear)out of the 1938 parts book. Can anyone help with this? Thank you
  8. I'm sorry I haven't listed my "ride" guys. Str8-8-Dave is right. It's a 1938 Dodge Humpback Panel RC 1/2 ton. I am stoked at all the choices and advice. Without your help, I'd be reinventing the wheel again. Thanks. Keep the ideas coming.
  9. Thanks for all of the answers. There seem to be quite a few choices for sure. That's what I like about this forum. Years ago when I joined, there were some "participants" who would have (and did) answered "Why do you want to do it that way for" instead of telling us How they did it. There are as many ways to do something. We try it and if it works, we pass it on. If it doesn't work, we "change the subject" <:-). Your different choices are the underlying info that I need. I'm relatively new at this at 79. Keep the info coming for guys like me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
  10. I am starting from scratch on my project in a few weeks. The previous owner stripped the wires completely so I have only a diagram to follow. Wire rolls from the parts store, Rhode Island Wiring, or one of those wiring harness kits on Ebay? I was wondering what and how some of you have done it, and some sage advise on what you found doing the job. Thanks in advanced. Dodgefran
  11. Thank you all. I appreciate all of your help.
  12. I know this is a strange request, but I have to fit an inner tie rod that came off of a 1 to 1 1/2 ton 1938 Dodge truck to my RC 1/2 ton. It is about 2 inches too long. What would the procedures be and what do I have to look for to fit the right outer ends. The rod is thicker because the one that came off was bent from an accident and I wanted a stronger one. now the tie rod ends are still loose at the steering knuckles (after tightening), and the wheels are "cross eyed". Basically I want to make my own. Thanks
  13. I have a 38 Dodge RC humpback panel truck. The gas tank needs metal work. Would it be cheaper to get a genaric new tank or repair the old one. Money is the root of all evil, so shower me with some opinions. PLEASE Thanks Fran
  14. I've got a 36 Dodge D2 sedan that needs all of the lug nuts. Where do I find the right hand threaded ones? Thanks
  15. Hello, Now I have to tackle the back door top hinges. I've been looking for a few weeks with no solid information. I am trying to find info on the structure of the door where the hinges attach. This truck was in an accident (before I bought it). I know what I have to do to grind off those awful welds somebody did, but I am not familiar with the support structure. I would be grateful for some tips on what I'll find inside these doors when I open them up, and how to fix the structure. Hopefully pictures too. Thanks Quote Edit
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