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  1. Mines been in my 64 since I bought it in 2014. Put 24k miles on it since then.
  2. Here’s my setup, 15 x 8 U.S. Wheels all the way around. M/T drag radials, 295/55/15’s in the rear and M/T sportsman s/t radials 255/60/15 in the front. They fit nice with no rubbing in the rear with full exhaust. In the front, they will rub on the inside at the very end of lock to lock.
  3. The gear vendors is a nightmare to install. I did a write up on it in this forum a few years back. To me it was a fun challenging job that involves a lot of fabrication. I found my GV unit for about $800 on Craigslist which is why I went that route. I would go with the 2004r if I was to do it again though.
  4. I have a gear vendors unit in my 64 riv. and it takes my 3.07 down to a 2.38 final drive. I can tell you that you should have no problems. In fact, I wish my final drive was 2.16 because I still think it revs to high at speed. I can shift to overdrive at 20 mph with no problems. It is possible that the stock convertor is slipping to much also. But I haven't been in another riv. to check.
  5. I’ve had 194’s in mine for 4 years now with no melting problems that I have noticed. Since I use it for work, my dash lights can be on 30mins at a time.
  6. Replace your dash lights with 194 bulbs and it will brighten up. Not sure what bulb will brighten up the clock though.
  7. I never used it in the oil, but I will put about 4oz in with the fuel now and then.
  8. If using a spacer, the best type is the one you described.
  9. My rear drums also are cast iron and look like the ones just posted. Stockton wheels may be able to change the backspacing of your Buick wheels (depending on how they are made) as another option, but it would be pricer than wheel spacers.
  10. Paint was very light, but I see your point.
  11. That should look good. You will have to use longer wheel studs if you use a spacer but you probably already know that.
  12. I know the 15x7 Chevy rallys have more backspacing than the 15x8 corvette rallys. Which doesn’t make sense but it is the case. Might be the same case with the Buick. Several friends of mine couldn’t fit the 15x7 rallys on their gm g bodies, because they would hit the rear frame rail with the tires installed. 15x8 rallys would solve the problem. It would appear from the pictures that any more than 4” of backspacing would hit the drum fins.
  13. I am running what appears to be the factory drums. Aluminum up front and cast iron in the rear. The drum fins look to be very close to the rim but still clear. I can take pictures if you want to see. I painted the front drums black where they would be seen through the wheels.
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