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  1. 1947 Buick Special original paint question

    Here is what I have for 1947 two-tone combos:
  2. 1938 Buick Century Serial Numbers...

    Let me clarify my post, I said the body numbers started at 1 not with a 1. There is a big difference. Starting at 1 is like counting, 1, 2, 3,...X. If you assume that they built all 1938 model 61s at Flint (clearly not a correct assumption) then X = 12,673 because they built 12,673 model 61s in 1938. If you assume that they built one third of the model 61s at each plant (probably not a good assumption either) then the highest body number would be about 4225. Flint: 1,2,3...4225 South Gate: C 1,2,3...4224 Linden: L 1,2,3...4224 I would expect that there were more built at Flint since the production at Flint was at least five times higher than at the other plants, so in reality the highest body number from Flint is probably much higher than 4225 and much lower than that at South Gate and Linden.
  3. 1938 Buick Century Serial Numbers...

    There are no detailed records regarding the Fisher body number. The body number started at 1 for each model (style number) at each plant. For 6-wheeled cars (dual side mounts) the tag was stamped with either a -6W or just a 6 as shown in the two tags attached.
  4. 1938 Buick Century Serial Numbers...

    Multiple trim codes are listed because the code number varied by model, you can find my trim code list here: I don't have enough data for 1938 to estimate a body number. The MO. DAY and YEAR fields were almost never filled in. A. G. Backeast makes replacement tags: I believe they also advertise in the Bugle.
  5. Attached is a page from the 1971 option code list that shows *8, nothing is listed for LC though. For the body number, I think Flint started reserving the first 2000 body numbers for SCO cars in 1970. For 1970 and later, every trim tag I have for an SCO car has a low body number, I've include some of them.
  6. 1965 Cowl Tag Codes

    Ed's idea of the star indicating the shift is a possibility. It could also indicate something about the paint formulation. By the mid-1960's GM of Canada was adding an extra digit to the paint code for cars painted with acrylic lacquer vs. those painted with enamel. But in either case, I would have expected it to show up on the tags from cars built at all plants rather than just those built at Flint (FB and FL1 for the plant code). I don't think it would affect the cars value since the star shows up on tags for everything from the Special to the Electra 225 Custom and for everything from sedans to convertibles and even station wagons. Or, maybe like Matt says, it was just added to drive us crazy.
  7. 1941 56C Info
  8. 1965 Cowl Tag Codes

    I don't think the star is related to any specific model, but it only shows up on tags from Flint cars. Earliest tag I have with a star is 04B 1961 (LeSabre) and latest is 12C 1965 (1966 Electra 225). I have pictures of about 215 tags with stars on them, more than 99% of them are for cars that don't have special order paint.
  9. 1933 Trim Tag?

    Yes, there were a couple of different styles, see attached pictures.
  10. US and Canada are not the same. The production details listed in Buick A Complete History are for US production. Post WWII Buick production in Canada started for the 1951 model year. For 1951-1953 certain Canadian models were the Custom DeLuxe and the regular models were just the Custom. For 1954 they were the Special and Special Deluxe in Canada. In the US it was the Special and Special Deluxe for 1950-1954. Then the next time the Special Deluxe shows up is 1964. Nothing prior to 1950 in either the US or Canada.
  11. Old school floor shift 6 bolt trans

    See posts 51 and 52 in this thread.
  12. My Buick 1941 Mod 46S

    44158941 = engine serial number 4 = Series 40/Special 4158941 = sequential number, range for 1941 was 4,074,859 to 4,457,940 Trim 902 = Tan Canda Cloth (Mohair), available on models 41, 44, 44S, 46, 46S, 47, 56, 71, replaced 901 after approx. the first 1200 cars Paint code 572 = two-tone Lancaster Grey Metallic lower and Silver French Grey Metallic upper
  13. My Buick 1941 Mod 46S

    K was the accessory option code for heater and defroster.
  14. 1957 Paint code 4BX145 - what does it mean?

    I agree with Al. This is exactly how it worked later when Buick switched to the SCO-### notation. SCO indicated it was a special order and ### indicates the order number. If a car was SCO for paint, the actual paint color was usually listed on the build sheet. I've even seen one build sheet with a note that said to include an extra quart of paint in the trunk for touch-ups. I've also seen one car that was SCO in the trim code for bucket seats in a convertible that had SCO-### printed on the window sticker and the same SCO-### stamped on the cowl tag in place of the trim code. So BX-### and SCO-### only indicate that it was a special order and the order number, you would need some other paperwork to figure out exactly what the original paint color was for any car with special order paint.
  15. 1957 Paint code 4BX145 - what does it mean?

    S is the accessory option code for power seat adjuster - 6 way.