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    19 53 dino flow problems

    I was mowing the lawn trying to think of how to make it do that if I wanted to. It is a hard one. After checking the pressure at the test ports you could make a manometer connected to the fill tube and get an idea of the amount of pressure that builds up in the pan. Then match that with the various operating pressures of the transmission to pinpoint a potential faulty area that matches the pressure built up. Weird, the pump has to pull a suction from the area being pressurized.
  2. 60FlatTop

    Re-production license plates

    Three cheers for your arrival in Brighton! I thought that was in November. Bernie
  3. 60FlatTop

    Tax and your cars

    Singularly, people make pretty sensible decisions. You get them together in a group and you can hear the brains drop out the bottom when they walk in the door (go ahead, visualize that). "Ah, the newly elected official. Please step into the back room. We have to unscrew your skull cap and scoop the brains out." Funny, top or bottom, it works the same way. I do think there has been a shift from taxation without representation to taxation by regulation. I can't think of a regulation that does not carry a financial penalty..... and the obligatory surcharge. Traditionally, large government entities have gained wealth by exploiting the wealth of the indigenous peoples. WE are the new indigenous. Bernie
  4. 60FlatTop

    SOLD Commrades a good Communist Motorcycle for Sale

    Reading that excerpt about Renault cars and Rusty's remark made me smile when I thought of the French involvement in US wind farms. Eh. Congratulations on the sale.
  5. 60FlatTop

    1966 Austin Healey Sprite

    The car sat under a tarp from 1968 to 2017 (three tarps weathered away, as I heard). The parts were in crumbling boxes, most with the bottom out. And now a guy is putting a V8 into, the guy just doesn't know how to treat a special car. It sold in about 10 hours. One guy brought his Wife. She wouldn't let him buy it. He called back the next day with permission. It was sold, no telling what he had to do to get permission. One said he had to wait for his Wife to get out of work. I told him not to come if he was going to bring her and recommended a good restaurant to take her to. Another was on his way with a flatbed but I had to turn him around when I got the cash. As far as turning it into scrap metal, he was about 65 years old and turned it into a dream. Lots of men that age have quit dreaming. He might live a little longer. The guy who did whatever to get permission and found out it was sold; he might not fare so well.
  6. 60FlatTop

    1949 Roadmaster parts car

    Aren't all Buicks Roadmasters?
  7. 60FlatTop

    19 53 dino flow problems

    Some years ago I ran into a '56 Cadillac puking out the fill tube after driving. A brake job cured it. They were dragging and boiling the transmission fluid. What are more specific conditions of when and how yours happens? Will it roll in neutral?
  8. I have been using NGK plugs in a lot of applications where I would have used AC45's and some newer. I got introduced to them through Jaguar V12's. I first put them in Tom Pirrung's '50 Super, still running well last time I asked. I just pulled an old 45 and set it on the counter, "match me up an NGK". I like them in my 3.8 as well. Bernie
  9. 60FlatTop

    1966 Austin Healey Sprite

    My friend had owned the car, disassembled, since 1968. He bought it from a 13 year old neighbor with a signed New York State registration, but never transferred it into his own name. The kid who signed the reggie is grown up and has a business 30 miles away. He signed the proper paperwork and I licensed and insured it, as seen, to legally put it in my name. That's what you call a diligent value add as opposed to a flip. I also marshaled all the parts into one area and sorted them. A couple weeks ago I found a stray push rod and called the new owner. He said not to worry. He was widening the car 4" and stirring in a V8. The car was completely rust free. I had thought about placing the body on a full frame and building one of those 1980's style nouveau classic roadsters, Cenet style or the like. No one seemed to care for the original species. Bernie
  10. 60FlatTop

    New Old Stock Air

    There aren't many "fun" gases, but methane, released silently, is a hoot.
  11. 60FlatTop

    MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    Having two is well rounded.
  12. 60FlatTop

    Tax and your cars

    I'm offended by that attack on free speech!
  13. 60FlatTop

    1966 Austin Healey Sprite

    My measure is how concerned I am about someone buying the car I found while I run home to get the cash. If you can sit down at a computer and ask for advice, then ponder the answers, there is a better car out there for you. I only have one old car that I bought with my head. And I'm planning to sell it in a couple of weeks. As far as the price, I really smiled at the comment "worth a quarter of the asking price". I sold this for $2200 a while back with a few parts of the engine. I know it is a Buyeye, but it is the same under the skin..
  14. 60FlatTop

    Tax and your cars

    I thought the tax went into the general fund and they used it to buy Tahoes and Suburbans. And a few Escalades. Maybe a few sidecars nobody sits in.....
  15. 60FlatTop

    New Old Stock Air

    I went to a garage the other day and asked if they had nitrogen for my tires. The guy said he had a lower grade than the other places that advertised it. "Would 78% nitrogen be OK?" "Sure, better than just plain old air, I replied."
  16. 60FlatTop

    Just saw this nice T-Bird on a trailer....

    I just showed this to my Wife. Here is her all time favorite: Magnetic sign is from an air conditioning company I worked for. Bernie
  17. 60FlatTop

    Just saw this nice T-Bird on a trailer....

    My Wife fell in love with a twin to that car, a 1966 model. I bought it for her. It was, maybe, ten years old at the time. And the last car she ever picked out on her own. Bernie
  18. 60FlatTop


    Pavilion is 25 miles straight south of me. I live in a village of 10,000, lots bigger. I have had mail addressed to "Bernie Daily" delivered. At the top of the hill on RT 63, on the west side of Pavilion, there used to be a truck stop called Texaco Town. It had a diner, truck gear, and western clothing store all in one. It has been gone for a while now. Actually, the only attraction left is the insane asylum. The Asylum hasn't had a cruise in since '15 and I missed it. http://www.rollinghillsasylum.com/
  19. 60FlatTop

    To resonate or not?

    Two Roadmasters and the Impala have done it. WOT to just under 95. It's a rush. The warm air is just a gentle reminder. If I had one now, that didn't do it, I would break it. It would be like taking a mole off Marilyn. The absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw.
  20. 60FlatTop

    1955 Chrylser Windsor

    One of the great philosophers of the twentieth century said it slightly different.
  21. 60FlatTop

    1955 Chrylser Windsor

    And notarized, I have the best notary money can buy.
  22. 60FlatTop

    1953 El Dorado

    Ask if that car found it's way to Lake George from Rochester. Previous owner named Frank? Bernie
  23. Valspar makes a really nice satin black polyurethane that I have have been using for chassis, underhood areas, and inner fenders for years. You may be able to find something in green. Loews stores sell it in my area. If I do some interior painting on my next Riviera redo I would probably try satin Valspar first. Bernie