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  1. Yes the inner fin is fibreglass the outer is wood, painted.
  2. Ok, posting up. Some progress pics of the aft deck build on the utility. Fortunate to have the Capri version in the shop to go off of. the motor is a 289.
  3. Not sure if boats are allowed, I’ll take down if so. I’m restoring a pair of C.C. Capris for clients. One is a utility and one is a decked runabout. The owner of the utility (which I restored a couple of years ago) wants it as the aft decked configuration, ok.
  4. 👍 You can see there’s a major crack/repair in the water jacket. Hoping for the best. This is my boat. I’m a shipwright by trade, and have saved a few boats in this state.
  5. Hello, this is quite the coincidence. I just acquired a Packard straight 8 for the 1948 22’ Shepherd I’m restoring. My boat, apparently, is 1 of 2 that was special ordered with no MIL seating. can you tell me the configuration of your boat?
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