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  1. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    What might this be ?

    Oil filler funnel ? David
  2. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer


    Really ! I cannot believe that in this day and age a whole thread can be deleted accidently or not ! Surely there must be some sort of safeguard against this. I sure would hate for something like this to happen again to any other thread. I am thinking specifically of the excellent restoration thread of Gary's 1937 model 48. Forums like this are an excellent resource for budding restorers of cars, bikes, vintage machinery, musical instruments, furniture ( add your hobby/interest here ) worldwide, and properly protected should last forever. Hopefully the moderators can restore the original thread and put in place a process to prevent it happening ever again. David.
  3. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    Oil pressure low to 0 at idle when engine is hot

    If you replace the pump, you will be substituting it with another 90 year old one that is most likely worn just as bad. For my car i just had new gears made. It wasnt cheap but it solved the problem. David
  4. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    1924 Master auction in Australia

    Mark, It is a two stage mechanical tyre pump. A common accessory of the day. They can be found on many cars. David.
  5. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    1924 Master auction in Australia

    https://www.shannons.com.au/auctions/2018-shannons-melbourne-late-spring-classic-auction/EB1811NFH77PB71H/ Some good photos of a reasonably good looking car. David
  6. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    1925 Buick Rocker shaft spring order

    Here is the other ( it did not attach) David
  7. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    1925 Buick Rocker shaft spring order

    Hugh, Theses are the photos of my rocker shaft prior to disassembly. I hope it helps. David
  8. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    Who has had a Trans/Shifter Lock Key made?

    The transmission lock key is the same as the ignition key. There is a code on both locks, and unless one has been changed in the last 90 odd years (not likely), they should be the same. I was able to get new keys cut for my car quite easily using the codes. The transmission lock is held in place by a tapered pin, and once the pin is removed the job became quite easy. The lock works by keeping the gearstick in neutral. A car can driven off if in gear - any gear. David.
  9. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    1924 Master valve seat pressures.

    Rod, Bell Springs in Thomastown, Melbourne. Ask for Darren. (03) 9464 6611. He comes highly recommended. They have helped my mate alot with his various veteran cars and bikes. I dont have a price yet, but it will be what it is. David
  10. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    1924 Master valve seat pressures.

    Thanks Terry and Larry for your quick responses. Now i have some specifications i will pass that onto the spring manufacturer. I knew seat pressure was important (but i didnt know what it was) i also rightly believed it was equally as important to have matching pressures. I didnt want to get caught mixing old and new springs just to try and save a couple of dollars. Once i get them i will forward some photos before and during assembly. Thankyou once again, David
  11. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    1924 Master valve seat pressures.

    Following on from current engine rebuild topics. I am about to reassemble my freshly rebuilt engine. Most of the valve springs had seen better days, so i am having a new set made. My questions to you all are, how important is valve seat pressure, and, if anyone knows - what should it be ? I may as well try to get it right at this point during the rebuild. I assumed that because the engine is slow reving and reasonably low compression it is not that big a deal. Correct? I look forward to you thoughts. David
  12. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    1924 Master oil pump.

    Good morning Rodney, Thanks for those kind words. When you're next visting this "island state" please be sure to look me up. David
  13. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    1924 Master oil pump.

    Thanks Brian, I knew someone would have an answer for me. When you think about it, it is quiet a logical design. Onwards and upwwards. Now i start to assemble the engine. More photos to folow. David.
  14. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    1924 Master oil pump.

    Just re reading my original post. I dont think i was very clear in my initial description. All that was re manufactured were the three gears. The shaft, tapered nut c/w left hand thread is as found/original to the car. David
  15. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    1924 Master oil pump.

    Thanks for your quick reply Leif. All i did was replicate the parts that i removed from the engine, and therefore renew the gears due to excessive wear. The parts are no doubt (to me) genuine Buick components. I don't have a parts manual, but part 173334 looks exactly like my "driven" gear. The spring pushes up onto the collar and "lifts" the shaft up into the pump gear, thus engaging the bronze nut further into the taper inside the gear. This gear and shaft assemble inside part 165487. So, the questions remain. Why the taper and secondly what purpose does it serve? David