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  1. Commitment, three of us left the ship in Pearl Harbor one morning to get tattoos. When we got to Hotel Street the tattoo parlor was not open yet, but the bar across the street was. I haven't made a commitment yet. Bernie
  2. Like the guys say, get the best one you can. Whatever you buy will be 30-35 years old so the problems will have surfaced. My car is an '86 Park ave convertible, built by Car Craft who took over Hess & Eisenhardt's work in Lima, Ohio. I previously owned an '82 H&E Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertible. All the top bow assemblies look suspiciously similar. They may have been stamped out at the same job shop. All the 1980's conversions end up with similar quarter windows, even ones like my PA which was a two window design. My PA has a headliner, and I think more attention to quality detail was paid by Car Craft over H&E, like my stainless windshield cap instead of cloth. The parts are fabricated so fabricating some worn piece wouldn't be difficult. I rarely drive mine with the top up, but I had it out on a blustery day last week. The roof rail strips are a token. The gusts of wind took me back to a '60 Chevy convert and a '67 Skylark I had, makes kind of a "Woof, woof" noise in side winds. I also had a '71 Ford LTD convertible. That was the tightest one I owned. Both ASC and H&E built Eldorado convertibles. The H&E is better looking because they retained the quarter panel line, like the Riviera. I am happy with my little PA, but I wish I had kept the Eldo, even with the 4100 engine. My thought would be, buy the nicest one you can find. And remember, you didn't marry the thing. If you don't like it, sell it. You might make a profit, at least you will know more. If I was starting fresh I would be looking for an '81 (368) H&E Eldo. Just from my experience. Bernie
  3. MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    Ron DeGroff's John Ross
  4. Thanks for the effort. I am pretty casual about my email bernie@berniedaily.com. I look at the Ebay listings from time to time. I found a new switch with no problem. I may have to machine a new plastic plug body. Bernie
  5. I need to replace or repair my 1986 Electra Park Avenue passenger 8-pin power seat switch plug. Both my new switch and the old one use a sort of linear pattern to the pins, where the most common are a general rectangle pattern. I would like to replace the Bakelite plug and use the existing wires, I am pretty good at searching online, but can't find the correct plug. Does anyone have a parts car or access to different databases? It is hidden in the door but I still don't want to cobble it up. Here is what it looks like. The switch base. And the smoked plug. Thank you, Bernie
  6. Winter storage

    Just the thought of snow on Cyprus can give you the Willys.
  7. Winter storage

    Well, some people just never know how nice the color of their car looks against the snow. My kids haven't talked to me about succession planning since I told them I was going to spend all my money. We have an ancient lake bed about 10 miles west of me called the muckland. The dust gets riled up in clouds during the dry time, makes quite a sunset. I notice the difference between that silty dust and when I work on the city and get the smeary, greasy dust. I figure 10 years from now I would like a place in the Cayman Islands and a little cottage in Georgia with a big garage to keep the cars. Just talking with the cardiologist, I was laying out my 40 year plan. He said "Sure, I recommend the planning, just don't expect it." I put HIM on the list of people I am going to outlive! Bernie
  8. Front bumper 63-64

    I have been looking at my front bumper and thinking about plating it for...maybe....20 years. Since my incident with the scissors lift I am going to replace the fight front fender. Last week, having coffee, my friend told me he is taking some chrome to a real good shop in Syracuse in December. That's two good motivators. Tomorrow seems like a great day to take it off. I am figuring around $600 for the bar. My friend doesn't know that I know a good pierogi spot nearby. It is across the corner from the first federal subsidized housing in the US, dedicated by Elanor Roosevelt. Chrome, piergis, and history, what a trip! Bernie
  9. Move over Tesla this was around 100 years ago

    Now they have painted bicycle lanes on the streets and tax money buys racks to put them in. While the diesel truck rumbles to the grocery stores providing fuel to the highly inefficient bodies of the bike riders.
  10. How to stop Rust on unprimed Car in garage .

    I had an idea that gallon of primer had been around for a while. The last little job I did looked good, but maybe I will treat myself to a new gallon of PPG 2K urethane. I think those primers will give a closed coat and protect against moisture. I am sure the epoxy primers will. My contribution is the idea you can just brush it on an do a little or a lot without making a big deal. I do have a policy about correcting literary skills. If I understand the context of what someone tells me, they did the job. Why would I correct them? A handwriting expert analyzed my signature once, they said it showed me to be an extremely confident person. I guess my expectations of the reader were high. Sometimes one will lean over and ask "Is that an a". I answer "Yes", seems like that always get the right letter. Prime it with a a brush or a roller if you want a quick protective coat. If you have other intentions prime it with gasoline. Hmmmmmmmm, have you ever read Dissertation on Roast Pork ? Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. Cardboard Box musty smell Removal

    Just out of curiosity, are you inquiring because the same Wife who wants you to move the REO is complaining about the smell of the box? Or am I just imagining a pattern starting? Bernie
  12. How to stop Rust on unprimed Car in garage .

    Did he get that idea from an online forum? I'd NEVER take advice from the guys who post things on those. "Nice machine. What's the baud rate?"
  13. How to stop Rust on unprimed Car in garage .

    Polyurethane primer can be applied with a 4" roller quite easily and doesn't require a lot of equipment. I am planning a complete repaint on my '64 Riviera and it will probably be primed using a combination of spray. roller, and foam brush, depending on where I am in the progress and the time I have at the moment. My convertible has a protective coat of primer on the third brakelight panel. I have a gallon of this: https://www.tat-co.com/TranstarAutobodyTechnologies/media/TATCo/Product Assets/English Datasheets/transtar_tds_6461.pdf?ext=.pdf and just mix a few ounces for small jobs, but there is a 4" roller handle and a pack foam rollers if I get to a big panel. You will get a lot of nasty looks from "experts" so don't tell them you did it. I do most of my work alone with the door closed. Just catch a nice day and in a couple hours you will be good to go. Bernie
  14. Thank you. appreciate that. My local yard had all the other type, but my NOS switch matches the original plug. It's weird. The armrest garnish comes up by removing the ashtray and pulling straight up to release two spring clips. The slide it forward. I would buy an NOS door harness if there was one out there. Bernie
  15. How to stop Rust on unprimed Car in garage .

    Have you had the wife longer than you have had the REO? Just from a pragmatic perspective. Bernie

    And more like a fine polishing pad, instead of a big Turkish towel all wadded up.
  17. Winter storage

    This will be my fourth or fifth year of heating my garage to maintain 38 to 42 degrees minimum and warming it when I work out there to 65, sometime 75 degrees. It is not the tightest building around but I have always been in the $250 to under $350 per season. Isn't it interesting that your low outside temperature is what I heat mine UP to. The garage is 26' X 40' and O keep four cars in it. So 80 bucks per car. I can tell the difference. I do not use car covers. I like to go out there and see them. Ventilation might be better for your cars than a cover. You might consider dropping a 4' panel down the side of the carport on the windward and sunny sides for more protection from the rain and sun. On good days I would walk around the car with detailer and a cloth and buff it up a little like I do in my garage. The surface stuff is easy to see and attend to. One of these oil pump guns: Can be filled with automatic transmission fluid and pumped into the inner panels of the doors and fenders to shield against water. The ATF has very good creep qualities and will wick its way up to coat very well. Then if water gets inside the panels it may evaporate without corroding. Keeping the car very clean, well ventilated, and away from sun is really the best. Wet and clean is lots better than wet and dirty. I can also tell from your posts that you are not too young, me either. I bought my Riviera when I was 30, almost 40 years ago. I don't plan on keeping it another 40 years so I really don't have to be extra careful, maybe 30 at the most. How many years are you planning to keep yours? Get a feel for that and you might have a bright spot in your day! Bernie
  18. Show me your Foliage!

    Here's a 23 year old car in the changing season. Coming to Hershey in 2019..
  19. Move over Tesla this was around 100 years ago

    I was a bit surprised by the price: https://www.amazon.com/Horseless-Carriage-Hiram-Percy-Maxim/dp/B000TBM742 But Maxim's book is one of the best accounts of the gasoline and electric competition early car days. I have owned my copy for about 40 years and read it a few times. Look at AddAll Books or Ebay, you might get a deal. Years ago I used an electric crane of that vintage and I got a 1912-13 Rambler dynamo operating for Mike Rothschild, also years ago. Lucky I had worked on some turn of the century elevators and synchronous motors as a kid. I think the Tesla people are going to look at their solid state switches and speed control, then at the oil submerged wood dowels with copper contacts screwed to them and say "You don't mind if we just move over a little" Oh, the crane had tiller steering, an adventure in itself! Bernie

    Secret way to keep the side of my car polished.
  21. Use a maximum bid of $50,000 if you want something on Ebay. If the final bid looks too high or manipulated, just refuse to buy it. On Ebay the buyer can do no wrong. Remember when a seller could leave feedback about a buyer? That changed, do whatever you want... if you are a buyer. Bernie
  22. They may not have known. Ar Rochester Products door lock sets were graded as Driver door, Passenger door, and junk depending on how smoothly they operated. Who used it more in descending order. My Great Uncle Sam worked for Chrysler in the 1920's and 1930's. He always told me to watch out foe end-of-year-cars. Substandard parts were stored in bins and used up to build the last production units. I painted my '64 Riviera in 1981 and orders NOS fender badges through the dealer. They were laughable in quality, kind of like sandblasted before plating. My car still has the much higher quality original ones. The new ones went on Ebay. The "definitive NO" makes me smile. My Wife and I are at an age where we use medical services more frequently, she more than I. Every time we leave for an appointment I ask her "What will it be this time? Ignorance or stupidity?" We never fail to encounter one of the two. Tell a service provider that and they are incredulous, but they are younger and don't know.... like the GM worker. I asked our pharmacist if he had an anti-endorphin pill because I had an appointment with a specialist and new I was going to be so happy! On the Ebay price of $455, that is nothing for a regular Ebay user if you are buying AND selling. I used to do about $1,000 a month on Ebay selling stuff that should have been thrown out, money found in the bottom of a garage can. I used to call it Ebaybucks, reminiscent of interdepartmental Kodabucks in the old film company. Bernie
  23. I was working in the garage yesterday, getting ready to one of the two new doors in the back. I had the Park Ave convertible out and around the block. Then parked it off to the side of the yard for the afternoon. When I got in it put drive back into the garage I reached for the door pull. That big snowflake that hit the door panel seems about half the size of my hand today. Bernie
  24. MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    Never would have made Mars without Jackie's initial trips to the moon.
  25. Show me your Foliage!