90 transmission

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That happens a LOT. A LOT. They either give up, ruin something, have it repaired- or find out the repairs "exceed the worth of the vehicle" and get rid of it. Kind of disappointing, actually.

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Hey Guys, I actually did follow the advice and tried the ignition module, and the problem went away. I got another vehicle which allows me to set the Reatta as my project/weekend driver. I'm currently working on getting the ball joints, and power steering fixed. The car has a really bad leak on the power steering pump and also has an issue of wandering the road a lot which gives the car poor handling. Sorry for lack of update, I'm not always going to be the only one seeking this information. But the ignition module was a definite fix. Thanks to these guys on the forum I was able to survive the reigns of terror from car troubles. 

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