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  1. They should have put a removable bracket on the second gens like they did on the 63-65 cars and made the bumper where it peaked in the middle.
  2. Looks like you need to start looking for another plug from a parts car. When you find one you can remove the wire and connector from the parts car plug and solder it to the end of the wire on your harness and plug it back in to the connector.
  3. It looks to me like they worked on it a while and got tired of messing with it and moved on to other things like working on the Pee Wee's Playhouse headliner. As I said.......time to hang em up.
  4. Thanks for the warning Black River! If I had accidentally clicked on that unexpectedly my heart might have gone into defib. I have no comments on this one as it speaks for itself quite nicely. OK just one that a dash pad or did somebody leave a K mart air mattress laying on top of the dashboard?
  5. Ah Deja Vu! Somebody takes a clean low mileage well cared for Riviera, paints it a color that they saw while on an ACID trip back in 1968, spends a fortune making the interior the same hideous color, then they realize when they get done that it makes them nauseated to look at the car and they get laughed at when they take it out in public so they put it out on ebay, sell it at a loss, then do the same thing to another nice 60's car. They may think that they are performing a service to the collector car hobby when they do this but the reality is quite the opposite.Those have got to be the ugliest wheels I've ever laid eyes on. I can appreciate a car with tasteful mods painted a normal color, but not this kind of concoction. One thing though, every time a nice clean babied Riv gets the treatment like this, the value of the remaining stock original cars just went up some more, so perhaps I should be happy. This car and the car on Jay Leno's Garage would make a nice matched set. (Of course this is just my opinion! asked!.....) t
  6. According to my new Hagerty Price Guide a no. 1 condition numbers match 65 GS Riviera is worth $96,500, so they are not asking anywhere near number 1 condition money for the car. No.2 condition is listed at 66,500, so 60,000 is about 2- money. I know it's at least a No. 3 car, would have to see it in person to know if it's 2-. As for overspray, if the paint is nice, overspray can be removed from bolts, etc. in one weekend with paint thinner and a rag and some elbow grease...not a big deal.The previous owner should have left the car white as it hurts the value a little.
  7. I did the ones on my 65 without removing them. It takes a while when doing by hand instead of a power buffer but still a lot easier than removing the moldings to machine polish them. If you have any scratches too deep to polish out you can use 360 grit wet or dry sandpaper followed by 600 grit followed by 1000 grit then use the polish to finish it off. It only took 1 hour and a half to do the ones on my car as there were no scratches that needed sanding. It's kind of strenuous work, so what I did is work on them 20 minutes every day till I got the finish I wanted. Don't use a dremel! If you slip you will damage your paint! Do it by hand with a good metal polish and it will come out great.
  8. I assume everyone will be posting their opinions regarding this car, so I'll give you me this car looks hideous.......I hate the paint color, hate the wheels, hate the interior........have I left anything out? I'd feel like an idiot being seen in public driving this car. Jason Zerbini's stock restoration looks 10,000 times better than that monstrosity.The guy has been doing this since 1964 and this is the best he can come up with? May be time to retire. There's so few nice early Rivieras left that I hate to see one turned into something like this. I wish he had done this to a Chevy Nova instead......(Just my opinion)
  9. Barney, isn't it possible to substitute a slightly shorter mast like the ones in your picture into the Riviera without any problems? It would be slightly shorter but would still work fine, correct?
  10. Whenever I see a post like this I fall in love with my crank windows and manually adjusting seat all over again! I agree it sounds like you have a wire with the insulation worn off and shorting out to the metal on the door. It's time to inspect all the wiring in that door. Also inspect the wires in the door jamb area where they flex when you open and close the door.
  11. It just has to be slack enough to let the throttle return fully to hot base idle on the carburetor when not engaged
  12. Congratulations and welcome to the ROA and the Forum. My Dad special ordered a new 65 Riviera in July 64 and it was delivered to us with the "custom built for" plaque installed on the console with my Dad's name on it. I am not sure if it was installed in Flint or if the dealership installed it after the car arrived there. In 1963 and 1964 the plaque said "built expressly for" In 1965 it was changed to read "custom built for". Your car is very special due to it's optional equipment, so you made a great find.....that is a keeper.
  13. Come on Mr. Douglas, why does the car have 70 miles on it? The suspense is killing me. Did Mr. Haney take it for a spin on the first day and lose the keys?
  14. I'm trying to picture in my mind one of my wife's giant handbags banging into my Riviera's dash over and over while driving and I can't help but be thankful my car does NOT have that option! Bill, it's a cool option but don't tell your wife what it is for!
  15. The base of the mast where it attaches to the rest of the antenna assembly is different on a 60's car than on later GM antennas. Masts from a 70's car won't attach to a 60's GM power antenna. Since it's been almost 50 years since this design was used, the supply of replacement masts is drying up. As a matter of fact, 70's power antennas are getting hard to source parts for. Of course, it is possible to modify an aftermarket power antenna to work, but purists like me want the car to be totally stock like it came from the factory with the correct mast and base design. My 79 Trans Am has a factory power antenna and I bought three NOS antenna assemblies for it 15 years ago so I wouldn't have to worry if my antenna crapped out. Now they are darn near impossible to locate.