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  1. all good points...if only a frame exists perhaps on a 30s era car why not? but a complete car whether a Packard or A Model i think a shame to modify it..
  2. hi, please post some pics and we can share...thanks
  3. Hello, any continental 7R red seal engines and or Weidley engines in stock? thanks
  4. looking for extra continental 7R engine, interested in parts for 1921-22 Auburn
  5. the potential is there but would be unfortunate if modified regardless great parts car or project for someone
  6. i loved to save them as you but good point...if far away are buying sight unseen thus a risk of missing a few parts that are stored at the owners plus expensive transport if east to west coast runs etc. but not complaining though i am content with what i have gathered over the years though a few regrets on some that i got rid of when younger
  7. yes, i remember a 22 Marmon, red paint job? needing work but solid and a fair price under 17,000 usd.....i would have liked it but i had just purchased another project. it seems less and less unrestored Stutz are out there other than restored projects. but perhaps one day a Brass era car...
  8. perhaps a correction in the market will be good for the hobby. i am partial to 20s cars but orphan makes. no bargains on ebay to be sure.
  9. for sale

    please post a price and will send to a friend-
  10. a friend has this cowl for sale. looking for offers. any interest please contact him on the info provided. thanks Phone number is 4172043063. Yes Missouri
  11. surprised at the prices for the conditon...keith
  12. need to check...ebay or here..two 24-25 studebakers with california tops in the last 3 years will see if i have photos.
  13. great cars....recent values that i have seen vary on Chalmers i am not sure it will reach your expectation...look forward to the photos and thanks.