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  1. I did that to get where I am at now. It does not state which box each has and the cam lever has a different number which may make a difference.
  2. I checked the TightSteer website and am interested in the product for my 37 President. They do not know if it will work on it. They said that if it has the same Ross box as the 39 and 40 Presidents it would work. Anyone here know if they used the same Ross steering box? Their website chart shows that it will work on 37 Dictator 5A which has the same size adjusting pin as the President. Are the President and Dictator boxes the same?
  3. I thought I better post this here from the Technical section of this forum. The 1937 Service Manual has an incorrect alignment setting for 6A and 3C models. Those with the Planar suspension. Apparently, the manual was printed prior to the change in the front end specs. The following is the correct settings for C3 after serial number 7111836 and 6A after 528246 and California 5803288. This change applied to later years also. The following is from the discussion which can be found in the Technical section 3-13-2021 . Your information includes specifications which are dif
  4. I haven't read the 200+ posts here but I have a friend who did trouble shooting for John Deere and he said 90% of electical problems are from grounding failure.
  5. I sold infrequently on Ebay and had a couple items on when they began this latest scheme. I declined and they then stopped my ability to modify anything on the one item left. I have noticed that the number of items I usually scan daily has dropped considerably from 6-7 pages of items to about 2. UPDATE: I just went to Ebay to cancel the one listing I have and found that I was now able to modify the listing. I believe that Ebay is reacting to a huge loss in customers due to their new policy. The Studebaker area I mentioned above had only 1.5 pages of new items.
  6. Well, thanks to you, I think I am now at the point where I am comfortable taking the car in to be aligned and being able to ask the right questions and having the toe out at turns checked. Now we just need some cooperative weather. I will follow up with what I find out when I am able to get the work done. Again, I appreciate you sharing your expertise. Thanks
  7. When I rebuilt this car ( about 10,000 miles ago)I replaced everything in the front end that I could, king pins and all tie rod ends, etc. The spring loaded one was NOS from Studebaker International. Your information includes specifications which are different from those in the service manual. I see a foot note that tells me that cars with my car's serial number have a different specification for camber and king pin inclination in line with later models of Presidents. That is not in the service manual. That would change the service manuals camber numbers from 1 to 1.5 degrees t
  8. Thanks for the reply and information. I will be taking it with me when having the alignment done. The disc brakes are ones I made which use the original hubs and spindles so they shouldn't affect the alignment. Or am I wrong here? The car has 15" radial tires while the originals were 16". I am including a new picture of the tie rod end. It is spring loaded and was used on 37 Studebaker models with the planar suspension. Is there any special technique needed to keep the compression or extension of the spring loaded tie rod end neutral when aligning or is it just ignor
  10. I need to have the alignment done on my 37 Studebaker President coupe. The passenger side has a spring loaded tie rod end. I do not see anything noted in the service manual about it but am concerned that the spring might affect the accuracy of the alignment. I had it aligned previously and the drivers side tire worn quickly on the inside. And at $200 plus I would like to get it right. Attached picture partially showing the tie rod end So anyone here know if there is anything special which needs to be done about it? Thanks
  11. 1937 used a 90 - 0 ohm sending unit. I believe 1938 is the same. I tried to start a thread where those who know can post the ohms of various years of Studebakers - it didn't get responses. You can check the sending unit ohms at the gauge with the wires disconnected using a multimeter to get some idea of where the range is. Checking at different fuel levels would be a good indicator. If your gauge is out of the tank and the one pictured just use a multimeter and move the float by hand from empty to full checking both terminals and you will find out what you need to know.
  12. 0-90 ohms is needed. You can attach a copper float. New universal sending units have the problem solved with a plastic material.
  13. I am also glad to hear you are doing well. Steve
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