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  1. Matt I think this move is a good one..I am not surprised about the Red Roof inn. I have had several negative issues with them the past couple of years..I don't know what their issue is but years ago they were once a good chain but I tried to contact them about a problem a year ago and I am STILL WAITING FOR A REPLY. I wont stay with them in the future. Ramada is 100% better show site Chuck
  2. Meeting Barney Eaton this week

    there is a video of the bug running at Jay Leno is on you tube..
  3. Old topic on 1990 Select Sixty cars

    Marck I want to be able to agree with you about the sticky on the back of the 90 larger disc but I had to use heat to get my larger disk off and I had a color issue due to the heat. I was going to paint anyway so it didn't matter. I tried to pry the larger one off with a nylon scrapper and it was not going to be a good ending. Just my 2 cents again. Chuck

    glad you are in good shape I was wondering if you were on high ground... Chuck
  5. Buicks, Mopars, and a Bimmer

    your garage looks ok to me..if everything was in its place I would think that not much gets done..your car looks great with the top on it.. Did you get any water from the storm?

    Lamar it took a lot of time just to sort thru all of your stuff. Man what a collection and it is displayed first class, my hat is off to you, I wish I had the room but then again Kathy would not allow more space to be used in the Basement of the house. You have a real show piece that all of us wish we had Good Job
  7. I owned a 1984 with the Olds motor and I had not a problem with anything on the car except the bumper fillers. The car came from the factory with a Rubber type of filler and I could not find the exact replacements. I did find fiberglass fillers and they had to be painted and the fit took a bit of work to get them to fit the right way, I then sold the car, I saw it a few weeks ago at a car show and they still looks very good. The interior has held up very well and the car still looks great.
  8. Old topic on 1990 Select Sixty cars

    I have to side with Barney on this one here is my take on this. 1 the hood emblem on a stock 88 were small and the SS60 supplied badge for the 88 were slightly larger than the stock 88 2 the hood emblem that was stock on a 90 were the largest of the 3 badges so if the SS60 badge was to be put on a 1990 the dealer/owner would have to sand or paint the hood due to the fact that the SS badge is smaller than the badge put on the cars in 1990. I have a SS badge on my SS60 but I put it on when I painted the hood after cleaning up rock chips. I doubt that the dealers were going to paint because the SS badge was sent to them.. I feel sure that the SS badges were intended for use in the 88 model year. This is only logic not myth
  9. there has to be a better way

    I have changed several of these struts and I always think that there has to be easier than the 2 screw driver method. If I was making them I can think of a better design. It seems the older I get the harder simple tasks seem to be. I changed the clutch on my sons AC compressor and it took 4 hours. I cant believe that I can only work for about 10 min between beers but when the job is finally done it sure feels good. Thanks for all the advise. Barney keep your job as a tech advisor, some people just don't listen. It would be easy to put the darn struts upside down I have seen that several times also. I have also seen people put the top bracket back on wrong if they took it off when changing struts. Barney are you staying dry? Hard times in Texas
  10. Buick garage

    the reports from the news does not look good for Texas. Lots of damage in the news, and some not too smart people playing in the surf. Stay safe
  11. there has to be a better way

    I have changed the struts that hold up the hood and it seems like I struggle to get them off. Anybody have an easy way to get these off. Looking for suggestions?
  12. Trying to decide

    I have never owned a Crossfire and they are a good looking car but I know 2 people who have owned them and both have told me they are a nightmare to keep running. one is my next door neighbor. His daughter purchased a Crossfire after he advised her not to. Now it just sits not running He is not a mechanic and when he asked me why it wouldn't run I didn't have any advise I have not looked at the car but I did offer the following advise I told him to find a salvage yard and buy my Reatta. Hind site is still 20/20 here in Kansas
  13. Thanks very much to the Reatta Division!

    Congrats Bob well deserved You are looking good and your car also Chuck
  14. WTB Reattas

    I have a very nice white body grey interior. New gas tank all fluids serviced. Brakes flushed last month..interior great shape no rips or tears very little wear. Custom exhaust sounds great. Convertible top could use a little tweaking for a better fit.. AC blows cold. this is a nice car it does have 125000 miles but it has had great service thru the years when it needed it. everything works, no brake lights are on, tires are like new, body has no dents or paint problems.. selling for $5900.00 I will send photos if interested Chuck Kerls 316-655-1099 leave message I will return calls
  15. 2017-2018 Buick BOD officers

    Alan congrats on your grand daughter what a bundle of joy. Now that should keep you busy for years to come. Oh congrats on becoming the new Prez of our great club. Your guidance and experience will continue to move the BCA forward in the furture. I could not make this years national due to medical issues in the family but Ill be in Denver. Brian I cant say enough for your service the past 2 years. Your ability to get the job done and keep a level head at all times is in itself AMAZING. Thanks for your service. I know I speak for a lot of members John D. What is wrong with you? LOL..You have taken on the hardest job in the BCA and you have done a great job and you had a chance to return to normal and you once again jumped into the frying pan. A big thanks are not enough. Thanks for re up Roberta well you are back again..Did'nt learn the first time thru many years ago HUH? LOL The BCA is a big winner with your experience Congrats on your win. Chuck Kerls