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  1. Number 12 Screws, Aaarrgh!

    Fastenal also has a good selection of screws and related items. They're a nationwide chain so there is probably one near you.
  2. Title

    The original engine number is stamped somewhere on the frame. In Plymouths of this era, it is on the frame rail near the left rear wheel; I'd suspect the same is true for Chrysler. You may want to consider posting on the p15-d24.com forum. There are also many knowledgeable Mopar folk there and you may get a better idea of the location of the frame number.
  3. UPDATE: We spent the weekend in Seattle but did not make the museum because of a scheduling conflict. Bummer. We'll be visiting again in the next year or so and will definitely get there. Thanks to all for your comments. Harold
  4. I was leaning towards Marymount and the comments here point in that direction as well. Marymount it is!
  5. We'll be visiting our son in Seattle and want to visit a car museum while there. From what I can tell, there are two large collections in Tacoma, the America's Car Museum and the Lemay Marymount. We have one weekend afternoon free (about 4 hours) and I'm wondering which might be the more interesting place to go. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks, Harold
  6. Mirror re-silvering

    Spray-on chrome is really just a form of mirror re-silvering. You might want to contact one of those services and see if they can help you.
  7. Here are 5 issues of Motor Service Magazine (May and July 1965 and February, June, and August 1966). Lots of great industry news and repair tips from over 50 years ago. They came from a working repair shop back then and are somewhat soiled and worn. $18.00 postpaid in the lower 48 states. FREE BONUS: Brake and Front End Service Feb 1968. PayPal is fine. Send a PM! Thanks for looking! Harold
  8. Thanks for the correction. I was going by the inventory label on the car.
  9. I stopped at Gary's U-Pull-It in Binghamton on Friday to get a part for one of my daily drivers and saw this Chevy in the yard. It still has some usable parts so I thought I'd alert the forum. Maybe someone here can benefit from it. Harold
  10. Here's an Acme A-40 12V positive ground rebuilt voltage regulator still in its package. According to the label, it fits 1953-55 Chrysler Crown Imperial and 1955 Packard. May fit others. It's probably NORS, but the screw terminal bag is open so I hesitate to say for sure that it is. $25.00 + shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states. PayPal is fine. Thanks for looking! Harold
  11. Looking for a Certain Truck

    If you come up with a VIN, I'd type it into Google and see if you get any hits. Someone may have listed the VIN in an ad or forum post at some point.
  12. 1982 Volvo 7500-mile Maintenance Manual

    Still gathering dust on my shelf...it would be happier gathering dust on YOUR shelf!
  13. Dropped the price a few bux....now $16.00 postpaid in USA