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    been involved in the hobby since the 1960s when introduced to hershey and 20 era cars of my father.

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  1. kmstrade

    19?? Apperson chassis

    hello, what is the location? i posted it on a FB site i started awhile back and was asked...any other apperson stuff offered? thanks, keith
  2. kmstrade

    Wanted Stutz Speedway Six Exhaust Manifold

    i have a Wiedley in my 1923 6-90 but My 22 Auburn has a Continental Red Seal
  3. kmstrade

    1926 Auburn Brougham Sedan

    i would love to have it but with the needed engine work i would be surprised if it sells for that asking price...great project.
  4. kmstrade

    Pre war cars insane prices

    agree and with your credentials in the hobby shows how hard it is for any of us to gauge current values. at this point in my life i focus perhaps as you on those certain makes i know i will keep and or perhaps due to a few regrets after i sold some old ones for whatever reasons at the time.
  5. kmstrade

    Pre war cars insane prices

    over priced pre war cars often sit until a realistic offer is made...fairly priced cars sell. one has to decide what make he or she has a passion for and start looking...hard to generalize values with thousands of different makes and models of pre war cars. a Kissel sedan has a different value than a Kissel roadster or a Locomobile Jr. different than many other locomobiles etc etc. open versus closed with notable exceptions on values etc. Stutz six cylinder in late 20s different value than a vertical eight depending on condition. the rule of thumb as the 1940s and 1950s collectors of early cars taught costs as much to restore a valuable cars as it does a more common make....etc etc
  6. kmstrade

    Pre war cars insane prices

    very very nice..i had a V-63 suburban 1924 at one time...great cars
  7. kmstrade

    390 Car Collection plus parts, Medford Oregon area

    the hoarder? or rather a good collector who saved alot of collectible cars, parts from the scrap yard.
  8. kmstrade

    Help identifying Stutz car number plate

    i was asked about this one also...thanks for letting me tag on to your thread...1928 model bb but not sure on the rest
  9. kmstrade

    Just found online

    seems like a nice guy. i spoke with him last year about the Lafayette...would love to have but cannot justify that price without the engine. keith
  10. kmstrade

    1922 Elcar K6 Coupe Ultra Rare For Sale

    looks great. i will share to my FB site.. do you have the radiator emblem etc and or script motor meter,,,price on the car? same engine as in my Auburn 1922 7R
  11. kmstrade

    FS:1920 Cleveland six model 40 touring car

    i hope you were able to sell it....great looking car
  12. kmstrade

    Rick Scalzo passed away 3-3-18

    RIP to Rick...i have spoken to him a few times in the past. When the time is right i will reach out...Thank you for sharing. Keith
  13. kmstrade

    APX. 1915-1920 Touring car wanted

    both are beautiful cars ...i had a 24 V-63 Suburban in the you have an asking price for the Lincoln? thanks
  14. kmstrade

    1916-17 Oldsmobile 7 passenger V8 big touring car.

    that is great...i look forward to 1918 to 24 cars when they come out of storage...i was asked about your Franklin series 9? thanks
  15. The owners name is mentioned perhaps you could track them dash photos on this article.