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  1. 1933 Trim Tag?

    Yes, there were a couple of different styles, see attached pictures.
  2. US and Canada are not the same. The production details listed in Buick A Complete History are for US production. Post WWII Buick production in Canada started for the 1951 model year. For 1951-1953 certain Canadian models were the Custom DeLuxe and the regular models were just the Custom. For 1954 they were the Special and Special Deluxe in Canada. In the US it was the Special and Special Deluxe for 1950-1954. Then the next time the Special Deluxe shows up is 1964. Nothing prior to 1950 in either the US or Canada.
  3. Old school floor shift 6 bolt trans

    See posts 51 and 52 in this thread.
  4. My Buick 1941 Mod 46S

    44158941 = engine serial number 4 = Series 40/Special 4158941 = sequential number, range for 1941 was 4,074,859 to 4,457,940 Trim 902 = Tan Canda Cloth (Mohair), available on models 41, 44, 44S, 46, 46S, 47, 56, 71, replaced 901 after approx. the first 1200 cars Paint code 572 = two-tone Lancaster Grey Metallic lower and Silver French Grey Metallic upper
  5. My Buick 1941 Mod 46S

    K was the accessory option code for heater and defroster.
  6. 1957 Paint code 4BX145 - what does it mean?

    I agree with Al. This is exactly how it worked later when Buick switched to the SCO-### notation. SCO indicated it was a special order and ### indicates the order number. If a car was SCO for paint, the actual paint color was usually listed on the build sheet. I've even seen one build sheet with a note that said to include an extra quart of paint in the trunk for touch-ups. I've also seen one car that was SCO in the trim code for bucket seats in a convertible that had SCO-### printed on the window sticker and the same SCO-### stamped on the cowl tag in place of the trim code. So BX-### and SCO-### only indicate that it was a special order and the order number, you would need some other paperwork to figure out exactly what the original paint color was for any car with special order paint.
  7. 1957 Paint code 4BX145 - what does it mean?

    S is the accessory option code for power seat adjuster - 6 way.
  8. 1932 Straight 8 Build

    The engine serial number doesn't tell you much. The range for 1932 was 2751922 to 2811456, so 2786271 falls into that.
  9. Fisher Body plate recognition

    04A = build date of April (04) 1973, first week (A) AM6 = 60/40 Front Seats C61 = Air conditioner, Automatic control B79 = Rear lid and quarter extension molding 0653 is the sequence number, would also be found on the build sheet B is the code for black vinyl roof or convertible top. So your car was originally Midnight Green with a Black convertible top and Neutral vinyl interior.
  10. starting serial # for 1941 Buick

    1941 frame serial numbers started at 3880012 (excluding the first number which is the plant code). You also find it in the BCA judging manual on page 24.
  11. 1942 Limited engine numbers

    The series digit was moved to the end of the engine serial number for the 1942 model year, so a 9 at the end would be correct.
  12. 1937 McLaughlin Buick paint code question

    Paint code 750 is solid Black, sorry I don't have trim code 225 in my list. You can try Vintage Vehicle Services:
  13. 1919-1923 Buick ??? Please help.

    McLaughlin started car production in 1908. According to "Cars of Canada" by Hugh Durnford and Glenn Baechler, 1922 was the last year of production under the McLaughlin banner. For 1923-1942 it would be McLaughlin-Buick and then just Buick for 1951 and later when Buick production resumed in Canada after WWII. I do have one tag from 1922 that shows Buick.
  14. 1919-1923 Buick ??? Please help.

    I've attached a couple of pictures of plates from McLaughlin carriages. I believe these are all from 1915. I've posted a picture of a 1912 McLaughlin car tag in another thread ( The last line of the that tag mentions the McLaughlin carriage company.
  15. 1919-1923 Buick ??? Please help.

    Later data plates actually list Walkerville on them and by that time Walkerville built engines have a W preceding the engine number.