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  1. The VIN number on your GP is stamped on top of the frame rail behind the left rear tire. You can see it with a flashlight and a mirror if you have the car on a lift.
  2. I did this on my car......I used aerosol degreaser then spent a long time at the car wash with the wand getting everything free of dirt and grease. I removed all the accessories and brackets from the front of the, pulleys, p/s pump alternator, fuel pump and fan shroud. I was changing the water pump so I painted the new one on the workbench. To do a good job on the brackets, air cleaner, accessories etc. it is best to use a media blasting cabinet to get all that stuff down to bare metal. On the fenderwells you will need to remove everything bolted to them or next to them like the voltage regulator, horn relay, vacuum reservoir etc., then wet sand the fenderwells and radiator support with 320 grit wet or dry sandpaper. be sure to use a tack rag on everything to get off the lint before painting. Duplicolor Ford Black engine paint is an exact match to the original paint Flint used on the brackets , p/s pump air cleaner and fenderwells and it is very durable and sprays out smooth as glass if you are good with an aerosol can. If you are not experienced with aerosol painting I would recommend practicing on something first till you figure it out. The best procedure with aerosols is one very light coat, wait 10 minutes and follow with a medium heavy coat then wait ten minutes and apply a very wet coat but don't get carried away on the 3rd coat or you will get runs. When you are painting, keep plenty of rags and B12 chemtool carburetor cleaner on hand to quickly wipe off all the paint on anything where you get runs in the paint. I painted my radiator and condensor in the car with excellent results. I did my whole engine compartment in a couple of days of work...probably about 12-14 hours altogether total. The decal on the fan shroud, radiator, and side of the air cleaner are all reproduced, as is the aluminum pie pan on the air cleaner lid. There is only one source on the decal to replace the original white silk screening on the side of the air cleaner, and it is not CARS. I can't remember the name of the source off the top of my head but I can find it for you if you can't find it on the internet. Do not remove the intake manifold! Just remove the carburetor and plug wires and hoses and you can paint the engine just fine. Here are my before and after pics of my engine compartment......
  3. Firewall grommet

    Steele rubber company makes quite a few rectangular firewall grommets with rounded of them may work on your car....check them out on their website.
  4. These two cars look like a disaster to me.They should go very cheap.
  5. Air Conditioner

    How do you know that it needed freon? What are the pressures on the A/C system when it is running? How does the engine run when the A/C is turned off?
  6. If I judge a car if the mirror is dated wrong it is a mandatory 30 point deduction! Or you can buy me lunch and I will overlook it!
  7. Steering gear and horn

    The rag joint Lares sold you is a joke if it doesn't already have a ground strap built into it. The best thing to do is remove the rag joint and replace it with a good one that has a ground strap on it.
  8. The proper size hose is determined by the diameter of the hose nipples. The proper size should go on very snugly without having to use brute force to slide it on. If it goes on effortlessly, the hose is too large. Be sure to use the expensive FUEL INJECTION hose that costs about 6.00 a foot. The inexpensive fuel hose will fail very quickly with ethanol fuel. I don't recall the size of hose that my car has but I know it is the correct size. I can check tonight if need be.
  9. JC Whitney? Japanese Crap? Jimmy Crackcorn?
  10. A dealer is selling an Arctic White 65 Riviera on ebay with no reserve that is supposedly completely restored. Lots of incorrect things on the car although it looks pretty in the pictures....this will be interesting to watch.
  11. The original rear view mirror on my February built 69 GTO is coded 12 DVM 8. Don't know what the letters mean, but I've always assumed that the 12 is December and the 8 is 1968.
  12. Urethane bushings that are sold for car suspensions are just like drugs......just say no. They make noise, fail completely in a short period of time, and make a smooth riding car feel like an 18 wheeler. They are a joke, end of story. There is a reason why GM does not use them.... the engineers know better.
  13. If you like the look of the 65 model, then the obvious thing to do is purchase a 65 model. It's not like they are not out there for sale. If you will be patient, you will find the right car.
  14. I'll check and see if I can find some insulation with the hole cut in it....thanks for all the responses!