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  1. Still got 'em. I'll listen to an offer on the whole lot.
  2. Sorry about drifting from the OP's question, but I need to chime in...There are a couple of car donation "charities" operating near me in New Jersey and it amazes me that they don't seem to be scrutinized in any way. One of them operates their own used car lot stocked with freebie inventory. They get lots of donations because they give an artificially high value for the car so people get a larger tax write-off. Another well-known car charity near here makes all or nearly all of their donations to a particular religious school. The owner of the charity also happens to own the school!
  3. The original engine number is stamped on the side of the chassis near the left rear wheel. You probably have to clean away rust and undercoating to see it.
  4. The '87 is the only Motorcraft wire and cable catalog I have. Are you looking for anything else?
  5. Still available!
  6. Still available!
  7. Still available!
  8. Still available!
  9. Still available!
  10. It my have been mentioned before, but GM keys have letter designations to identify the keyway (the grooves in the side of the key). So if your ignition key is an 'A' blank (for example) you should be able to use a newer style (big rectangular head) 'A' blank and cut a key. The automakers were notorious for having very few key combinations. In the 1960's, my mother, aunt, and cousin went to a bingo game in my aunt's '55 Buick. When they left, they got into another '55 Buick and drove away in it. My cousin spotted my aunt's car still parked at the curb! My aunt put the other car back where it was, and no-one was any the wiser.
  11. Great old accessory item. At least 50 years old since the manufacturer's address has a 'zone number' instead of a 'zip code'. Switch plate is marked 'No. 1', 'No. 2', and 'Both'. Box is beat-up, switch plate is somewhat dirty, and knob has a smudge on it. $12.00 postpaid in USA. PayPal is fine. Thanks for looking!Harold