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  1. Barney, I would like to buy a cover for my 65 riviera made of the "weather shield" fabric. Tell me how much and where to send the check and I will send it to you ASAP. I'd like to get it before the ROA meet in KC next month.....thanks, Winston
  2. When I said my car hasn't been wet since 1967, I wasn't joking. The previous owner who bought it in 1967 only drove it on nice days 1,000 miles per year, and would wipe it down with a slightly wetted coth or a duster after each use. It was always in the garage when not being driven, and never had a water hose any where near it. This is how I've always cared for my old cars as well. Modern cars don't rust with water exposure, but 60's cars will rust away just from being exposed to dampness, the back window being the elephant in the room. Once the back window channel goes, there goes the quarters, the package tray, the trunk floor and the floorboards.
  3. You are right, there are many different worlds when it comes to cars. My old cars are not allowed to get wet as this results in RUST. In the case of my Riviera, it has not been wet since 1967, other than at the Buick Nationals showfield where a storm came up suddenly. This is why I'm inquiring about a waterproof cover for this type of circumstance. I do drive all my old cars, but NEVER in the rain!
  4. Barney, I would like to buy a cover for my 65 Riviera from you. I don't need one for in the garage, I already have an indoor cover. I need one so that if I am at a national meet and a storm comes up the car won't get wet. Please advise what I should get from you , thanks Winston
  5. I needed to touch up a few chips in my interior paint mainly on the console on my 65 dark green interior and I drove the car down to my local paint jobber and he put his scanner on the paint on the console and his device spit out the formula for the paint. It is a perfect match and the touch ups are completely undetectable. I had him make it semi-gloss and it came out perfect. Like you I have the code 620 dark green custom vinyl interior. Here is the console and dash after touching it up with a small artist's brush.....
  6. Tom, my horn relay says Delco Remy right on it , in the type of script Delco hasn't used since the 60's.........must have been more than one vendor for these relays.
  7. I can't say how heavy duty these relays you bought are, but the diagram on the side of your new relay indicates that is wired correctly internally so it will work. I doubt the relay is as heavy duty as the GM relay but give it a whirl and see how it does. Also, if you want to get really fancy, you can buy a plastic rectangular single wire terminal on ebay that you can snap on the orange/black wire before you plug it in , making it look completely like the factory did it.
  8. Nope. don't have a better pic. On the originals, the plastic base and stud and relay are all one part, they come off together and do not separate. Yours is aftermarket but I suspect you will find that it is all one piece as well. To remove it, remove the nut on the stud and take off all the wires, starter cable and the positive cable(do this after disconnecting the positive cable from the battery), Unplug the two wire plug from the relay, remove the bolts holding the assembly to the inner fender then remove it.
  9. My original 65 horn relay doesn't look like that.......must be some aftermarket's my original......
  10. I believe you will find the bolt to have a 9/16 head on it. I've never seen one that wouldn't come out so shouldn't be a problem. You may need a distributor wrench to get on it straight.......I'm not sure you will have much luck with an end wrench. I have a set of distributor wrenches that I bought 45 years ago....If you need a distributor wrench, wal mart and advance auto parts show them for sale online
  11. Seafoam65

    New Old Stock Air

    I will have to get at least 50 dollars for the air........keep in mind this air has much lower Ozone levels than the air you can buy nowadays.
  12. Seafoam65

    New Old Stock Air

    I know of an original 63 Riviera in Queens New York with 6,000 miles on it with the original tires and mostly original air in them, but I doubt the original owner would be willing to sell you any!
  13. You can't do that........that's what holds the rear end in the car. You shouldn't be putting the car on the ground with just one side hooked up either.
  14. Seafoam65

    First Generation Dash Pad

    Gary, is there something wrong with your dash pad other than that little crack by the speaker hole? If that's all that's wrong you can have that crack repaired where you wouldn't see it and keep your old pad, or buy a vinyl repair kit from Eastwood and do it yourself.