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  1. Winter Driving Stories

    In early January 1977, I became the owner of 8 government fleet cars courtesy of a sealed-bid auction in Buffalo, NY. The most efficient way to get them home was by car carrier. We were living in Staten Island and I flew to Buffalo to stay with friends at the University and get things organized for the pickup. The cars were all jammed onto the roof of a garage building and were covered in snow. I cleverly made an 'X' in the snow on each car that was mine to make it easier for the government guys to get them out. That night Buffalo had a huge snow storm and the cars and I were snowed-in for a week. It turned into party time at the dorms and I had a lot of fun waiting for the roads to clear. Great memories!
  2. Part # 647215 for 1936 Plymouth Dodge DeSoto and Chrysler 6 cylinder cars. Some references say it fits '32-'36. Has surface rust as shown in pictures. $12.00 postpaid in USA. PayPal is fine. Thanks for looking! Harold
  3. Great old accessory item. At least 50 years old since the manufacturer's address has a 'zone number' instead of a 'zip code'. Switch plate is marked 'No. 1', 'No. 2', and 'Both'. Box is beat-up, switch plate is somewhat dirty, and knob has a smudge on it. $12.00 postpaid in USA. PayPal is fine. Thanks for looking!Harold
  4. Here's an NOS Delco F2004 (1972287) starter drive. Fits a wide variety of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury from 1964-1991. Also fits AMC Eagle (1983-84) and DeTomaso Pantera 1971-74. The box is beat-up and the part has some surface discoloration but is unused. $19.00 postpaid in the lower 48 states. Thanks for looking! Harold
  5. 1971 Ford Trailer Hitch

    This is a Draw Tite 2000 lb hitch for a 1971 Ford. I can't find a model number on the hitch but it should fit full-size '71 Fords and possibly Torino wagons. The other models have a painted metal panel under the rear bumper and this doesn't look like it would work with one. I've had this hitch many years and it's very solid in spite of the surface rust. $20.00 picked-up in/near Freehold, NJ. If you need shipping, let me know your zip code and I'll figure it out. Thanks for looking,Harold
  6. Make a realistic offer!
  7. I got this new top-of-the-line Walker 22363 muffler under warranty about 20 years ago and never put it on my car. It fits many GM A-bodies from 1983-92. If you go to walkerexhaust.com you can enter your year, body style , and engine to make sure this is the right one for your car. $30.00 picked-up in or near Freehold, NJ. If you want it shipped let me know your zip code and I'll figure out what it would cost. Thanks for looking! Harold
  8. 1949 Plymouth special deluxe

    Assuming you have a 2nd-Series '49 (ignition lock on left of steering column, turn key to crank the engine like a modern car) I'd use a test light to see if there is 6V going to the 'start' wire on the solenoid when the key is turned to the start position. If yes, I'd use a test light to see if there is electricity to the starter when the key is in the start position. If nothing is going to the starter, you probably have a bad starter solenoid. Make sure whoever is helping you has the transmission in neutral and/or the clutch depressed so the car won't move if it suddenly begins to crank. If you have a first-Series '49 (with starter button on dash) the same suggestions apply.