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  1. 37McBuick, Here is a picture of the one that was in our 38 Special coupe when we got it, and yes it was starting to crumble so we replaced it with some Black rubber mat as our car is Black.
  2. 41specialman, Thanks but I have one coming from 41 Buicknut
  3. I'm looking for the 248ci dual carb rear spacer for a 1953 263ci motor I'm getting rebuilt that will be going in our 38 coupe. We want to run this as a syncronized set up not the original progressive set, running this as a syncronized setup the spacer is only needed to be able to run the original aircleaner. We already have the stock intake, dual exaust manifolds, Two good front carbs, air cleaner and even the original linkage (though I don't think we will need it) I just need to find a rear carb spacer, it doesn't even need to be in working condition. I've also been looking into a Stromberg 9
  4. Back to the top, anybody got anything they are willing to let go of? I could run with out it but I really want to run the stock air cleaner so it will look stock.
  5. I'm looking for the 1941/42 small sieries dual carb rear spacer, not doing the stock progressive linkage so it doesn't need a good working damper. I have everything else including Two good front carbs, intake and exahust manifolds, air cleaner and even the stock progressive linkage (for parts) just need the spacer, so anybody out there got one that's got a froze up damper or even missing the damper would be fine. We have a 1953 263ci getting rebuilt and would really like to have this setup ready to go on before it goes back in the car. Here is a picture of the car in question.
  6. I just went to check something on the old 37/38 club website and it seems to be gone, sure glad I photocopied all those Tourque Tube magazines when I had the chance. Does anyone know what happened to the site? I sure will miss that site.
  7. Found the One that I thought was lost but still really need Two, they are different than the Ones in the 248 that is coming out of the car. Can anyone out there help?
  8. I bought a 1953 263 straight 8 to put in my 1938 Buick Special coupe, upon disassembly we found One broken head bolt then we broke One and now I think I lost One, so I need 3 head bolts and I believe that 50-53 are the same. So here is my delima I am WTB Three of these if anyone has them they can part with, the engine is ready to be dropped off with the engine rebuilder but I need these head bolts first. Please someone help. Mike in Nor Cal
  9. Don thanks for the reply guess I failed to say that I am in the bay area weekly as I work in San Jose so I will definitely take a look at them.
  10. I'm wondering if anyone in or around Northern California can point me in the direction of an engine rebuilder with experience with these old straight 8's, I'm willing to go up to 200 miles from my location near Chico California .The car is a 38 Special coupe with an original 248 with a rod knock so I picked up a 1953 263 from a manual transmission car but I need to find someone that can rebuild the motor and balance the crankshaft (does anyone do that to a near 3 foot long crank)from the 53 and flywheel from the 38 it's going into together. I also need advice on rebuild kits as I see names li
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