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  1. Ed, the 65's had so little paint on them that they rusted through the paint when they were only a few years old even if they spent all their time in the garage. that's why my car was repainted back in the 70's. My Dad's car was rusting through the paint in places when it was 3 years old.
  2. I don't believe the miles on this one.
  3. I would go with US Radiator. They aren't cheap but they are high quality and fit like the originals. Check them out on their website.
  4. Agreed.......that car is the colors inside and out!
  5. the original setup on my car was a master cylinder with a bail cap and a black painted brake booster. I'm not sure about how deep the hole is on my car.
  6. The original hinges on my car are a dark gray color, a lot grayer than the zinc phosphate paint that Eastwood sells. The closest thing to the way my hinges look would be a dark cast iron gray finish. In this pic at the very top you can see my unmolested hinges.
  7. Ronnie, you make an excellent point about the 12 inch tire patch. In order to stop quicker with those giant brakes you have to have tremendous tire patch, or all you will do is lock them up and skid. The stock brakes on the early Riv will lock the tires at highway speeds if you get on them hard, so in order for disc brakes to make a difference you would have to have wide tires to go along with them so you don't skid. My problem is that I've always thought giant disc brakes are silly because if you ever actually used them to their potential the guy behind you texting on his phone will rear end you and you will be killed instantly. If you are a careful defensive driver, you will never even need to use half of the stopping power of your brakes.Therefore unless you are doing autocrossing, I don't see the point of them. It is true that drum brakes will fade from heat quicker than discs, but unless you live in mountainous terrain that should never be an issue. Personally I love the no brake dust aspect of those giant drums on the Riviera. You get very good braking and the wheels stay clean. I will admit there are a lot of old cars with inadequate drum brakes from the factory that are down right dangerous. The stock brakes on a 57 Chevy is like trying to stop by dragging your foot out the door. My whole point was that the brakes on the early Riviera are exceptionally good and will stop the car safely year in and year out. You've just got to watch out for the guy texting behind you. Perhaps a larger rear view mirror to watch for texters would be a more important safety upgrade!
  8. That car could really be nice with a little work.......I would not kick it out of my garage. It could bring a lot more at auction than what is being bid on the car online.
  9. That's the nicest 63 custom I have seen. There have been a couple of early Rivieras with LS engines built with the engine disguised to look like a nailhead. They were painted Buick Green with nailhead valve covers attached to the top of the LS valve covers with a dummy air cleaner installed on top. You could walk right by the engine at a car show and not notice what they had done.That's what I would do with the engine if it was mine. The way the tail lights were done on this car is one of the slickest custom touches I've ever seen on an early Riviera.
  10. I don't see the need for a 60's luxury car to stop as fast as a Z06 Corvette or a Ferrari Testarossa, but while we are on the subject of Z06 Corvettes....I drove one a month ago and the car was a hideous car to drive. It rode like an 18 wheeler and the slightest bump would send it into the next lane of traffic. I was too busy trying the keep the turd in one lane to notice how good the brakes were but I don't recall that they felt any better than the brakes on a normal car.They stopped the car but they certainly weren't throwing me through the windshield. The only thing outstanding about it in my opinion was how fast it was.
  11. Anytime someone wants to have a "braking contest" pitting their early Riviera with disc brakes and my car's stock brakes against each other I'm ready to go. Being in the car repair business I have driven thousands of different makes of cars and never seen a car with brakes better at stopping than the stock brakes on my Riviera. Early Rivieras have a few shortcomings, but brakes is not one of them. The brake dust problem alone is enough reason to leave the drums on the car.
  12. If you want to victimize someone, park next to a railroad crossing and hit your horn when someone is about to cross the tracks!
  13. I have radial tires on my 65 with the stock specs on the front end alignment, and it is the nicest driving car I own at highway speeds out of 8 cars in the stable, including a 2013 Mustang and 2010 Camaro. I don't know why you would need to mess with the caster on the car. Just putting radials on it makes it drive like a dream.
  14. FYI the factory painted the plug for this hole engine color. The plug was installed when the engine was painted. I don't know if the grommet on the California cars was painted.
  15. It is out there still but it is very expensive. I bought a 30 pounder a couple of years ago from a friend who didn't need it any more for 250.00 which was a steal. Best source is try to find a fellow hobbyist looking to get rid of a 30 pounder. If you buy it online you have to have an ASE A/C certification. People online are asking 50-75.00 a can for the R12.