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  1. Overdrive Information 38 Buick...

    I have driven my Lloyd Young overdrive unit with no problems or noises for slightly over 4000 miles so far in our 38 Buick Special. I don't care about the speedometer so its ok with me if its not correct when in overdrive. Actually when we are on the freeway going along with the traffic the speedometer reads between 40 and 45 mph. This is the speed the motor thinks the car is running along at. I would have sold our car if we didn't install the overdrive. 4000 miles mostly around here shows we use it regularly. I installed the whole thing in my driveway outside not in a garage. It was not hard and Loyd was easily available by phone if I had a question. I guess the shop he worked with is still doing the overdrive conversions. I would recommend this simple conversion to anyone owning these old Buicks.

    I am happy to see so many still driving there old Buicks. To get full enjoyment you must drive the car. I love tinkering and maintaining the ol car also but if I never drive it then it will not even need an oil change!
  3. Newly Made Fuel Tank for 1938 Buick Century...

    I'm not sure there are one hundred 1938 Centurys still running, and if they are running a new tank is probably not badly needed.

    We drive our car mostly locally to run an errand or visit a friend. We only drive it if the weather is nice. Usually about once a week. Sometimes but not often we drive to a car show. Once in a while we do a couple of hundred mile trip. We often drive at night as there is no traffic and the nights are good here in Las Vegas. We don't drive when its over 90 degrees in the daytime but we do at night no matter the temperature. Since we are retired and there are many stores open 24 hours here in Vegas we sometimes shop late at night. That is my favorite time to drive the Buick. I was wondering where and how often others drive their car.
  5. "Hill Holder"

    Another option is to slowly roll into the car behind you completely ignoring his horn while coming to a stop against his bumper. When th light changes just pull away while waving THANKS to the driver behind you.
  6. Front License plate bracket for 1938 Special

    I took my original one off. It looks better without it. I also have the original license plate the car came with in 1938 still mounted on the rear. The correct current Nevada plate is just held by magnetics over the original 1938 plate. When we want we pull off by hand the Nevada plate and the original 1938 plate shows.
  7. Overdrive Information 38 Buick...

    Our BW overdrive with the newly manufactured 6 volt solenoid has been trouble free for over 4000 miles. No leaks or strange noises, never a problem engaging or staying in gear or disengaging. If I had not installed the BW overdrive in our car I would have sold it. As it is now I think we will have this car for many years. I live where you pretty much have to use freeways from time to time and without the overdrive it was no fun to drive over 55 miles per hour.

    The dash is completely stock, along with the steering wheel and interior. I bought the car with about 19000 original miles on it.

    I am always on the lookout for some little do-dad for our old Buick or about the old Buick. Its not easy to find something that seems like a good idea. I think this gear shift knob with the temperature gauge is pretty nice and I've never seen another one. It works and goes well with the interior. Supposedly from the late thirties or early forties.
  10. 1937 Buick Clock Recall

    What happens to these connections is that the battery slowly dies in the car when they sit for long periods. Eventually they get to low for the battery to power the electro magnet in the clock. The clock winds down and the points close but not enough power for the electro magnet to lift the winding arm which normally opens the points at that time. Since the points stay closed but there is some juice left in the battery the wire gets hot, it can melt the solder or burn out the electromagnet coil. If the car is going to be stored the battery should be disconnected or left on a trickle charger.
  11. Overdrive Information 38 Buick...

    Matt, we have been lucky with ours as it doesn't leak at all. I do check it from time to time but it hasn't needed any between complete drains. I drain it and put new in it each year along with the trans and the rear axle. I just take a day and do everything under the car. I like the Gear Vendors OD also and have one in a 1978 Ford F150 but it does not drop the rpms as much as the BW does.
  12. Opinions re. Condition II

    Matt, at just 50 mph a Special is over 2800 rpms with stock tires, thats why it sounds busy. 2800 rpms is busy for these motors.
  13. Opinions re. Condition II

    I have always used 2600 rpms to be the HIGHEST rpms for these motors for extended periods and will continue to do so. That is the rpm that the engine likes. Buick like every manufacturer back then and today gives figures under ideal conditions. The cars could possibly hit 100 mph but were not meant to stay there. Also the car might cruise all day at 3500 rpms but for how many days. These cars (SPECIALS) like to cruise at 50 or 55 tops for hundred mile trips with stock gearing. The Centurys with more power could pull slightly higher gear ratios and so could cruise 60 to 65 mph all day. In 1938 there were very few roads where that kind of speed could be used. In 1960 the speeds on freeways were usually less than 65 mph but today most cars drive 70 to 80 mph on freeways and in many places out west where I live they drive even faster. I realize most of you disagree with my opinion, its just my opinion nothing more. My opinion is no more valid than anyone else as its only an opinion gained from my personal experiences. I am enclosing my speed and rpm charts for your general interest. These charts were made calculating 7.50 X 16 tires with a 31 inch diameter if I remember correctly. The rpms will be slightly higher with stock tires.
  14. Opinions re. Condition II

    Mac, actually I do have a good idea about what I am talking about even if you don't agree. The gearing and MPH determines rpm's. I am not comfortable with anything over 3000 rpms for any extended period with a long stroke torque motor and that is what these engines are. You may be able to spin them up faster then I like but that does not mean that its good for them. These motors had pressure lube to the bearings unlike Chevrolets so they will take more of a beating. When they were made many roads were still dirt and 45 mph was considered FAST, at that speed the motor was where it was good for long periods. Bursts of speed to 60 or 70 were easy enough but the motor was not designed to go 100 miles at that speed. The only thing the Century has is a better power to weight ratio but its gearing at 65 or 70 has the rpms in a range I don't like. I posted a chart at one time on here with all the different rpms with the two ratios that came stock with 37 and 38 Buicks and even different tire sizes. The Centurys were fast but for freeway use today they are beating up the motor "in my opinion." I drove a 37 Century coupe in 1956 and thought it was pretty fast but not compared to a 56 Chevy V8. The later Buicks with the Dynaflows could roll along all day at 70 but their rpms were lower.
  15. Opinions re. Condition II

    The only way I could be happy with a Century or a Special is with an overdrive. Either car with the stock gearing is not very good on the freeway but both are just fine around town. Our 38 will cruise effortlessly at 65 or 70 mph at the same rpm's as if it was going 40 or 45 mph with the stock gearing when it is in overdrive. Ours is a Special and although its fine a Century with the same set up would even be better. I like the 37 model a lot but the 38 even more. To me they both look good but the 38 has the suspension that made the Buick ride famous. The 38 was the last year for the floor shift which for me is a must and has no wood, at least in the Special.