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  1. I think that is great. Good job Brian you deserve it. Congrats Chuck
  3. I have one just like it and it has a pewter plaque attached and it for for 100% accomplishment from the spring of 1976. The one I have was from Fiore Buick I have had it for years and that is the only one I have ever seen
  4. There is a right hand drive convertible but it was converted for use in New Zealand It has been several years. The owner has passed and I don't know what happened to the car.I remember that Jim Finn was part of the conversion as ;he furnished parts and went to New Zealand to furnish parts and what ever.. I for got the owners name so maybe Jim will chime in here to see if he has any more input
  5. And of course there is a Polo Green Convertible rat holed that only a few people know where it is........If I knew I wouldn't tell HERE WE GO AGAIN
  6. Kingsley I also wanted to chime in on your contribution to the Reatta Division. All of the time you spent getting the proto car moved to California was no simple task and the Division owes you a big thanks for that. If it was not for you, Barney, Jim, Ed and a few others that car might have been crushed. I addition to all of the advise to me when I was the Division director. I thank you I wish you the best and make sure you continue to follow all of the guys on the forums. I hope you have a great New Year Chuck
  7. I was successful in getting a room today for the 114.00 rate. Joanne was very helpful..
  8. Good job John Thanks and Merry Christmas Chuck
  9. The results of this simple test makes good sense..I would wonder if shelf life would not be a big factor if the main stress would be the amount of use on the blader. A new un used accumulator should have a long shelf life which is good news
  10. Thanks Roy that is good info..That is not what they told me and I will call Joanne in the morning..Thanks I was going to try one of the alternate hotel which is the Embassy Suites but the cost is even more $164.00 and UP THATS GOING THE WRONG DIRECTION Chuck
  11. I know I should have been calling for a place in the host hotel but I did call today and the hotel is full for the Buick Club at the $114.00 rate but they do have rooms at $144.00. Unless there is a second hotel with in walking distance this could be a Big problem for this show Is there some information that I don't know about? Chuck
  12. well said Barney it is tough to make parts for these old cars. there are a lot of cars out there that need items that are not available or the parts that are available are very high in cost. A lot of car will simply go unrepaired and will continue to only decay. There is already a lot less posting on this web site which tells me that a lot of people who used to post here no longer own their cars or have found them too costly for up keep. Kingsley has done a lot for this club and I appreciate his efforts. We have others like the Great Jim Finn that continues to have parts available for owners at good prices. Marck Barker continues to offer parts and has done a good job keeping our cars running also. Little things about our cars can drive me nuts but these are fun cars and the cost of up keep will separate the men from the boys.... I appreciate everybodys efforts
  13. The black cover over the inside part of the vent window has a rattle...does anyone know how it was attached from the factory..I need to repair but don't what to just pry it off for risk of breaking the plastic..Cant find any info on this Any input would be appreciated it Chuck
  14. Worst drivers***********************you guys just don't know Kansas by far..........Turn signal no body in Kansas uses them>>>>>>>what are they far anyway Yellow lights on a school bus?????that's a signal to hit the gas to pass the bus before those nasty red lights start blinking????its only kids (sick) How about sittiing on a rail road track???????pretty common/// TOW TRUCK HIT ON TRACKS CLEANING UP A EARLIER WRECK figure that one out Lets not talk about U turns>>>>>>>>>ANY TIME ANY WHERE Ok guys bring it on. OH by the way Lamar you are looking good....Retirement its everything it cracked up to be Chuck
  15. This is great