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  1. Reatta90

    90 Reatta Part Name?

    I did a little googling and found it was the clockspring. But not sure where to get it
  2. Reatta90

    90 Reatta Part Name?

    Also, can I get this anywhere else besides a junkyard?
  3. Reatta90

    90 Reatta Part Name?

    Hey guys on my 90 Reatta, I have to believe I have broken the coil that is behind the steering wheel on the steering shaft, but I am not sure the name of this part, any clues?
  4. Reatta90

    Hi beams

    So, electrically/electronically I understand how the function is, I mean I am curious about the physical connection, like what it physically looks like.
  5. Reatta90

    Hi beams

    So theres a ground plate thst basically pulls down the signal, which enables the rest of the switchung circuit? Im trying to picture how the circuit is completed by the lever
  6. Reatta90

    Hi beams

    Hey guys, on my 90 Reatta, I just replaced the ignition lock cylinder. To do this I had to rent two different pullers from the auto parts store. I successfully replaced the cylinder and it was serving its purpose. After taking the tools back, I was driving the car a couple days after at night, and went to test my high beams, and noticed I could not turn them on. Every thing on the lever works including the turn signals (although, are a little tough to turn them on) the high beams can not be activated. I thought of just wiring in a toggle switch instead of taking every thing back out. But I also figured that if I could figure out what is actually being pushed inside the steering wheel to turn the turn signals on then I may be able to access it through the small cover over the multi function lever. Does anybody have any clue about this?
  7. Reatta90

    Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    I wonder if the wood paneling is from the interior of a Riveria...
  8. Reatta90

    90 Reatta Wire on Steering Wheel

    It' The one at the bottom of the picture
  9. Reatta90

    A/C and Plug on 90 Reatta

    What is the purpose in BD24? How will this aid in the troubleshooting of air, if no code exists that would give the answer then what is the alternative?
  10. Hi guys, on my steering wheel I noticed that there's a wire coming through the fire wall right where the shaft of the steering wheel exits, so I'm assuming it connects to the pinion. Any clue where this should be plugged in at? Also, my rack and pinion is about 8 turns lock to lock. Doesn't that seem a bit odd considering it is one bought from O'Reilley's? Any suggestions on that aside from a new rack and pinion? And yes, I did check all steering components to be sure they are not worn out.
  11. Reatta90

    A/C and Plug on 90 Reatta

    What does BD24 mean and no I do not own a service manual... Sadly, I know that's something important, but Google and forums seem to be cheaper and faster
  12. Reatta90

    A/C and Plug on 90 Reatta

    Hey guys, on my 90 Reatta, I have been having issues with the air not blowing very hard out of my vents, after replacing, blower motor, and the module, as well as the HVAC programmer, and the BCM was replaced too. But I have taken the whole compartment where the blower motor is located off and took an airline and fished it through there and I can't seem to get the air to come out of any vents other than the floor. I literally have everything detached from the dash and I still can seem to find any issues. The compartment around the heater core is also off, the condenser is also off, and I still can't seem to find a solution to my problem. I was only getting faint air before with the fan all the way on high, and still no success. I even cleaned out the compartment where the air is drawn in and still no success. I also have a wire that comes out of the jacket around the steering wheel shaft right above where it connects to the pivoting shaft that hooks to the pinion. And it is not plugged in and I have no clue where it goes, any suggestions on that? But what is there left for me to do as far as the minimal amount of air leaving my vents? This is important because I need to be able to defrost my windshield? Also could someone please attach a link explaining the replacement of the window motors, please! I'm very glad to be apart of this forum, because you guys seem to always have the solution, also F14Crazy's post on the supercharger seems to be missing now, any clue about that?
  13. Reatta90

    90 transmission

    Hey Guys, I actually did follow the advice and tried the ignition module, and the problem went away. I got another vehicle which allows me to set the Reatta as my project/weekend driver. I'm currently working on getting the ball joints, and power steering fixed. The car has a really bad leak on the power steering pump and also has an issue of wandering the road a lot which gives the car poor handling. Sorry for lack of update, I'm not always going to be the only one seeking this information. But the ignition module was a definite fix. Thanks to these guys on the forum I was able to survive the reigns of terror from car troubles.
  14. Reatta90

    Engine swap

    Hey guys, so I'm thinking of doing an engine swap with a series 1. I was wondering if anyone could provide me a link where the guys did just a full swap and not swapping heads and what not. Because I would like to take out my gine and drive train and put in the series 1 and it's drive train and subframe and all that, and have my computer reprogrammed. Thank you guys in advance!
  15. Reatta90

    90 transmission