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  1. Booreatta

    Catalytic converter broken

    because of the age of the car I simply cut my cat off of the car and put in a straight pipe. I has no effect on the car what so ever. in fact I think it even sounds better and it wont set any codes
  2. Booreatta

    Hello you sexy thing!

    my grill is grey just like my other cars the color combination is really nice and attracts more attention than my red car by the way my Select 60 is for sale. im not going to post it but if anyone wants any information just email me
  3. Booreatta

    1990 Reatta as my first car?

    NO rust is a positive but brake issues and AC issues could be pricey unless you have the tools and knowledge I agree with Ronnie I cant agree with finding a Toyota..I have a Rav 4 Toyota and part are not cheap either. A good American is the easiest to get in salvage yards.
  4. Booreatta

    Hello you sexy thing!

    the second photo is owned by Rick Starbird son of Daryl Starbird and is in the Starbird museum in Miami Oklahoma. This car was Ricks daily driver for quite a while in Derby where he still owns a body shop. Starbird rod and custom show is held every winter in Tulsa Oklahoma. its a large show with over 500 cars. Starbird was famous for the bubble top custom cars in the 60s
  5. Booreatta

    Buick Reatta battery condition

    I have quick disconnects on all my cars if they wont be driven for a couple weeks..As cars age wires and systems are subject to failure. Car fires start because of this failure.I have heard of issues with light switched in 88s and 89s and with the 90s having a one year only switch can be an issue. Safety doesn't cost it pays .Reattas don't seem to have any real issues with batteries unhooked During winter months I do use a battery tender on all batteries except daily drivers
  6. I tried to repair one a few years did a jack in the box. I cant tell you how to do but start by opening the case slowly Good luck let us know your success
  7. This was very well done and for those of us who could not make it to the meet Thanks for posting Chuck
  8. Booreatta

    reatta posters - SOLD!

    I see that you have sold the posters, I made you an offer but I don't know if my offer was accepted by you. I didn't want to be a deadbeat. If you sold them to someone else that's fine, Just wanted to know Thanks Chuck
  9. Booreatta

    July 2018 Buick Bugle

    that's probably the right move to make did the board vote your motion?
  10. way to go Brian and I am sure that it always runs and has never left you stranded on the side of the road LOL
  11. Booreatta

    July 2018 Buick Bugle

    And one more comment we have the Buick Bugle and that by far is our best asset. Many clubs would love to have the talents of Pete and Cindy..I agree it is always informative and well done. It has changed a great deal in the past few years
  12. Booreatta

    July 2018 Buick Bugle

    John you are correct there was information about the 501 status of the BCA. Our club is 501c7 and we would need to be 501c3 then someone said that it would cost a lot of money and would take a year to get 501c3.. well I serve on the board of a charity that needed to be 501c3 so I had a lot of interest in the process. Well the cost was less than $500.00 and we had our 501c3 in 60 days. A far cry from the rumors that float when the less than experts attend meetings. Now about the scholarship yes there are lots of schools that come and go but as some of you know there is a school in MacPherson Kansas that is the ONLY 4 year degreed program in the United States. They have scholarships offered by many auto makers including GM, Mercedes Benz and several other makers. There have been several shows on Velocity that feature the college and the process of hiring grads from the school.. I still think that it would be a good investment for our club. Our club continues to lose members every year and yet we wont step out of the box. I can remember Mr Sam Walton saying SWIM UP STREAM DONT BE AFRAID TO TAKE RISKS AND CONTROL YOU EXPENSES BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. I wont say anything else except I think the BCA is one great club with some of the best people I have ever met and I hope we can find some that works to build our membership for the future
  13. Booreatta

    July 2018 Buick Bugle

    AL you are correct the date was the 17th not the 7th. I have corrected it in my post thanks
  14. Booreatta

    July 2018 Buick Bugle

    I just got my Bugle and the letter to the members regarding an audit. I totally agree that the BCA does need an audit as a matter of just good business practice. If there has been a P&L published for the past few years I have totally missed it. I knew that there was excess cash and it was in various accounts. It was for that reason that I suggested that the BCA fund a scholarship in 2014 when I served on the board of the BCA. For various reasons that never happened and I was told that the scholarship would be re visited at a future date. That future date has not happened yet so I just assume that the BCA doesn't think a scholarship is important due to 501 c3 Vs 501 c7 which I understand could have been managed if the BCA so desired. The letter states that the reason for a non audit and P&L to the members is because of the unexpected passing of Mr Joel Gauthier our accountant of many years in June of 2016. This is not fact. Joel is with out a doubt missed very much by the club. however a correction needs to be made . To correct the letter in the July 2018 Bugle, Mr Joel Gauthier passed away on July17 2015. That would make it a total of 3 years that the membership of the BCA was not informed about the financial condition of the club. If there is a P&L during the time between 2015 and 2018 it should be made available on the BCA web site just as quickly as possible. I wonder what the board has plans to use the 600,000.00 or 700,000.00 what ever the number is, and an audit would give the members the correct number. I do not think that there is anything funny going on with the club but there is no way the members would know for sure. I think that the lack of information has touched a nerve with some members I would ask if there is a P&L or financial statement for the past 3 years be posted it on the BCA web site with in the next few days and the club can then go back to fighting as to where to park which has consumed a lot of time the past few years. I also would ask the BOD or BCA office issue a correction on Mr Gauthier's date of passing as a respect to him. Lets try to get the facts right. Please Please Please reconsider doing something for the youth of the club its the right thing to do. Thanks Chuck Kerls
  15. Booreatta

    Weather in Kansas

    I sure hope that no one got caught in the weather in western Kansas tonight.. Saw on the news that there was some baseball size hail fell in Kansas around Colby. That would leave a mark