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  1. Considering buying a Reatta

    I have a 1990 headlight switch for sale for $4500,00 and you get a bonus of a free 1990 white/grey convertible. Car is in great shape. contact me for further info
  2. The Passing of Bob Coker

    Marck you are correct about a kind hearted guy. I remember I had talked to Bob about the Landau to see if I could get the car to Wichita Kansas in January for a 3 day indoor car show. Lamar I think you got to be part of the conversation. Well long story short, Bob wanted to see if Lamar would be able to make the trip to Kansas but that did not work out for one reason or another so after several calls Bob said why don't I just come get it. I gave it a long thought and I was still working at the time and could not get that much time away. He was a giant of a man just to offer the car. We both had a good laugh that Bob told me he didn't think he wanted to travel to Kansas in January for love or money. it was just the next week we had a big ice storm so I guess he was right in not wanting to come to Ks. Never did get that done but we did have several nice discussions. Bob is a guy that will be missed, He was a true gentleman RIP Bob
  3. November Bugle 2017

    Matt I didn't mean to imply the demise of car collectors or restores, I only can see the shift in what people collect, drive. The statement about dropping membership in the model A club is the point I was trying to make. There are reasons that people do not maintain membership be it they no longer own a car, they get to old to enjoy club stuff, they die, other things are more important in their lives. I am amazed just how many cars are in garages. I know of 9 old Collector cars in a 2 block neighborhood where I live and most are in good shape and could be back on the road with very little work. Last summer I purchased one Reatta that was in a garage for 20 years. All it really needed was a fuel pump and it runs great. The other car in the garage was an old 50s Plymouth convertible. There is also a 64 Buick convertible that has not been out of the garage in 30 years. I talked to the owner and tried to get him to join the BCA but he has no interest in joining the club or getting the car back on the road. On the other hand there are another several HOT ROD type cars and they are on the road every week end in nice weather. Back to the point I was trying to make, the car culture is not dying it is just changing. Why some clubs are getting bigger and some are shrinking and that seems to be the trend. all of the shows that I go to will bear that out. Modified or rods will out number the end of production cars and I don't see that changing any time soon DEMISE NO CHANGE YES ITS A FACT OF LIFE. BCA and other similar clubs will need to think out side the box to continue to grow.
  4. November Bugle 2017

    OH good heavens the parking issue will not be settled in our lifetime The guys that like the pre-war cars will always want the pre-war cars to have the focus in the BCA.. The guys that think the 50s and 60s will not change their focus and the newer cars will always like the newer cars. The guys that like hotrods etc wont belong to the BCA OR AACA. Now for the problems of membership that most clubs are having issues with is clubs like the Goodguys and the NSRA and clubs that are not tied to a brand or condition. Clubs like the Goodguys and alike are growing by leaps and bounds. I think that there is a lot of respect for builders of hot rods because only talent and ability comes into play. Both production and hotrods are expensive to build but there is very few "rules" to build a hot rod. What really boils down to is pre-war cars will not have the following that the 50s have and the 50s wont have the following that the 60s have. I belong to the BCA, AACA,GOODGUYS,NSRA,MUSTANG CLUB, FALCON CLUB and several others. Simply put, in most cases people will restore and drive what was hot in their youth.. Performance car owners most likely never restore a Ford Falcon so the answer to the BCA and single branded cars will all have the same problems..AACA will have a better rate of membership gains than the BCA. I had thought the RIviera club would be a natural for the BCA to serve as the parent club as the hand writing is on the wall. There no new Rivieras being made thus growth is slower than in some clubs like the AACA. Non Branded clubs that don't have the constraints like the NSRA etc will continue to grow at a faster rate. Bottom line the hot rod clubs will continue to trump the Branded Clubs My first car was a Buick but I have had hand in several performance builds over the years and I loved them all. My son built a Fiero and swapped out the 2.8 for a 350 Chevy while it is a cool car the Pontiac guys don't think it is a Pontiac anymore. The hot rod guys think it cool. I gave him 90 Reatta Coupe but he wont join the BCA because he has no peers in the club. Surprise Surprise I'm afraid some of the clubs are around now, will they still be here in 20 years..If some of us "older guys" don't think outside of the box we will all be in museums wondering what happened. If we have no more vision than worry about where to park and other issues of the day it will still be a big world but our piece of world will continue to shrink Ok its open for discussion and time will tell in 20 years who was right By the way I have seen a lot of trailer queens and I would love to have one, I totally understand the thinking. keep preserving the good old cars the world needs them. I have served on the BCA board and I love this club but I also belong to the AACA and have never been to a meet..That is still on the bucket list. I have attended the Chevrolet Nationals, Mustang Club and Falcon Club. Next summer the Oldsmobile club will be in Wichita Kansas and you can bet I will be there
  5. November Bugle 2017

    For the past couple of years I have made a point of not giving my opinion but this is just too important of several issues to as my wife would say JUST SHUT UP. Ok I wont. Larry Schramm raises several issues and when I was on the BOD these issues came up every year. The parking issue came to a head in South Bend in 2013. There were some down right rude members on each side. I took a stand and came away bloody. I still have the same stand although it doesn't mean anything. Simply put we all drive Buicks and some are almost worshiped and some should be left in a dirt field rusting away. Judging is very important for the new member who has never had a car judged. It is very important to that owner. For some members who have taken cars to a several meets and has had it judged year after year judging does not mean as much. I think some members just want to have their car judged so they have a better place to park. All Buicks on the show field should be displayed by Year so an owner who is trying to restore a car they can see the progress that have been made year to year. I don't think that we can compare the Ford Meet to the Buick meet. If we want to compare Ford meet to something it would need to be compared to General Motors not just one Brand. Larry made a point to allow a Buick in any condition to be included in the national meet and I have to agree 101% Simply put ITS A BUICK IT BELONGS. The point was also made that the new member award should be members that are just that members. I agree that a business that have access to a lot of names should note be eligible to win the award I like that Pete put the disclaimer also in the Bugle because there are members who like to pick flies out of a pile of S>>> make that garbage. Thanks Pete. I think the article was well written and I hope it will get members to think about some things that can be changed and some that cant. It is so very critical that we find a way to gain new members but we need to find a way to RETAIN new members. Yes members should be willing to share how the cars drive or just simply sit in one. I remember one meet I was treated like a 2nd class member when he pulled his car out of the trailer and he was not happy that his car was on a slight slope and his car did not sit totally level and there were some small rocks in the show field and he didn't want to pick the rocks out of his tires. Oh well he had it judged and then back in the trailer. No body really saw the car, but he got another award.. Just a quick head scratcher from me..Why are we paying the BOD more money. I always thought that $500.00 was a good deal. I remember how I felt when I tried to get a Scholarship to get some younger folks involved but that was not to be. I was told that the BOD would like to revisit that issue and I am still waiting. What does the BCA have for a GIVE BACK TO THE MEMBERS? The next election lets make sure we elect someone who has the clubs best interest in mind and not someone who just wants the travel money. . I can only guarantee everybody one thing I wont be running. I love sitting in the parking lot drinking beer, its much more fun I would like to challenge all members running for the BOD to respond to a set of questions that are important to the BCA. Everyone running should have their answers published in the Bugle then maybe members would have more information to make a decision. The bios that is printed in the Bugle in April each year is everybody running trying to pat them selves on the back My hat is off to Larry he made a stand. Thanks
  6. Matt I think this move is a good one..I am not surprised about the Red Roof inn. I have had several negative issues with them the past couple of years..I don't know what their issue is but years ago they were once a good chain but I tried to contact them about a problem a year ago and I am STILL WAITING FOR A REPLY. I wont stay with them in the future. Ramada is 100% better show site Chuck
  7. Meeting Barney Eaton this week

    there is a video of the bug running at Jay Leno is on you tube..
  8. Old topic on 1990 Select Sixty cars

    Marck I want to be able to agree with you about the sticky on the back of the 90 larger disc but I had to use heat to get my larger disk off and I had a color issue due to the heat. I was going to paint anyway so it didn't matter. I tried to pry the larger one off with a nylon scrapper and it was not going to be a good ending. Just my 2 cents again. Chuck

    glad you are in good shape I was wondering if you were on high ground... Chuck
  10. Buicks, Mopars, and a Bimmer

    your garage looks ok to me..if everything was in its place I would think that not much gets done..your car looks great with the top on it.. Did you get any water from the storm?

    Lamar it took a lot of time just to sort thru all of your stuff. Man what a collection and it is displayed first class, my hat is off to you, I wish I had the room but then again Kathy would not allow more space to be used in the Basement of the house. You have a real show piece that all of us wish we had Good Job
  12. I owned a 1984 with the Olds motor and I had not a problem with anything on the car except the bumper fillers. The car came from the factory with a Rubber type of filler and I could not find the exact replacements. I did find fiberglass fillers and they had to be painted and the fit took a bit of work to get them to fit the right way, I then sold the car, I saw it a few weeks ago at a car show and they still looks very good. The interior has held up very well and the car still looks great.
  13. Old topic on 1990 Select Sixty cars

    I have to side with Barney on this one here is my take on this. 1 the hood emblem on a stock 88 were small and the SS60 supplied badge for the 88 were slightly larger than the stock 88 2 the hood emblem that was stock on a 90 were the largest of the 3 badges so if the SS60 badge was to be put on a 1990 the dealer/owner would have to sand or paint the hood due to the fact that the SS badge is smaller than the badge put on the cars in 1990. I have a SS badge on my SS60 but I put it on when I painted the hood after cleaning up rock chips. I doubt that the dealers were going to paint because the SS badge was sent to them.. I feel sure that the SS badges were intended for use in the 88 model year. This is only logic not myth
  14. there has to be a better way

    I have changed several of these struts and I always think that there has to be easier than the 2 screw driver method. If I was making them I can think of a better design. It seems the older I get the harder simple tasks seem to be. I changed the clutch on my sons AC compressor and it took 4 hours. I cant believe that I can only work for about 10 min between beers but when the job is finally done it sure feels good. Thanks for all the advise. Barney keep your job as a tech advisor, some people just don't listen. It would be easy to put the darn struts upside down I have seen that several times also. I have also seen people put the top bracket back on wrong if they took it off when changing struts. Barney are you staying dry? Hard times in Texas
  15. Buick garage

    the reports from the news does not look good for Texas. Lots of damage in the news, and some not too smart people playing in the surf. Stay safe