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  1. Beingable to stop is more important than being able to start.
  2. Mt first collrctor car was a 1931 Model A tudor sedan back in 1966. The last collector car is a 1931 Auburn coupe. There has been about 40 inbetween.
  3. I believe I owned that car many years ago. I sold it to a fellow that lived out west. There was less than 12,000 miles on it when I sold it. As least it was a 28 Dodge with that color scheme.
  4. Currently thecar is hemmed in. I won't be able to move it outside for a couple of months. There is No rust or dents. I am 80 and it is time to let some cars go.
  5. The body is NOT rusty or dented. The mileage is original and accurate. I have the original bill of sale and EVERY reciept for parts repairs that were put in the car from new. I'll bet it is one of the best documented Auburns on the planet. Make me an offrer I can' refuse.
  6. I am the 2nd owner. It is completely stock, has original floor mat.
  7. Looks chopped and channeled.
  8. I am located is Prescott Wisconsin, 30 miles SE of St Paul Minnesota.
  9. My Bishman tire changer is for sale. It is still unrestored. Have all parts. You pick up. make me an offer.
  10. None of those IMG's work for me.
  11. I have a pair of used in good condition 12 cylinder wire wheels for sale $500 each.
  12. My Dad was a Chrysler Plymouth salesman. He had me sitting on his lap driving a new Chrysler back in the early 50's. He haught me how to drive an automatic trans. In the late 50's , when I was 13 - 14 I was behind the wheel of our Chrysler driving around a parking lot learning how to parallel park. I got my permit in Minnesota the day I turned 15. 30 days later I got my license. Dad got me my first car , a 49 Plymouth. All the cars I had while living at home were Chryslers and Plymouths. The last was a 57 Chrysler. which I proceeded to hop up and customize. Dad was NOT pleased. I just wantedd to go fast and win stoplight drag races. I never did loose my license, but came close. Now I am 80 yeras young, and Dad is long gone. I still miss him.
  13. I am in need of an ignition switch for a 1932 Auburn 8100-A . 31's are probably the same. I have a repo, but I hate to use it as the car is in a completely original 19,000 mile car .
  14. I think the gas pump is a Butler model 71, I have one like it.
  15. Why is this post i the Auburn Cord Dusenberg forum, when you are seeking Hupp parts?
  16. If I owned the car, I would remove it and do the body work and repaint it.
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