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  1. Mint condition 1955 Mercury Montclair

    Glad to see it has steering. That can be useful.
  2. I grew up around some "hold my beer" guys. Still makes my hair stand on end when I hear somebody say it. Ended up with a trip to the ER too many times.
  3. 1963 Speedo cable

    Interesting thread as my speedo dances around, especially when the car is first driven. What/how is the best way to change out the cable? I have a new cable, but not the casing. Can/should I take it off the transmission, pull the cable out, lube the new one going back it? Or, do I need to get behind the dash and take it off at the speedometer? Advice is always welcome. Sun is shining here, roads are dry, and I think all my lights are working. Riv will get a run this morning.
  4. First thing I would do is put fresh gas into it and change the plugs. Then see what you have.
  5. The wheel on my 63 is splined. Same type, different color. Worst case, its about a 10 minute job to pull it off using a steering wheel puller.
  6. 1960 MGA Restoration

    Wow, that really is a crusty sending unit.
  7. For those of us who have a broken turn signal cable, help is available at http://cjsrods.com/. CJ Lane has been repairing Saginaw columns since the early 70s. I sent him my broken cable and he repaired it using the original ends. The new casing is spiral wound steel as used on the later columns. Cost was $105, including return shipping. My thinking is that his is an early 63 problem primarily, as there was a changed from the plastic tube to a steel casing sometime in the run. I installed the cable yesterday and everything is working fine. Will see how it goes over time, but I expect this is a solved problem.
  8. MIne does the same thing. Jim's cure is what I use. Run it.
  9. 63 Riviera fresh paint

    Now you get to put all the shiny stuff back on. Takes a while.
  10. TESLA

    Well, I qualify as an antique and think Tesla's are seriously cool cars. Only problem for me is the price.
  11. Classic Cars at Salvage Auctions

    Leaving aside the title issue, how did he plan too make money off police and taxis? Those things get run to death, cheaply repaired and run to death again. Take a lot of time and $ to get one in decent shape.
  12. 1960 MGA Restoration

    I have used Apple to rebuild Armstrong shocks. They work fine, but be sure to ask them not to paint them black if you want the natural aluminum.
  13. Not looking for a column at the moment, just info on how to R&R the existing one. I replaced the broken bell crank at the top and want to redo the rag joint while I am at this.
  14. Is there a good description of how to remove the steering column from the car? I see a rubber grommet on the column from the inside and a 12 point bolt clamping to the steering box. Can't see under the brake booster. Looking for info before jacking up the car. Two reasons: One, I would like to replace the rag joint while I have things apart. Two: the guy who rebuilt my turn signal cable tells me its much easier to adjust the switch with it out of the car. More detail on the signal cable once I have it installed and can see how it works. Thanks Zimm
  15. I have a center section from a 64 that is surplus to my needs. Think the ratio is 3:07. Problem is I am all the way across the continent and its heavy as a dead guy.