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  1. The car is an impulse buy. Someone who wants it will have to have it. Price doesn't mean much. A person with 50K in discretionary money should be able to throw another 50 at it. The trick, as I learned from my Grandfather is the eternal search for the uninformed buyer. Advertising in the New York Times or LA Times would give exposure to affluent buyers with a greater focus on image of themselves rather than details of the car. I'd scout for the fringe people who think they are scooping up a deal. The eastern foothills of the Rockies might be some good trolling. It is getting harder to score but easier to get a deal these days. My personal take on estates, including my own, is for items less than 10% of the value of the estate should be offered to relatives or friends with the means to maintain them. Keep the 90+ % and put those special things in the hands where the item and sentiment both hold value. If a $50,000 car is a significant part of the estate, well, you have a bit of a different discussion there. Just a couple thoughts. Bernie
  2. Think there is a spotter out there?
  3. The wood is only on the front and I can assure you they are not the kind of fellows you want around your place. I'm quite sure it is going on the truck as a belly rubber. Lots of hardware. Ran when parked, yeah, and General Grant had a high blood alcohol count when they put him in his tomb.
  4. I have a 1927 Master 6 Doodle Bug, cut down with a cowl that appears to be an open car, a very rusty hood and grille shell, with a complete engine and trans down to the original air filter that I bought last week. I will bring it home Tuesday and provide pictures and details, plan to part it out. It is shortened to be a farm tractor with a Ford Model TT rearend. The wood wheels are shot. Years ago many parts moved. This week the gear shift and the valve cover nuts were the only thing not tighter than the hubs or hell. I'm riding about 100 miles round trip with a flatbed driver to retrieve it. I bet the wheels don't turn and we'll skid it onto the truck. Get your list together, I'm picking it clean, Pictures soon. Bernie 585-797-7421
  5. Just imagine how many 42 year old parts the man is going to disturb when he puts that new motor in. And, if he was old enough to buy a home 42 years ago he is out telling all his cronies how happy he is. We have an organizational chart. It is an inverted triangle with the customer at the top and me at the bottom. Everyone between has a supporting role to the next tier up to the customer. Large companies, like GM, Ford, and the other car manufacturers can't do that. They can't delegate responsibility because they are still trying to figure out how the person got the job in the first place. When the Germans were running Chrysler they used warranty claims as a denial of services tactic to rein in the dealers, Mein Herr.
  6. Oh, come on, surely you are exaggerating!
  7. Everyone who works for me is authorized to say "Yes, Sir" to any added customer requests up to $3,000. If the cost appears to exceed that, the answer is still "Yes, Sir" and call me right away. That's what profits are for. And what you can do if every single operation is not treated as a profit center.
  8. I think I remember that car. I always liked that style Olds so it must have stuck. I liked that magazine as well. I remember it having a good mix of feature cars and tech. The '80's and '90's were a good time for automotive media. Drama and exploitation were at a minimum back then. There was a sense of true hobbyist in the writings. Many had a style that made you think they had a day job. Back to Oldsmoblies, I bought a '56 Holiday 88 with a Super 88 engine back in those days. I guy came by the garage while I was working on it and exclaimed "Does she know how fast these are!" It must be nice to get your foot into that one. Bernie
  9. A criminal would have that car licensed and legal in two days. An honest person would get so frustrated they would dispose of the car. They'd probably sell it to a junkyard. The junkyard would sell it to a guy that would have it licensed in two days. Call the junkyard and ask who might buy your car from them. Eliminate the middle man. Bernie
  10. I quit washing my cars with a hose and water about 10 years ago. Too many nooks and crannies. I go through some spray detailer. And the girls don't giggle quite as much when a bunch of us get togehter for cleaning day. But their hair stays dry and we manage. Wait! That's not detailer!.... No! Not the chrome polish! Hey, put the Westley's down! Bernie
  11. A friend of mine found that at a flea market and brought it home for me. He knew I liked to hunt for old gas pumps and figured nothing could be more appropriate. I must have some kid of magnetism toward those people with a warped sense of humor. They keep showing up. I used to have 8 pumps by my garage with sequenced 30 watt bulbs. My favorite was a Tolkeim Cut 850 clockface. When I was 16 a friend of mine and I took a trip to the southern end of West Virginia, Bluefield, Taswell, Richlands, and War. We got Va and WVA mixed up and couldn't find Richlands at night. We pulled into a dark gas station parking lot in the middle of nowhere and slept in the car. In the morning light the sign on the building said Richlands Service, or something like that, wrong Richlands. Every time I saw that light at night I remembered to trip and what a beacon a single 30 watt bulb would have been in 1920's rural West Virginia. I'd sit on the back porch looking out there thinking about stuff like that. The piece on the stock is just something to gently caress when you know you don't want to pull the trigger but feel like making the person next to you uneasy.. Sometimes body language or your eyes can do the same.
  12. A guy around here had a couple and offered to help others. But he retracted the offer.
  13. 12 years ago I bought a new Silverado and have never been back to the dealer for any reason other than looking at a new one. BUT, that was the plan from the beginning. 158,000 mile oil change tomorrow. I had bought a new S-10 two years before. It made two trips back. The second was when I traded it in. Did you know POS means Point Of Service? Boy, did I get THAT wrong! Bernie
  14. He's a Hawk. Skyeagle just didn't make good advertising copy. Here he is in attack mode, making a Buick statement for the 1970's conservative mod people who thought "I'm Just an Okie from Muskogee" was a neat song. (We did, out here in Western New York.) Wouldn't you real rather have a Buick... than a Vega.
  15. I have a nice clear, unscratched left rear quarter window hanging on a peg in my garage. It's a job on the list. I'll probably do that when I fish the window trim out of the quarter panel. Bernie
  16. Did plugging the heat passages block the flow of heat to the choke element? If it did you might want to go to a ported Bakelite choke housing with tubing and a heat exchanger or convert to an electric choke from a mid-1970's car. I'm thinking your choke is only going to sense radiant heat from the engine. Bernie Oh, those two things at 9 o'clock and 12 o'clock can be the most dangerous "tools" ever used in car repair.
  17. Built like a Mack truck.
  18. Cold fire, huh. Reminds me, I have a 20 liter liquid Nitrogen dewar and some home made devices I used on a couple refrigeration patents I had in the 1990's. The kids were always quite entertained with what I showed them. It's in the corner by the cans of bromine. Well, I'm off to an environmental symposium for a couple days. Bernie
  19. Maybe the topic should be changed to "I Found a Picture of a Buick". Or maybe my Love button ain't working.
  20. The hawk emblem and logo were used from about 1980 to 1985. It may have risen in the corporate ranks when the Oldsmobile salesmen told buyers a Skylark was a wimpy bird. I know Olds salesmen were taught to compare the Rocket engine to the Wildcat by an off hand comment like "Cat? What's that run on, tuna fish?" If I was selling Buicks with that on my desk I would do everything I could to make the customer feel like a field mouse. I might even accidentally call the wife "Bunny" Sport selling, been doing it for years. Bernie
  21. Жопа драггер Нужны новые пружины
  22. Y'all got a big Buick already. Buick didn't come out with a GT until 2015 'cause guys like me were perfectly happy with a TG. Some things go together like: Skinny girls and Fat Buicks bert and ernie bonnie and clyde fred and ginger homer and marge tom and jerry Thelma and Louise Batman and Robin Chocolate and Vanilla Lilo and Stitch Marco and Polo Mario and Luigi Scooby and Shaggy Ozzie and Harriet Laverne and Shirley Sonny and Cher Romeo and Juliet Lois and Clark Simon and Garfunkel Ketchup and Mustard Birds and Bees Ribbons and Bows Peace and Love Yin and Yang Chocolate and Strawberries Cocoa and Marshmallows Salty and Sweet Mickey and Minnie Sugar and Spice Apple and Banana Orange and Juice Bee and Honey Lucy and Ricky Fred and Ethel Adam and Eve Jane and John Brad and Angelina George and Gracie
  23. Voice recognition can sometimes translate "pile it" into "pilot" Don't worry to much about the site. They are just fishing for greed people who have been sticking themselves for years. They were doing that long before the internet. See, some of you are smiling and some know who you are Bernie
  24. Many buildings in the country suffer demolition and shortened life spans due to the financial, tax differentiation between capital investment and operations and maintenance funding. Build something new and there is all kinds of funding available, even if you want to use the cheapest, shortest lived material from the lowest bidder. In some instances one can be arrested and charged with a felony for using the wrong account to repair something. Tear it down, build it new. That's written into the law books. They think they are creating jobs. Connivers is a term not used frequently enough. Bernie
  25. I have found that long term idle 8 cylinder cars will generally have four low compression readings and four pretty good readings, if the valves are working and no holes are in the pistons. The last time they were shut off four pistons were around the top of the bore and four were near the bottom. The rings at the top were expanded in the wear area and usually not deep in the ringlands. The lower part of the bore has less wear and the rings will be compressed and likely stuck, creating a lot of blow by. If a valve on a cyinder is open and the piston is low in the bore condensation can cause rust and scale on the cylinder walls. Sometimes the rings will push all that ahead of then and jam in the cylinder. Sometimes the rust will scrape away leaving the pits to cat oil and make a smoker. Stuck rings on four cylinders make a car hard to start. If you do start it you will probably have to help it with a shot of ether each morning until you get a couple hundred miles on it and free up the rings. I had a friend who left his car for 3 or 4 year periods and brought it to me to get it going. I told him he needed to drive it more and let me give the engine a gentle going over. He told me "I don't care what you say. I am not going to let you talk any sense into me." I didn't see what results you had with putting half a teaspoon of gas in through the spark plug holes. Was that idea rejected by the guys who counted get the car running? In the worst case it might have warmed up the intake runners and help the fuel atomize. Bernie