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  1. That's the mud that is formed by adding R134A without changing out the refrigerant oil.
  2. There are two sources of "gunk" in your A/C system. The first source that I outlined above is a white powder that looks like baking soda which is caused by the moisture and freon forming an acid that eats away at the aluminum A/C parts and makes a white powder that stops up the expansion valve. Generally that stuff won't flush out, at least it didn't on my GTO. The second source of gunk is when somebody pounds R134A into an R12 system without first flushing out the old R12 oil and replacing with R134A compatible oil. This creates a dark colored gunk. Generally that stuff won't flush out either and requires replacing all the parts on the system.
  3. My 69 GTO developed a stopped up expansion valve back in 1974 because the system was contaminated with moisture due to incompetence on the assembly line not pumping the system down long enough. On my GTO I wound up having to replace the entire system because it would plug up the expansion valve once a month. Once I changed out everything and pumped it down for 24 hours and charged it, it's been fine ever since. As for the 56 year old compressor, if it doesn't dump freon out the front seal when you start using it it would be a miracle tantamount to the parting of the RED SEA.
  4. The compressor on your car is 56 years old .There is zero probability that it is both functioning and not leaking out the front when charged. Don't waste your time messing with need a new one.
  5. If the nos bumper fillers have been stored in the dark indoors, they should last for quite some time
  6. Well, I got my steering wheel back from Craft Customs and I'm totally blown away by how beautiful it is, and it matches the wood grain and color of the original wood in my car exactly. Those of you with wood wheels in your Rivieras need to get this looks amazing. total cost for this was 378.00.
  7. Here's the latest update on my steering wheel project.........Craft Custom's says they will have the new woodgrain on my steering wheel done sometime next week....I'll post some pics when I get it back. The main reason I'm posting this update today is that I just received a phone call from Advanced Plating in Tennessee, where I sent my horn cap to be replated. They called to tell me that their shop burned down to the ground this week. The stuff they were actually plating at the time was destroyed in the fire, but my horn cap was sitting on a shelf in their showroom, which did not burn down. They told me that it will be 90 days before they get their shop rebuilt to where they can start plating parts again. I told them to keep my horn cap and get it plated once they get going again. It's always something when you are messing with old cars!
  8. It's unbelievable the prices you guys have paid for chroming a bumper that just has a ding in it. My bumpers were 400.00 each on my Riviera and they are beautiful. I used Dal-Chrome in Dallas. I had Paul's chrome some trim rings for Hurst Wheels about 12 years ago and it cost a fortune and about a year later the chrome started coming off of them, on a car that is never wet and never sits outside.
  9. Supposedly there is a way to secure the line where it can't ratlle.......there was a long discussion on this in a previous blog that you should be able to find.
  10. I'll tell you a nightmare story regarding rechroming a bumper. My 69 GTO convertible which I've owned since it was two years old had a perfectly straight never hit rear bumper. When it was about twenty years old I sent it out to be rechromed by a supposedly reputable chrome shop in the local Dallas area. When I got it back the chrome looked great but the entire top half of the bumper had waves in it. I wasn't happy but I lived with it for a few years more, then I did a frame-off restoration and started showing the car at shows, so I sent the bumper off to a renowned chrome shop in another state and they charged me 650.00 and the same waves were there as before although the chrome was real nice. I kept improving my GTO until it was winning lots of Best of Show awards, but the wavy bumper kept looking worse and worse as I improved other things and it was driving me crazy. About ten years ago I decided that I had to get the bumper back to the way it used to look before the first chromer put a bunch of waves in it. A guy I met at a car show told me the best chrome shop in the U.S was "The Finishing Touch" in Chicago. They do the chrome on serious Riddler Award cars, and million dollar builds by the top builders in the country, so I sent my bumper off to them. They told me on the phone to expect the cost to be around 1100.00 before I sent it to them. When you send them a bumper, they have a rating scale of the bumper core from 1 to 10 with ten being perfect. They only guarantee a perfect job if your bumper core is at least a 7. Mine was a 7 minus, but they agreed to do their best to get it straight again. They told me the waves were caused by the first Chrome shop grinding off the original chrome instead of chemically stripping it. When I got the bumper back this time it was straight as an arrow and the cost was 2100.00!!!!!! OUCH! , but I don't have to look at that wavy bumper anymore!
  11. You are hearing the "Riviera Rattle" which is caused by the pulsing of fuel through the rear fuel return line to the tank. My car does the same thing sometimes when I'm sitting at a red light.
  12. I had my bumpers rechromed and small dents removed.....cost was 400.00 for each bumper. Show chrome costs more than that.......I was looking for an original appearance on mine.
  13. The belt can be removed from the retractor mechanism and pulled out of the slot. I've done this on many 60's GM seat belts on my own cars and on cars I was restoring for someone else. I haven't done a 65 Riviera belt but it should be the same.
  14. It looks very nice!