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  1. Your car is gorgeous like it is, except that the tires that are on the car now have two wide a whitewall and they are not the correct diameter tire. If you put the right size tire on it (P225-75-15) that will lower the car quite a bit. There is nothing more beautiful than the wire wheel covers on an otherwise stock appearing Riviera. I agree your car is sitting up too high right now but it is because the tires are too big. with the correct size tires these cars sit very very low in stock form. Any lower than stock with the correct size tires and you will have problems in steep driveways and with speed bumps etc. You can see how much lower my stock 65 is with the correct tires (the Seafoam Green car in the picture)..........
  2. The spring clips wouldn't be lost when they were removed except if someone didn't put them in a safe place till the cap was reassembled. I have been told that what you do is just use a dremel tool or drill bit to remove just the heads from the rivets.... the shaft of the rivet will still be there. Then you remove the three spring clips and lucite emblem and put them in a safe place while the cap is being restored. When you go back together in place of the rivets to hold things together you use Gorilla Glue or JB Weld. Larry Daisy told me he's done quite a few horn cap restorations this way with no problems. I really don't understand how the rivets are put in there. I assume it will be self explanatory after I get it apart.
  3. Schmiddy you can rest easy.........I have found and purchased a lightly pitted horn cap that I am going to dismantle and have rechromed. The Riviera emblem is nice so when it is done it should look real nice. I have canceled my trip to Switzerland to swipe your cap. Next week I'm going to see about having the rim on the wood wheel regrained to match the color of the original wood in my car.
  4. After talking to several folks who have restored their wood wheel center cap via rechroming after drilling out the rivets on the back, I have located and purchased a pretty nice used horn cap with very small pits that I am going to dismantle and have redone, so everyone can rest easy........I won't be stealing your horn cap in the middle of the night.
  5. In their catalog the pictures don't show any hole above the air cleaner section on either the 65 Riviera or the 68 Riviera. I'll try to call them and see what's going on. I believe the one I have without the hole came from them originally, purchased about 4 and a half years ago. Not long after I installed my insulation, I called them on the phone and told them they needed to incorporate the hole above the air cleaner. Perhaps they made the change and didn't update their catalog photo.
  6. All of the early Rivieras had the circular cutout over the air cleaner. Unfortunately nobody reproduces the hood insulation with this cutout. The 65's had the hood insulation with the circle cut out over the air cleaner. When I changed out my original hood insulation I don't recall the missing corner over the A/C compressor, but it was probably there and I just didn't notice it. Also, the hood insulation hits the air cleaner on these cars when you close the hood all the way across, so it is puzzling what the little circle over the wing nut area was for.
  7. Yes, I need your address please!
  8. That looks like a very nice wood steering wheel in your car. Is it as pit free on the chrome as it looks in the picture?
  9. Sorry, I'm a perfectionist, but I think you will sell it for good coin due to the nice condition of the wood and the unobtanium lower hub and horn cap that is included. If the horn cap wasn't pitted I would have already bought it from you to get the horn cap, then I would have sold the rest to get some of my coin back, like Schmiddy did. Good luck with your sale. I have serious doubts that I will ever find a nice enough horn cap to put the wood wheel on my car, but looking for the Loch Ness Monster gives me something to do in my spare time. They said I could never find a set of NOS door edge guards, but I found probably the last set in the world several years ago. If anybody spots the Loch Ness Monster horn cap, let me know!
  10. Seafoam65

    WTB '65 wheel

    Personal observation.......I have seen October built cars without the silver bars
  11. Just up on ebay today is a wood steering wheel for the 65 riviera with pitted lower hub and pitted horn cap and a broken horn bar for 2950.00.............Madness! The seller claims it is mint, and there are pits all over the cap and hub. The center cap looks like someone took Schmiddy's cap and submerged it in salt water for a couple of years. I think I'm going to go ahead and steal Schmiddy's cap...........Schmiddy, what is your address?
  12. Does anybody know if it is possible to restore a pitted horn cap? The lucite center appears to be held on by what appears to be rivets through the metal retaining fingers. If those were ground off to disassemble it and remove the lucite, is there any way to reattach it after replating it? I might be willing to buy a pitted one if I knew it was possible to restore it.
  13. Tom ,the wood in my interior looks just like the original wood looked in my Dad's 65 when it was a brand new car. I don't see any difference between the two at all. i'm going to get the steering wheel redone to match the rest of the car exactly, but only after I find a horn cap, which could take years. Fortunately my original steering wheel is beautiful, so there is no necessity to find a cap right away.
  14. Wow Schmiddy, that is a beautiful wheel and an amazing horn cap. One thing you might find interesting is that the wood wheel I have although gorgeous, doesn't match the color of the original wood in my car. The wood in my car is fairly light in color with a reddish cast to it, while the wheel looks like your steering wheel, not even close to matching. I have found a shop nearby me in Rockwall,Texas that has the sole business of restoring all kinds of steering wheels, and I 'm going to have them redo the wood grain on my steering wheel to match the rest of the wood in the car exactly in both grain and color. When I get this done, I will post pics of how it turned out. Schmiddy, you are lucky you live so far from me because I would be very tempted to swipe your horn cap in the middle of the is gorgeous!
  15. Seafoam65

    WTB '65 wheel

    Here's a pic of the interior of my Dad's 65 Riviera he ordered new in July 1964, vin number 494475H900633 built around September 1, 1964 with the very rare early build only silver bars in the horn bar. Also note the factory use of the 1964 glove box door emblem on a 65 model Riviera.