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  1. Bamboo Cream was the next to rarest color on these cars with 2.7 percent of the 34,856 65 Rivieras painted that color, which equates to 934 cars. Only Midnight Aqua was rarer at 2.5 per cent of production.
  2. Looks very nice! I like those valve covers.
  3. Chris, these cars were designed to run all day at 70 or 80 miles per hour. That being said, your car was recently completely redone and has very few miles on the rebuild. Your car hasn't been driven enough to be sorted out yet. Because of that, I think the plans of your potential buyers would not be something I would want to risk. Of course, if you tell them that, it may discourage them from buying it, so I would not tell them that unless they are a friend of yours. I can share a personal experience in this regard. Back in 1990, I had just finished a 4 year resto on my 69 GTO convertible. I had only driven it to a few local car events at a total of maybe 150 miles, when I decided to drive it from Dallas to Kansas City for the Pontiac-Oakland Club convention. I got as far as the middle of Oklahoma when the car backfired and died at 70 miles per hour. It turns out that when I degreased the distributor while rebuilding the engine, I had inadvertently washed off all the internal grease on the distributor shaft and it had frozen up in the distributor housing, causing the distributor housing to rotate 180 degrees, even though it was clamped down to the block. By some miracle, this did not damage the distributor drive gears on the camshaft, and by pure luck, it happened on the outskirts of a small town that had a wrecking yard with lots of 60's cars in it. I bought a used distributor and installed it and went on my way after a two hour delay, but it could have been a real disaster. I still have the original distributor for my GTO and that shaft wouldn't turn with a six foot cheater pipe. It has welded itself to the aluminum housing and it would never come out unless you drilled it out. Another story that comes to mind is what happened to Pete Lempert's 63 Riviera a few months ago. He had just finished a resto and had been driving it to local events for 9 months when his harmonic balancer came apart due to improper torque on the retaining bolt. If he had taken off cross country, this would have shut him completely down out in the middle of nowhere with no spare parts available for several days.
  4. I assume you mean the interior A-pillar trim and the wide flat trim between the headliner and the glass. These parts are chrome plated steel on a 65.
  5. If the hose is bulging where it clamps on the end it is bad and needs to be replaced.
  6. To me, they would look fine on a customized Riviera, but if the car is otherwise bone stock, I think they look completely out of place.
  7. All the 65's had the bottle and bracket installed as standard equipment at the factory below the horns. Were earlier years an option?
  8. Buy a pair of the Autoloc kits from Summit part no. 12186. I've used them before and they work great.
  9. This car looks worse than it probably actually is because the paint is so bad. The body looks pretty solid..... $4600 is too much though........$1600.00 sounds more like it to me.
  10. On my car when I fill the pump like the factory picture above my pump leaks. When I fill it as Tom Mooney suggested it works great and doesn't leak at all. Just put in enough to cover the hump.
  11. If you buy another box off the shelf, be aware that the internal stops may not be set right, in which case you could have a car with a terrible turning radius when you get done. I put a quick ratio box in my GTO and had to take it right back out because the car had the turning radius of an 18 wheeler.
  12. Ed, the judges are so impressed that a Ford T-bird that age is still running that you get a perfect score just for driving it on the show field under it's own power, regardless of tire size!
  13. I was looking on Coker tire's website, and was comparing the specs on a 760-15 that they sell to an 8.55-15 that they sell. On both tires, tread width is five inches, section width is 7.90 inches and diameter is 28.66 inches. I measured the original triple white wall 8.45 -15 tire that is the original spare tire for my car and the tire measures 28.66 inches in diameter, 7.90 section width and 5.2 inches in tread width. Virtually identical! Those 7.60-15 bias look radial tires should look correct as hell when I get them mounted with the triple whitewall conversion.
  14. That's funny Ed, I was fantasizing about the very same peel and stick tire size lettering yesterday! Of course they would fall off if you drove the car, but that wouldn't could just stick them on for Judging then peel them right back off! If they were made of black rubber I think they would pass muster. If the judge got wise and peeled one off, you could accuse him of destroying your new tire and demand a new one! What Coker tire needs to do is sell their tires with no tire size printed on the sidewall, then sell the size lettering separately! As for the judging, Dick Sweeney was the head Riviera class judge in Springfield, and the young guy judging the tires actually asked me if redlines were available on a 65 Riviera as he wasn't sure. Dick Sweeney walked up before I could respond and set the kid straight! You aren't going to put anything over on Dick........he's owned 65 Rivieras for 52 years!
  15. According to the BCA Judging rules, if nobody makes the correct tire size for your car, the closest available size is acceptable with no point deduction. In the case of the 65 Riviera, that would be the 8.55 bias ply which is available. They are the same diameter as the 8.45-15 but very slightly wider tread.The diameter I am referring to is 28.66 inches. The 760-15, 8.45-15 and 8.55 -15 are all 28.66 inches in diameter. The only bias ply appearing radials offered that would work on a 65 riviera would be the 760-15. Also, just to clarify.......BCA does not deduct points for having a single stripe whitewall on a 65 Riviera even though they came with triple whitewalls, because none are available for sale. When I go with whitewalls they will be the triple stripe because they just look right on the car. As a side note, my Dad's new 65 Riviera came with triple whitewall Goodyear tires. In 1968 he tried to buy another set of the triple whitewall tires and even then you couldn't get them anymore. They were made for a very brief period of time.