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  1. I have most all the original Torque Tube issues in a giant binder. I would like to sell them for 100 dollars to someone who would appreciate their history.
  2. I have three 1938 Buick carbs, all were rebuilt and all work. I have a "1938 BUICK FACTS" salesman handbook, 135 pages with questions and answers, one of the rarest pieces of literature there is for the 1938 Buick. I have a rebuilt 1938 Radio and two others for parts. Anyone interested should email me at slavedave@cox.net or call me at 702 592 8052. I also have the original TORQUE TUBE magazines from #1 up for many many years.
  3. I needed the garage space as well as some other reasons. It was and is a great car. I did not give it away and recouped every dollar I ever put into it plus the purchase price. The labor was a labor of love and I got much enjoyment from doing it as well as driving it. I have sold many cars and motorcycles to the same museum and I am always welcome to drive anything they have when I am there. I still have not made a list of extra parts I have for Mat. If any of you is interested in a restored 38 radio with a non working spare let me know. I also have a custom made tow bar and trailer hitch for
  4. Matt. I will take some pictures and make a list as soon as I get time and will send them to you. Thanks, Dave
  5. One reason is I go back there every year and I can drive it around while I am there. Its beautiful back there, right near Joplin Mo. I only have a two car garage and 8 motorcycles and the Buick was to crowded. I also have a 67 VW which easily fits into the garage and leaves me space to work on a bike. I had a great time making it as best as I could and driving it. I was offered a great price and along with the opportunity to use it once in a while I couldn't refuse. It came from a museum and it now has only 25000 miles on it and will most likely be in a museum when I am long gone.
  6. Today we sold our 38 Buick to a friend of mines museum in Kansas. I loved it and we had fun in it. In any case I have some 38 Buick parts someone may be interested in. I will post them on Ebay if no one wants them on this site. I have a professionally restored radio which I want $900.00 for (less than the cost of the restoration) and another radio not working $200.00. I have three carburetors, all of them work fine and have been cleaned and tested on my car, $250 each. I have a custom made tow bar mount and trailer hitch mount that I used to tow the car to Los Angeles from Las Vegas and back w
  7. I got a stock trans with a Borg Warner OD and its been a pleasure. I guess you wanted an automatic transmission.
  8. Many people don't realize what it costs to do a restoration with skilled quality people doing much of the work. If you want quality work that you can't do yourself be prepared to pay for the service.
  9. I have thee on my 38 Special and after 4000 plus miles they still look good and have been on hot Las Vegas roads and freezing roads with no problems.
  10. Gary, I thought I would let you know that I am also a VW guy. Mine is a 67 that I bought from the original owner, she bought it new when she was 20 years old. I also bought one new in 1967 the same color ZENITH BLUE as this one.
  11. In my opinion the first thing to do is run a compression test. If the cylinders are within 10% of each other it can be made to run smooth, if not it will never be as you want it.
  12. I have driven my Lloyd Young overdrive unit with no problems or noises for slightly over 4000 miles so far in our 38 Buick Special. I don't care about the speedometer so its ok with me if its not correct when in overdrive. Actually when we are on the freeway going along with the traffic the speedometer reads between 40 and 45 mph. This is the speed the motor thinks the car is running along at. I would have sold our car if we didn't install the overdrive. 4000 miles mostly around here shows we use it regularly. I installed the whole thing in my driveway outside not in a garage. It w
  13. I am happy to see so many still driving there old Buicks. To get full enjoyment you must drive the car. I love tinkering and maintaining the ol car also but if I never drive it then it will not even need an oil change!
  14. I'm not sure there are one hundred 1938 Centurys still running, and if they are running a new tank is probably not badly needed.
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