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  1. I thought Octane referred to a fuel's ability to resist knock, or pre-ignition, hence the higher the compression, the higher the octane required. ?? jp 26 Rover 9
  2. And I would guess those are Imperial pints - 20 ounce, NOT 16 ounce US pints, just in case the OP is in US! Is there no dipstick to measure the level ? I would think thats the best measure. jp 26 Rover 9.
  3. Vapor lock is almost always caused by relatively high pump sucking fuel upwards. As soon as the suck depression vaporizes the fuel there you are - some of the worst are English cars with SU pumps high on the firewall. Solutions - site the pump as low as possible , close to the tank; reduce fuel temp - paint the bottom of the tank silver or white, if exposed to the road to reduce heat uptake. Best solution as above is an electric pump down at the tank. jp 26 Rover 9, High tank, gravity feed. PS Did you know that gravity feed from a wing tank is enough to keep a jet engine running! Look up QF32 , 2010.
  4. Spanners used daily here Bernie. Some wrenches too. I knew about block stud thread countersinking from my father. keep up your posts please, we all learn something from them. I just noticed a Rover 9 engine and gearbox was sold on gumtree recently - will have to check more often. jp
  5. 2 x 1.5 " SU is a ot of carb for a 1500 - very sporting. Last big carbed engine I had was Rover 2000 TC with 2 x 2" SUs. So why are the piston crowns offset ? thanks john
  6. Bernie, Asymmetric piston crown orientation is obvious - block changed for more capacity, but head casting not changed ? Block bore spacing changed, but not the head to match? How does coolant get from the block to the head ? One connection at the rear that is not visible in the pics? thanks john 26 Rover 9
  7. Bernie, RE the Humber crankshaft - does it have oil drillings to feed the 2 and 3 big ends? Or is it splash lubed? Just curious. Thanks john
  8. Dont forget the latest Fiat 124 Sport is a Mazda ND model MX5 under the skin - Fiat drive train and body skin, Mazda base and suspension. Seems to go every bit as well as well a the original, and looks very good. jp 26 Rover 9
  9. I have a cover called 'Laid Up' here in Oz for my 26 Rover - basically only covers a total loss caused by the house burning down or otherwise destroyed. A$60/pa covering A$9500, unfinished restoration. Have a kit car (Lotus 7 clone) covered for $23k for $290/pa, only to be used for 90 days/pa. Insurer is selective about what they cover - for ordinary stuff like Mazda3, their quotes are prohibitive. I think you need to look for a speciality firm, or go through a broker. jp 26 Rover 9
  10. Some of the better horn sounds are produced by using two horns with different but complementary tones, a bit like playing chords on a piano. You would not normally notice this until one of them failed. I will see if I can any data on this. jp 26 Rover 9
  11. Looks terrific, well Done. One question - 'sominstrated' ? jp 26 Rover 9
  12. VINs were not standardized until 1981, before that each manufacturer used their own layout. Do a search on the web to see if the maker can/will decode a 63. jp 26 Rover 9
  13. I am fitting LEDs to my Rover, but fortunately its a neg earth, which surprised me somewhat. I think your only option will be to isolate your light fittings completely from the chassis and run 2 wires everywhere. I was told my car was not an earth return system, but with the dynamo having only 1 wire (charge output) it can only be neg earth - and the dynamo charges fine. jp 26 Rover 9
  14. Apart from lowering the EP pressure back to what the carb expects, I would also check for signs of deposits settling out of the gas while it was parked up for months. If you have anything on the needle and seat it would not seal properly, and deposits in the lines wont help either. With a car with a fuel return line that had this problem I have had good results from loading the tank with oil like Berryman's or Marvel Mystery oil, and letting the pump run for an hour or so (while you are close by!). Vapour locks usually occur when you have either hot fuel, and/or a sucking pump above the tank. The action of sucking lowers the pressure above the fuel, which tends to lower its boiling point and start it vaporizing. When I was you we had a car that did this, and found that painting the botoom of the tank that was exposed to road heat help to keep the fuel cooler, and reduced vapour locks. A pump located near the bottom level of the tank should never get any vapour problems. jp 26 Rover 9
  15. Is it that hard to find 6V horns of the period? jp 26 Rover 9