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  1. Curti

    Id on Vintage Cars - thanks

    Is there a possibility it is a Russian knockoff, like the Packard's ?
  2. Curti

    1953 Buick Roadmaster Convertible Body Bushings

    Steele rubber will have what you need.
  3. I have used Bjorn Sorenson many times, Great guy, honest and good work. Then one day he basically disappeared. Has anyone used his services lately? Premier Instruments, Bjorn Sorenson 2514 River Rd, Ste 104, Piedmont, SC 29673 864-373-9394 gages
  4. Curti


    You would do well to post a couple of engine and interior pictures. Looks like a decent car !
  5. Curti

    wanted Auburn parts 1919-1922

    Do you belong to the ACD club?
  6. Curti

    NOS ignition parts at Hershey

    I am looking for breaker plates for AutoLite IGH4027
  7. Curti

    Antenna bezel and the clip

    give them a call French Lake AP 3531 County Road 3 NW, Annandale, MN 320-286-2560
  8. Curti

    Exterior horns for 35 Buick

    try: Trumpet Horns 934 W 16th av Spokane WA 99203-1020 509-838-1735 Cecil Nuxoll
  9. Curti

    Straight 8

    OHV, probably Buick as well.
  10. Curti

    How to leak check aluminum head?

    Some of the guys try polishing the aluminum heads on Auburns. In my opinion they never look finished. It is like a paint job with orange-peel.
  11. Curti

    Car Logo Quiz...

    I didn't have any PoP-UP ads.
  12. Curti

    Sears Allstate tires

    I have a LOT of Sears Craftsman tools with a 'lifetime' guarantee. I never considered it is the lifetime of the company
  13. Curti

    dealer nameplate

    My take on it is; he wants a nameplate from a business named "Quality" that was located in Louisiana.
  14. Curti

    Car Logo Quiz...

    44 for me did not use hints,
  15. The company pictured speedsters with whitewalls in one brochure that I have. I think that whitewalls in most cases were dealer installed along with Buell horns, radios and heaters and other factory authorized accessories. It is my opinion that factory literature isn't always correct, as sometimes it is an artists rendition. I always enjoy finding new (to me) factory pictures. they tell it the way it was.
  16. Curti

    horn ID help, please?

    I concur, definitely aftermarket. Little or no value.
  17. Curti

    Help Identify Ammeter

    I have a couple of those ammeters, they can't be very rare. I did a model T for my father-in-law, I think that is where they came from. Aftermarket , probably.
  18. Curti

    Source for red rubber cooling hoses

    No I hadn't, strange my blanket daily search for Auburn didn't pick up on it. Hummmmm. I wonder if a person would dare to put one on a running driving car?
  19. I think the color is just fine. Try shades of orange, purple, or brown.
  20. Curti

    Auburn hubcap - any idea what year?

    Spoke wheels with knock-off's was not exclusive to speedsters. It is not unusual that the ears are ground down, because they have been excessively beat on. The side mount spares are different than the other four.
  21. Curti

    Suchion Cup marks and Haze on New Windshield

    I had the cars paint sealed at the dealership . What process does the dealership use to 'seal the paint'?
  22. Curti

    Source for red rubber cooling hoses

    Try Restoration supply in California. I would like to know who has red rubber fan belts.
  23. Curti

    Auburn hubcap - any idea what year?

    1928-29 maybe 30. It is not anything newer.
  24. Curti

    Water pump packing

    Auburn water pumps do not have a pin to retain the impeller. It is a press fit. I use Lock-tite and pien the edge of the shaft for insurance.