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  1. 1990 Convertible for sale - SOLD!

    Car is sold Thanks

    Pete this is the same meet that you are referring to except that the old swap meet was sold to a charity group. After the purchase of the swap meet which became Sunflower swap meet for charity it almost died then when the old venue north of Wichita was sold and it looked like the swap meet again was going to be killed or downsized the people that always went to the old swap meet wanted it to continue so with no other options it has moved to Century ll downtown. The old date in February was not available and wont be in the future from what I understand so the only data available was the March date. In talking with the owners the meet is full and bigger that the past. They are aware of the Okla swap meet but it was that or nothing I have been to both so lets see what happens. I think most people don't want to see either one go away I know I dont
  3. I still have my 1990 for sale in Wichita Kansas. It is a good car. Put it away last fall and now that the weather is getting better it needs to go. Information and photo are on Craigslist in Wichita Kansas. PRICE LOWERED TO $4500.00 COME AND GET IT

    March 16th and 17th is also the date of the Kansas Sunflower Swap Meet. This is the 43th year and it has been moved to Century II downtown Wichita Kansas. There will be lots of vendors that have always gone to Oklahoma and Kansas. More info on the web and facebook Just an FYI
  5. Back in 2009 when the rumor was flying again, there were 2 people that said that they had seen the car. If my memory serves me ReattaDude was one of the 2 people and the other one was a fellow from California named Steve Skyhawk ( Steve Scott). I talked to Mr Scott and he told me he had seen that car. I asked him if he would furnish a photo and he told me he would not do that as the owner had the car stored and there was not to be any info to be public..I then called MSU and talked to admin office and they told me they didn't know anything about the car so I called the Alum and talked to someone there and was told me the didn't know anything about the car either.. I then called the newspaper and while they would not have any real info I asked if there was any photos of parades that might shed some light on the subject and this was a dead end also all total I spent 4 or 5 hours on this subject and I just put it to rest..I really think BIGFOOT has the car and that's fine with me
  6. Select Sixty Reattas

    Barney with those parts books you had at Allentown is there any part numbers The 88 might have 8 part numbers 1990 would only have one part number Just a thought
  7. Show us your Reatta memorabilia and collectables

    I am also having issues posting photos but to add to Dave and Ship items Rain Man poster for the intro of the 88 with 12" laser disc of the movie Rain Man Black Convertible with the Y Job poster Complete zippored portfolio S60 hood badge 88 hood badge {non S60} Prestone window spray De-Icer can Reatta letter opener Press Release of the Reatta with photos and slides( Press Packet} Plastic Reatta Key chain red coupe one side red convertible on the other side
  8. E-85

    I have tried it in my Ram truck, I don't feel any more power but it does cost less doesn't seem to affect my mileage much
  9. 2018 Reatta resolutions

    man this is a bit late but I have only been retired for 11 years and I don't know how I had time to work. My goals this year is to find a nice Chevrolet 409 convertible like the one I had in high school. Great cars but when the Super Stock 426s came out the big bow ties were kina in the dust but that was the good times. I am sure that I will be selling several Reatta Convertibles. All are in good shape including my Select 60 (gold in Allentown) I have put about $3000. the past 2 years and have driven it to Portland and Allentown coast to coast. other cars for sale would be 1990 convertible red and tan or 1990 white/grey convertible 126000 miles great shape wife uses it for a daily driver in the summer.If anyone has an interest in any of the 3 cars give me a shout
  10. Warning - only for those with strong stomachs

    :Proof that beauty is skin deep BUT UGLY IS CLEAR TO THE BONE
  11. Mecum Auction

    Cars for Auction at the Mecum Auction in Florida next week one Reatta will be sold on Sunday January 7 2017 Red Convertible Tan top and interor only 2 pix looks like 60,000 miles no reserve Car 2 is a select 60 with only 250 total miles it will be sold at no reserve on Wednesday January 10 Might be a chance to own a new Select 60.
  12. Considering buying a Reatta

    I have a 1990 headlight switch for sale for $4500,00 and you get a bonus of a free 1990 white/grey convertible. Car is in great shape. contact me for further info
  13. The Passing of Bob Coker

    Marck you are correct about a kind hearted guy. I remember I had talked to Bob about the Landau to see if I could get the car to Wichita Kansas in January for a 3 day indoor car show. Lamar I think you got to be part of the conversation. Well long story short, Bob wanted to see if Lamar would be able to make the trip to Kansas but that did not work out for one reason or another so after several calls Bob said why don't I just come get it. I gave it a long thought and I was still working at the time and could not get that much time away. He was a giant of a man just to offer the car. We both had a good laugh that Bob told me he didn't think he wanted to travel to Kansas in January for love or money. it was just the next week we had a big ice storm so I guess he was right in not wanting to come to Ks. Never did get that done but we did have several nice discussions. Bob is a guy that will be missed, He was a true gentleman RIP Bob
  14. November Bugle 2017

    Matt I didn't mean to imply the demise of car collectors or restores, I only can see the shift in what people collect, drive. The statement about dropping membership in the model A club is the point I was trying to make. There are reasons that people do not maintain membership be it they no longer own a car, they get to old to enjoy club stuff, they die, other things are more important in their lives. I am amazed just how many cars are in garages. I know of 9 old Collector cars in a 2 block neighborhood where I live and most are in good shape and could be back on the road with very little work. Last summer I purchased one Reatta that was in a garage for 20 years. All it really needed was a fuel pump and it runs great. The other car in the garage was an old 50s Plymouth convertible. There is also a 64 Buick convertible that has not been out of the garage in 30 years. I talked to the owner and tried to get him to join the BCA but he has no interest in joining the club or getting the car back on the road. On the other hand there are another several HOT ROD type cars and they are on the road every week end in nice weather. Back to the point I was trying to make, the car culture is not dying it is just changing. Why some clubs are getting bigger and some are shrinking and that seems to be the trend. all of the shows that I go to will bear that out. Modified or rods will out number the end of production cars and I don't see that changing any time soon DEMISE NO CHANGE YES ITS A FACT OF LIFE. BCA and other similar clubs will need to think out side the box to continue to grow.
  15. November Bugle 2017

    OH good heavens the parking issue will not be settled in our lifetime The guys that like the pre-war cars will always want the pre-war cars to have the focus in the BCA.. The guys that think the 50s and 60s will not change their focus and the newer cars will always like the newer cars. The guys that like hotrods etc wont belong to the BCA OR AACA. Now for the problems of membership that most clubs are having issues with is clubs like the Goodguys and the NSRA and clubs that are not tied to a brand or condition. Clubs like the Goodguys and alike are growing by leaps and bounds. I think that there is a lot of respect for builders of hot rods because only talent and ability comes into play. Both production and hotrods are expensive to build but there is very few "rules" to build a hot rod. What really boils down to is pre-war cars will not have the following that the 50s have and the 50s wont have the following that the 60s have. I belong to the BCA, AACA,GOODGUYS,NSRA,MUSTANG CLUB, FALCON CLUB and several others. Simply put, in most cases people will restore and drive what was hot in their youth.. Performance car owners most likely never restore a Ford Falcon so the answer to the BCA and single branded cars will all have the same problems..AACA will have a better rate of membership gains than the BCA. I had thought the RIviera club would be a natural for the BCA to serve as the parent club as the hand writing is on the wall. There no new Rivieras being made thus growth is slower than in some clubs like the AACA. Non Branded clubs that don't have the constraints like the NSRA etc will continue to grow at a faster rate. Bottom line the hot rod clubs will continue to trump the Branded Clubs My first car was a Buick but I have had hand in several performance builds over the years and I loved them all. My son built a Fiero and swapped out the 2.8 for a 350 Chevy while it is a cool car the Pontiac guys don't think it is a Pontiac anymore. The hot rod guys think it cool. I gave him 90 Reatta Coupe but he wont join the BCA because he has no peers in the club. Surprise Surprise I'm afraid some of the clubs are around now, will they still be here in 20 years..If some of us "older guys" don't think outside of the box we will all be in museums wondering what happened. If we have no more vision than worry about where to park and other issues of the day it will still be a big world but our piece of world will continue to shrink Ok its open for discussion and time will tell in 20 years who was right By the way I have seen a lot of trailer queens and I would love to have one, I totally understand the thinking. keep preserving the good old cars the world needs them. I have served on the BCA board and I love this club but I also belong to the AACA and have never been to a meet..That is still on the bucket list. I have attended the Chevrolet Nationals, Mustang Club and Falcon Club. Next summer the Oldsmobile club will be in Wichita Kansas and you can bet I will be there