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  1. surfgeek

    Halogen Headlights

    Wait, what? Where does the cap go in KongaMan's schematic? If this is DC what difference would a cap make?
  2. surfgeek

    Halogen Headlights

    KongaMan, just curious. How is the ground connection made? Also, how do you size the fuse on the wire going to terminal 30 of the relay?
  3. BTW, I just realized I posted this in the wrong thread. Meant to post in the for sale thread. Sorry guys.
  4. Listed as a 72, but I think it's a 74. Looks very nice.
  6. Sooo, this one just came up for sale near me. I saw this car driving down the road once and it looked very good. It's been listed for sale on and off for the last year or so. I think they want a little too much money for it, but it sure does look nice and it's right down the road. It's making me reconsider whether I should expand my criteria to include 73s. I think I might go see it.
  7. Thanks rivgs. I sent you PM.
  8. Update on this one: Apparently, the car DOES have factory air although I'm still trying to find out if it works or not. I got some additional pictures of the engine bay and the trunk which I posted here: Price has dropped to $18.5K, which still seems like a lot to me for what it is. I'm still leaning towards "pass" on this one but wanted some feedback.
  9. Probably not nice enough but here you go: I called them. They are asking $18.9K.
  10. Wow, that's nice! Thanks Chris. Between plane tickets, hotel bills, import duties, and transportation costs this one might be a little rich for my budget, even with the favorable exchange rate. But yeah, that's the ticket right there. Beautiful.
  11. Thanks for the advice and CL links. I had seen the one in phoenix before. I was concerned about the look of the engine bay on that one. Seems to be a mess of wires running everywhere.
  12. Wow. I did not realize this. Mind. Blown.
  13. Well, I think the design lost a little bit of its purity with the revised front end for 73. One of things I like the most about the 71-72 cars is the rake of the front grill and how the whole car seems be leaning forward and moving even while standing still. It's just... striking, uncompromising and yes, totally impractical. As far 71 vs 72, these two are really close and I could go for either one. If I had to pick one I would go with the 72 because I prefer the egg crate grill over the horizontal bars and I'm not a huge fan of the trunk vents. I'm also a sucker for the optional front bumper guards, and I believe those were only available in 72. That's not to take anything away from the 73 car. It's a still a striking car in its own right, and in a way a more mature and refined interpretation of the same design. For instance I think the rear bumper treatment on 73's is quite handsome, and in some ways I prefer it to the 71-72. So if I had my pick I would go for a 72, closely followed by a 71. There is a bit more distance to the 73, but if the right one came along then who knows? Hopefully that answers your question. On a separate topic, why does there seem to be many more 73 models available for sale vs 71's and 72's, especially considering they were produced in similar numbers? Can somebody answer that one?
  14. Chris, that looks like a very nice car. Why couldn't it be a 72? 😭 I like the 73's just fine, but I'm afraid if I buy one I'll regret it every time I see a nice 72.