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    how do you work under your cars ?

    I just came across this picture and remembered the topic. You can see the four mounted wheels and tires we put under the rear bumper as a back up to the jack stands and the jack. This was after we rolled the rear end out and prepped the underside for cleaning and fresh undercoat.
  2. It is awfully hard not to make an inappropriate comment about ride height and this picture. "Restraint is my least recognized attribute."
  3. Eight coats applied in 1980. We did it in the winter and made a furnace out of a 250 gallon steel tank. It had a grate you could put an assembled wheel and tire on. That rubber burns really hot. We put the panel to be painted next to the furnace. When we were done the rim and tire bead went in with the short steel, takes about 8 tires to paint a car that way. Not bad when the price of scrap is up. (This is experience. People don't just make this stuff up.) My goal is a car eligible to take 4th place. They don't give out trophies for that. I took my '60 Electra to a show and was notified I took 3rd place. The letter told me to send $35 and they'd send the trophy. So I have one trophy on my dresser. After that I figured 4th was fine.
  4. 60FlatTop

    Coker Tire - FYI

    My interaction with Coker has been fine. Even my son, lying on the side of the road with his camera, has confidence it their tires. The first set got me 10 years. The second set is at 8 years now. Two are worn down a bit. I will buy a third set next year or the year after. So that will be pushing 30 years worth. If I go through two more sets that will be just fine. Bernie
  5. Well, thanks to this topic I spent a couple hours trying to chase down that '54 Packard Pacific yesterday. Its a sickness. Bernie
  6. 60FlatTop

    Long Winter's Nap

    The yellow twine was to tie the trunk down on the way home, no staged picture here. I don't expect problems with my disregard for winter hibernation.......... but if I need another I know someone is storing a nice replacement for me. Thank you in advance.
  7. I bought the correct rear springs from a specialty spring winding company. I don't remember the name but it may have been Suspension Specialties. The first set was just an over the counter set and the car sat too high. My current front springs are MOOG from NAPA. As I remember the fronts were $100 for the pair, but the rears ran me about $300 plus the pair I couldn't use. The actual body weight rearward from the back seat it quite light. The heavy part is the unsprung weight of the axle. Even though the frame is heavy the greatest weight is forward. At the time of the final tightening all the suspension bushing points were spread and free from any drag on the serrations of the bushings. And the car was sitting with full weight resting on the level floor. Also, the chassis manual instructions for installation of the rear springs were followed to the letter. Spacer blocks were used between the spring and axle, with the spring ends pointed in the direction recommended. You have to do it yourself. Bernie
  8. 60FlatTop

    EBAY - 1953 Buick Skylark

    Things always look worse out of context. I thought Pete would be the first to comment. He walks right past 75-80% cars in Texas. I just skip the cheap ones. I used to use the "lesser car" thing on a friend I grew up with when we went out for coffee. If I timed it just right and used the right tone of voice I could get him to make coffee come out his nose. That was Mike. He died a year or so ago. He would be happy to know we used a MoPar radio delete plate to divide his ashes with.
  9. I like the hood closed to keep the original design flow in tact. But sometimes you take one of them moderin cars to a cruise in and the hood needs to be open so they don't think the old guy parked his Lucerne there by accident. Ten more years of detailing and I should do pretty well at Hershey. Bernie
  10. I bet what you found in the rear end and the transmission looked just like it. Bernie
  11. I had a 1955 Packard Patrician like this only, white and dark blue. The longer it has been gone the more I like it. The engine needed a rebuild at the time. If I had dropped in a 472 Cadillac I would still be driving it. I do not like the '56 model. I screwed up and missed buying this car, A '54 Packard Pacific that came out of the Jones family (Shirley's Dad) It was a little cobbled but has the presence I like in a car. But the foreign gets my big vote. An S Series Bentley Flying Spur is at the top of my overall list.
  12. There is a large push on metal retainer on the back side that FIERCELY holds to the button pin. I tried to remove these without damaging them in case I couldn't find replacements. I gave up until the time comes. Professional help is recommended from me. The cover has to come off.
  13. 60FlatTop

    collector cars in California fire

    I use a business sever based in western New York. No earthquakes, tropical storms, or major geological/climate issues. The server people notified me of their new back up sever located in San Francisco. I just said "Huh!"
  14. 60FlatTop

    EBAY - 1953 Buick Skylark

    My comment was on the owner's choice to make changes that made the value less objectively able to determine. The same effort to make it original would have made that easy to "judge". I have to smile at the "I walk right past them" comment. I'm like that. I walk right past the original lesser models. And thought of slowing down for a modern Buick with a manual transmission... who would ever be attracted to one of those? Bernie ?
  15. 60FlatTop

    collector cars in California fire

    I understand that California has limited budgets for fire fighting and for fire prevention. They are raiding the prevention budget, now, to pay for the emergency. I think they did that once or twice before. Its a Euro-American thing. https://www.yesmagazine.org/issues/science/wildfires-are-essential-the-forest-service-embraces-a-tribal-tradition-20170403 Bernie
  16. One year I parked my '64 Riviera in a storage tent. After a snowfall the sun came out and water ran into a big sag that got heavy enough to bend the support tubing. That end of the tent collapsed forming a pool that draped across my left front fender. Then it got cold again and the water froze to form a perfect female mold of the fender. And trapped the car so I couldn't back out. It stayed cold for a couple of weeks before it thawed and I liberated my car. Since 2005 I have had a real good relationship with the self storage guy. $110 a month gets me a 10' X 20" unit whenever I need it. I am trying to figure out which car is going in after Thanksgiving just to get some elbow room at home. It has to be one I don't mind not seeing for 3 or 4 months. That's the hard part. I like just sitting with them. Bernie
  17. I always liked the results I got on my car. The strip lines up with the centers pretty good and the 7.10 X 15 tires get the rest close. Just one problem, that was 2013, I removed the vinyl top to paint the roof correctly, then put in a new windshield long overdue, picked up some '64 standard seat frames to reupholster , and then started monkeying around with other cars. And it ain't done yet. Last night at coffee I said paint was going on this year.
  18. 60FlatTop

    Inflatable paint booth

    Maybe the code officer after Thanksgiving. If my cousin heard I was making friends with the code guy I might end up as part of the leftovers.
  19. 60FlatTop

    EBAY - 1953 Buick Skylark

    With a little musical accompaniment the owner can reply: Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew When I bit off more than I could chew But through it all, when there was doubt I ate it up and spit it out I faced it all and I stood tall And did it my way To be quite frank about it.
  20. Over the past 15 or 20 years or so those styled steel wheels have changed from optional to obligatory, least that's what I been calling them. Bernie
  21. I thought that voice was familiar.
  22. 60FlatTop

    Find the Buick

    Migrant caravan arrives in California.
  23. 60FlatTop

    1948 Tucker #1057 on ebay

    I was looking at these: https://www.ebay.com/sch/accelerate_auto_group/m.html?LH_Complete=1&rt=nc&_trksid=p2046732.m1684 and figured some off Ebay sales. The link in their add ended up here: https://www.accelerateautogroup.com/inventory/ So the value of the listing on Ebay could potentially be more valuable for exposure rather than the selling the car and losing the boondoggle . I have done stuff like that bit not in the half million bracket.
  24. 60FlatTop

    1948 Tucker #1057 on ebay

    The Ebay seller of the car has about 100 recent completed sales of cars. I am sure the Tucker influenced the search algorithm and biased some traffic in their direction. Things are not always what they seem. I used to sell a lot on Ebay, almost like a part time job. One time I had a whole bunch of Camaro literature I bought from a Chevy sales manager. I knew that cars always got more hits than single collector items. So I grouped all my Camaro stuff and before listing it, I went out and bought a cheap Camaro. Traffic to the car boosted my hit rating, and, slippery old devil that I am, I included a big referral to the Camaro literature in the car description. Sold it all and even made a little money on the bait. Before regulations tightened up I used to host my own Ebay pictures through HTML. I had a little $50 per year website that was racking up over a quarter of a million hits. If I had a car ready to sell today I would put one of my keepers on Ebay with a whacky reserve and list the lizard too. "Look what he is trying to get for that 4 door!" "Hang on. I will be out from behind the curtain in a minute." It ain't always what you think. Bernie