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  1. Is there anything special that needs to be considered when aligning a 37 President with the spring loaded tie rod end? The service manual does not mention it in the alignment instructions.
  2. That car is a beauty. I would think that as you have the measurements for the size of the speaker what you need to know is the correct electrical specifications. I think that you could search to find someone who restores radios. RadioRoy on the Studebaker Drivers Club Forum is someone you could start with. Here is a link where he responded - you can send him a personal message.
  3. I have always loved the 1936 Dictator Art Deco Gauges so when I found a set on Ebay I snapped them up. Now, that I am for a time not able to do strenuous Studebaker work I was able to make a display for the shop. I added a couple Golden Hawk touches and some pictures of me and my 36 Coupe. It was a 36 Dictator 4A that was owned by a mechanic and it was mechanically in great condition. I bought it in 1965 when I was flush with cash working road construction for $2.00 an hour and could afford the $60 price. And just so you know I am an astute investor I sold it to the Pioneer Museum in Murdo, SD , where it still resides, for a whopping $180 two years later.
  4. Here is a picture of it installed. A drawing can be found at the bottom left on page 129 of the 1936-1946 Body Parts Catalog
  5. A friend from Australia need a trunk latch mechanism part 262591 and also the strike plate. If you have one or have a suggestion on where to get it please let me know. He found one - Stephen Allens has it. Could use the strike plate if anyone has it. But they can easily be made. Thanks everyone.
  6. Explaining exactly what the symptoms of the timing problem are would be helpful.
  7. Why not call the DMV and ask?
  8. the number located on the top front area of the Stromberg WW carbs (6-xxx) is needed to identify the application for those.
  9. Here is the link. I chose this one because you change the orientation of the arm. Seem like a nice unit.
  10. I have the answer. I have a NOS 1938-9 president- coupe express gas gauge. I bought a 0-90 ohm sending unit on ebay for 19.00 and just bench tested it. Perfect. A full sweep of the dial.
  11. It did work but not with full sweep. It also read backwards as I changed to 12V and change polarity. I have just installed a Fuel Link SN34 and calibrated it but I am not sure that is correct until I add fuel and see which way the gauge moves. Others I have seen indicate the ohm range is approximately 0-100.
  12. What is the ohm range for the gauge and sending units for 37 cars?
  13. I received a call Monday from a gentleman who wished to see my 37 President Coupe. I'm sure some of you have also had a similar call and others will soon. It was Peter Gillespie and he and his friend Greg stopped by and looked over my cars. They and five others are doing a World Tour on motorcycles. Amazing, and I'm a bit jealous. You can view their blog at Peter is a Studebaker collector with 30 prewar cars and has driven a Studebaker in the Peking to Paris race. Great guys - wish they could have stayed longer.
  14. Post this on the Studebaker Drivers Club forum where they deal with post war cars. This site covers pre-war cars mainly.
  15. Here you go! This looks very nice.