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  1. Seafoam65

    Rebuilding my 69 GS

    Looks very nice......I like the color you chose.
  2. Ed, that is not a real commercial, nor is it even a real car! Somebody made that commercial in his living room using the soundtrack from an actual commercial. The car in the video appears to be a plastic model of a Riviera, so I don't think you can go by it for proper stance!
  3. I've always used my left foot to brake unless I'm driving a stick shift car.
  4. The first step on any problem like this is to check the fuse for the circuit in question, before you start changing flashers and switches.
  5. Great to hear they got them finished. Is it available in stainless steel like their other tanks?
  6. The safest way to avoid drilling too deep is by putting a piece of vacuum hose over the drill bit cut to the depth you desire.
  7. I've been to Triple F Automotive, having attended their annual get together for local car clubs to tour their facility. All the cars they sell are junk, just very nicely restored cars. the car you are looking at looks like a really nice car.
  8. My wood wheel has the coarse thread, which all GM cars of this era had. The fine thread was used by Ford and Chrysler. The bolts used should be 5/16 coarse thread.
  9. Pullers have fine thread and coarse thread bolts that come with them......Some cars used fine thread, some coarse. Sounds like the bolts you tried to use were the right size but the wrong thread. When using a puller the bolts have to go in all the way to the bottom of the holes on the steering wheel. You can solve your problem by running the correct tap into the holes and cleaning up the threads, then running the correct bolts all the way to the bottom of the holes.
  10. I have an electric choke on my Riviera and it runs perfect, starts right up cold, does not die ever. If that is not the case it isn't adjusted correctly.
  11. Another thing you can do is leave the choke tubes off and install an electric choke box on the carburetor.
  12. One other thing, you won't be able to see the puller holes in the wheel until you remove the horn bar and the horn contact plates beneath the bar.
  13. Seafoam65

    coolant leak on 425 motor

    If it's a big leak, take the manifold off and put some "Right Stuff" by Permatex on the sealing area to help the o-ring seal to any imperfections. If it is a small seep, a little stop leak in the radiator will fix it. Just put a little in (not the whole bottle) and run the engine for 30 minutes if it is a small seep.
  14. Seafoam65

    Timing chain

    Your sentence doesn't make any must have left some words out. I can't tell from your sentence where exactly the leak is at your water manifold, but the fix is to use the "Right Stuff" by Permatex to seal all the manifold connections. If you just use fiber gaskets, you are going to have a leak. "The Right Stuff" is a silicone gasket maker that comes in a kit with two cartridges and a miniature caulking gun. On thermostat gaskets on old engines I use only this with no regular gasket.....absolutely no leaks.