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  1. Trying to decide

    I have never owned a Crossfire and they are a good looking car but I know 2 people who have owned them and both have told me they are a nightmare to keep running. one is my next door neighbor. His daughter purchased a Crossfire after he advised her not to. Now it just sits not running He is not a mechanic and when he asked me why it wouldn't run I didn't have any advise I have not looked at the car but I did offer the following advise I told him to find a salvage yard and buy my Reatta. Hind site is still 20/20 here in Kansas
  2. Thanks very much to the Reatta Division!

    Congrats Bob well deserved You are looking good and your car also Chuck
  3. WTB Reattas

    I have a very nice white body grey interior. New gas tank all fluids serviced. Brakes flushed last month..interior great shape no rips or tears very little wear. Custom exhaust sounds great. Convertible top could use a little tweaking for a better fit.. AC blows cold. this is a nice car it does have 125000 miles but it has had great service thru the years when it needed it. everything works, no brake lights are on, tires are like new, body has no dents or paint problems.. selling for $5900.00 I will send photos if interested Chuck Kerls 316-655-1099 leave message I will return calls
  4. 2017-2018 Buick BOD officers

    Alan congrats on your grand daughter what a bundle of joy. Now that should keep you busy for years to come. Oh congrats on becoming the new Prez of our great club. Your guidance and experience will continue to move the BCA forward in the furture. I could not make this years national due to medical issues in the family but Ill be in Denver. Brian I cant say enough for your service the past 2 years. Your ability to get the job done and keep a level head at all times is in itself AMAZING. Thanks for your service. I know I speak for a lot of members John D. What is wrong with you? LOL..You have taken on the hardest job in the BCA and you have done a great job and you had a chance to return to normal and you once again jumped into the frying pan. A big thanks are not enough. Thanks for re up Roberta well you are back again..Did'nt learn the first time thru many years ago HUH? LOL The BCA is a big winner with your experience Congrats on your win. Chuck Kerls
  5. 2017 national meet photos

    Derek I wish that was a lite I was holding....couldn't make this years meet due to family medical issues and other things, im already getting ready for Denver Hope every body has a great time and travels safe
  6. zippered portfolio

  7. zippered portfolio

    A friend of mine needed some cash and he had a Reatta zippered portfolio for sale. I purchased it from him for $200.00 It is in good shape and it has the flashlight that works, and the tire guage.. It is missing the pen.. It has the 1990 owners manual the Reatta road map, the Reatta little build book, uncut plastic key, and the signed craftsman log. I have no need to keep it ;and it is for sale for $200.00 that I paid plus shipping for $10.00. contact me at if you have an interest.
  8. Don Kinas

    Hey Barney thanks for posting this. I would have to wonder why we are just now hearing about this. Don was a good guy and knew a lot about Reattas RIP Don
  9. 1990 Select 60 Restoration project

    I don't see why this car couldn't be an easy fix. Most of the items that are listed are not drivability issues. The tires would be the first item to be taken care of. Then the ABS if the red brake light is not on, then everything else can be done a little at a time. If I didn't already have a S60 I would buy ;the car. Somebody will get a great deal

    John you are correct I did a little research. The information on the history from the school the program was started in 1976 by an entrepreneur Gaines H. Billue gifted over 125 classic and antique cars provided initial funds for the program. in 1997 the program attracted the attention of Jay Leno who established the the Fred Duesenberg Scholarship and the Jay Leno Popular Mechanics Scholarship. Both Scholarships continue to fund the school and the College remains the the only school to provide a bachelor's degree in Restoration Technology. When I was on the Buick Club board I tried to have the BCA establish a scholarship but that effort fell short. The way to get youth in the BCA is to get them involved. If Leno can do it WHY CANT WE.....

    As Terry said this is an amazing show that is put on by the students of the restoration college. This is a 4 year degreed program and I believe this is the only degreed program in the United States from the last information that I have. Our Bugle editor, Pete Phillips is a graduated of this program. Several cars at the show today have won awards at Pebble Beach and are amazing. It was good to see Terry working to represent our club working to sign up new members. Thanks Terry good job. I would encourage anyone who has an interest in cars old or new put this school on your bucket list. I have gone to this show for the 3rd time and every year it gets bigger and bigger. A lot of the students are walking the show field all day long and they are always happy to tell you what they are building at the current time. Its a good way to spend the day.
  12. Brian Depouli - best of show at Charlotte

    I think that is great. Good job Brian you deserve it. Congrats Chuck
  13. I just DON't like the picture of this Buick

  14. Found a Buick Hawk

    I have one just like it and it has a pewter plaque attached and it for for 100% accomplishment from the spring of 1976. The one I have was from Fiore Buick I have had it for years and that is the only one I have ever seen
  15. Right Hand Drive

    There is a right hand drive convertible but it was converted for use in New Zealand It has been several years. The owner has passed and I don't know what happened to the car.I remember that Jim Finn was part of the conversion as ;he furnished parts and went to New Zealand to furnish parts and what ever.. I for got the owners name so maybe Jim will chime in here to see if he has any more input