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  1. There is a yellow one on Ebay now with a Buy it Now price.
  2. An important item to look at on the Studebaker hardtops and Avantis is the torque boxes runnng along the outside beneath the floor. It they are gone it is expensive. Minnesota is known for salting roads with the resulting damage to autos. I have spoken to the caretaker about some of the cars when they were first put up for sale and there is rust to be considered. I also spoke to a former owner of the Studillac who said the rust was extensive on the car. So just be careful.
  3. After much searching I saw a post where it was suggested that it might be 0-90. I bought a working 38 gauge on ebay and a 0-90 universal sending unit and bench tested them.
  4. I had a 53 Pontiac 2 door hardtop which had factory leather seats also.
  5. I don't know how many prewar Studebaker had fuel gauges with differing ohms but I do know that when trying to find the correct sending unit for my 37 I could not find anything on the forums or the web. There were many guesses (most wrong) and I was one of the ones guessing incorrectly as I knew what other cars of that era used. Anyway I did finally solve the riddle and it turned out that the the 37 and 38 gauges used a 0-90 ohm sender. I just installed one yesterday - it is nice to have a working accurate gauge again. My suggestion is that those who definitely know the ohms of various years of Studebaker fuel gauges post that information here to help others out as that information is very difficult to find. Maybe a list could end up on Bob Johnstone's website. Maybe there is such a list but I never found it.
  6. Time to read where items for sale were made and buy accordingly.
  7. Cleaning up the office and decided to get rid of some things. I have 58 Antique Studebaker Reviews to give away. You just pay the postage which should be reasonable as it is media which has a lower rate at USPS. Or if you are in an area where Spee Dee Delivery operates it will be quite reasonable. They range from 2008 to 2020. The early years have missing issues while the later ones are complete. These are great for the car pictures, etc. but also for the funny sayings on each page.
  8. Richard Quinn is the man to contact about the car. He has the information and knowledge to help you out.
  9. SMB


    We love the show and enjoy the clever comments and the songs he makes up. Very funny and makes up for some of the corny movies.
  10. Research using a Prius power steering unit. It apparently works great and is an easy conversion as well as cheap. Here is information:
  11. You will get a better chance of response on the Studebaker Drivers Club forum.
  12. Try searching for 37 Dictator pictures and you will probably come up with what you want.
  13. You might try Studebaker International. I was able to get the tie rod ends for my 37 President from them. Not everything is listed in their catalog.
  14. Me on my Mom's 48 Nash coupe which became the car I learned on. Me in 1966 with my 36 Studebaker coupe and a couple years later with the 37 I now have pictured at her home. The 36 is now in the Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo, SD.