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  1. Mileage is everything on an old car......a 36,000 mile car can go for many years on it's original engine, trans, rear end, driveshaft, heater core, radiator, upholstery, carpet etc. A 90,000 mile car might very well need all of those things redone. A 52 year old car with 36,000 miles that has been driven sparingly, babied all it's life and not just shoved in a barn to deteriorate is the holy grail. My car is similar to that but had 55,000 miles. Still runs and drives like new with no repairs needed on the chassis, engine , trans, or rear end, heater core radiator , power steering, A/C, upholstery, carpet etc. If this car had a saddle interior I would be foaming at the mouth to buy it if I could come up with the necessary coin.
  2. That is indeed an exceptional example of a 65 Riviera.
  3. they should be a non metallic charcoal gray........
  4. I just ran across an awesome video on the 71 frame-off restored Red Riviera GS that was featured in the Riview recently.
  5. 500 mile 1 year old oil does not need to be changed yet. Go another year and change it then.
  6. This is the oil I use on my old cars, but I get it in 10W30. Most stores only stock the 20W50 but the correct weight is available.
  7. You would definitely want to grab a Snickers Bar before beginning because you would be there for a while!
  8. What I'm wondering is if the white non arm rest rear seat had black parts in the middle but when you had the center armrest those pieces were painted white. That would be my assumption.
  9. On the pics of the arm rest with 1964 white interior, is the black paint on the panel below the speaker and on the area below the armrest correct? On my original interior 1965 these pieces match the upholstery color of dark green. Also it is clear in the pics of the unrestored parts that they were originally painted white.
  10. Tom, what is the number code for the blue custom interior?
  11. The blue interior was referred to as "blue vinyl", no special name was given. The blue vinyl interior was only offered in the base interior with vinyl seat upholstery. No blue cloth or blue custom interior was available that year.
  12. Gremlins

    Yes, it COULD be something else, but not likely. When a window is all the way down and trying to go up, that is when the motor is under maximum load. My 2000 Grand Prix went through 3 bad motors that all stuck only when the window was all the way down. I changed brands and that one has worked perfectly for 4 years now.
  13. Gremlins

    You are getting bad motors.......we have to deal with this in my car repair business quite often...very frustrating I've had as many as five in a row go bad very quickly.The fact that it always works at first tells you all you need to know about the cause. I detest power windows on old cars.....giant PITA. Pictured below is the permanent solution to your problem!
  14. Good advice Pete. When I cut a hole in my cover I was off too far towards the front by five inches. I now have a giant slot where the antenna of the dumber things I have done.
  15. Ditch the STANT lever cap radiator cap. The lever is subject to hitting the underside of the hood and denting the outer skin of the hood. If it hasn't already happened it is a miracle.