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  1. When the fan hits the bottom of the fan shroud you have collapsed motor mounts. We see this all the time in my shop, most recently two weeks ago on a 96 Buick Roadmaster. Over the years I've probably seen this two hundred times on rear wheel drive cars with fans running off the water pump.
  2. Irrelevant question, since all cars have thermostats. I don't know, never drove a car with no thermostat in it on a hot day. Probably wouldn't cool as well as the coolant wouldn't stay in the Radiator long enough to be cooled down properly since the flow would be wide open all the time. I know how a cooling system works.......I've worked on cars all day long for 43 years in Texas......the capital of overheating problems.
  3. I don't agree with all of the above.........your engine will indeed run at 160 and everywhere on the engine will show 160 with a temp gun with a 160 thermostat, provided there is not something wrong with the cooling system(stopped up radiator or blown head gasket etc.) that prevents the coolant flow from performing it's task of cooling down the engine. The reason Mike's temp gauge reads only 1/4 of the way up(160) is that the engine is indeed operating at 160 degrees. An engine will always run no hotter than it's thermostat setting provided that the cooling system doesn 't have a problem. An engine can't run at 210 with a thermostat that opens at 160 unless there is a problem with the cooling system. Mike's car has a properly operating cooling system, thus his gauge reads 160 all day long.
  4. Engine shuts off

    If it died like you turned the key off while driving at speed, it's electrical most likely bad points and condensor. If it started slowing down and losing power but still ran and then died, it is a fuel delivery problem.
  5. Finally got my Riv

    Awesome car.......congrats and welcome to the forum......the first gold with black top 65 I've ever seen..... the interior looks amazing. Is that original paint?
  6. CNN said that word 500 times recently LOL!
  7. Where is the profanity? Did I miss something?
  8. Tell us about the interior of the car.......are you going full custom or retaining a mostly original look?
  9. What came loose?

    Schmiddy I've watched your videos and Switzerland is awesome.........In my next life I want to be born there....awesome! As for Red Riviera Bob's predicament, I can't tell from the photos what happened. Did the harmonic balancer fly apart? How can the balancer come completely off with the big bolt still tightly installed in the nose of the crank...I am confused.
  10. Andy, just so you know, my Frigidaire sticker is identical to the one you currently have on your car except for two things........ mine has a printed serial no. in the serial no. box, and the listed freon charge for the wildcat and electra is 4.25 lbs., not 4.00. The original sticker on my 65 riviera said 4.25 lbs. I was thinking of going with a 7.60-15 tire for the triple whitewalls.......they have the same tread width and outside diameter as the 8.45-15 tire that my car came with from the factory.
  11. I didn't see anybody complaining.....we have praised the build numerous times......very nice car. He said he doesn't need to look at his gauges and this just is not so. Just trying to help......a lady last week cashed the engine on her Denali because she wasn't paying attention to her gauges. Of course if 17K is nothing to him, then by all means leave the gauges off the dash....the look will be a lot cleaner. I speak for everybody here in saying the car is an awesome car.
  12. Charley the point is, be sure to keep an eye on your oil pressure gauge if you aren't going to go with an idiot light! If these engines lose oil pressure suddenly they can be repaired if the engine is immediately shut down, if not you just bought yourself a 17,000 dollar engine. Your car is awesome....thanks for sharing the pics with us!
  13. Andy.......I tooled up and had correct Frigidaire compressor decals made up(the black and silver decal) that have the serial no. on the compressor printed in the serial no. box(I used the number that was on my original 65 compressor). Send me your address in a private message and I would be glad to mail you one of my extras at no charge(I had ten of them made up) Also, the OK stamp on the compressor was always yellow in color on 65 GM might want to change that.........magnificent car and congratulations on a fine restoration of a very rare and desirable Riviera!
  14. Aftermarket Road Wheel

    I couldn't find any published price on these wheels in looking on the internet, but some of US Mag's other wheels sell for about 900.00 apiece OUCH! That being said, those wheels would look awesome on any early Riviera. I would go with the 17x7 or 18x7. Awesome!
  15. If I were you I would definitely watch your gauges.......I'm in the car repair business(43 years) and we see LS engines blow up at low mileage fairly regularly, the most recent just last week. There are o-rings inside these engines that can fail and result in zero oil pressure. (Space Shuttle CHALLENGER) The LS engine makes tremendous horsepower and runs great, but as far as cross country reliability, I'd have more faith in a nailhead. I had a Chevy Silverado with an LS motor that I used to tow my car hauler and I sold it just because I didn't trust the engine not to leave me stranded a thousand miles from home. I was inside the shop of my local Chevrolet dealer about six months ago and there was a row of Silverados, Tahoes and Suburbans, all less than two years old with their engines out on the ground all torn apart.