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  1. Seems to me that the engine starts to shake when the noise happens. I'd get a mechanic's stethoscope and methodically (and carefully!!) put the pickup on various engine components to localize the source of the noise.
  2. Check the flex-plate bolts for tightness and the plate itself for cracks.
  3. I attended NYC Police Auctions fairly regularly in the 1970's (monthly sales with 300-500 cars each time). Most prices were absurdly cheap. Examples: '63 Lincoln Continental we bought for $130.00 and drove home from the pound. At the same sale, a '68 Pontiac Lemans convertible for $350.00. 3-year old '68 Fury III in excellent shape for $1,700.00 (not a terrific deal... 2 bidders slugged it out) '55 Chevy convertible $15.00 (not a typo!). There was lots of '50's-60's stuff for way under $100.00 each. You got an NYPD bill of sale and had no trouble getting registration. No such thing as a branded title in those days! I went to a few police auctions in Rochester also (went to college in the area) and the prices were pretty much the same, but the cars were rustier. A used car dealer in Livonia NY was selling a shiny black '49 Buick convertible for $1,500.00. Another lot had a '40 Packard hearse for $650.00. A gas station in Amherst, NY had a '42 Plymouth Town Sedan for $450.00. The list goes on and on. I really miss those days!
  4. 1982 Volvo 7500-mile Maintenance Manual

    Postal rates have gone up but my price stayed the same....what a deal!
  5. Ford Mercury Locking Wheelcover Key

    NEW LOWER PRICE: $13.00 postpaid in lower 48 States.
  6. You can't go wrong for $10.00!
  7. Vent Window Restoration Questions

    You might try a mildly abrasive cleaner that contains feldspar like Bon Ami or Barkeeper's Friend (not Ajax or Comet!).
  8. How Many Wrenches Do You Really Need?

    Those free flashlights, tape measures and DVMs have made me some money when I sell them at garage sales!
  9. It's nice to come across a buyer who is motivated by doing the right thing rather than by the mighty dollar. In the pre-PayPal days, I listed a Dodge shop manual on eBay at a very low opening bid. It ended-up being a 'one-bid wonder' which was somewhat disappointing. When I received the buyer's check, it was for $10.00 more than the bid price. I contacted him and offered a reimbursement, but the buyer told me that the selling price was too low and I should keep the extra money. It wasn't a huge transaction, but thinking about it still makes me smile....
  10. NORS KW brand (by BMC) FA-30 voltage regulator for Ford products 1963-78, AMC 1976-1979, and Pantera 1971-1974. It has the same applications as the Standard Motor Products VR-613. The box is somewhat shelf worn but the regulator looks like new. I bought this part many years ago and never used it. $17.00 postpaid in the lower 48 States. PayPal is fine. Harold
  11. Locking wheel cover key that should fit Ford and Mercury cars. Probably from the 1980's. It has orange and white color-coded identification stripes. The design on the inside of the key needs to match the design on the wheel cover locking screw for it to work. I couldn't find any marks or numbers on it. Nice condition as shown. $18.00 postpaid in USA. PayPal is fine. Thanks for looking! Harold
  12. which one do you most regret missing?

    I regret not buying a super-nice '52 Plymouth Cranbrook sedan. The seller was asking $1,000.00 in 1980 and I thought it was too much. I should have bought it then instead of the string of poor condition and inoperable Plymouths I wound-up with over the years. Not incredibly collectible but they're my favorite cars....
  13. preservation - Buffing Patina

    Someone on another forum used Penetrol on his paint and it brought up a nice shine. Seems to hold up pretty well.
  14. Does selling on eBay give you heartburn? ;)

    I used to list books occasionally on half.com (RIP) and the listings never expired. Every so often somebody would buy a book I listed several years earlier and I could not find it or had disposed of it some other way. Fortunately, an explanation and refund was sufficient for the buyers involved. As a side note on shipping charges, my method lately has been to bump up the price and include free S&H. I put 'economy shipping' in the listing and then decide the cheapest shipping method based on weight and distance to the buyer. Keeps me in control of that part of the transaction.