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  1. What's your thought ?

    Try putting air pressure on the fuel tank through the fill pipe, use a rag and a blow gun this way you will not over pressure the tank. Too suck with a compressor use a blow gun held at about a 45 degree angle to the fuel pipe and blow across the the pipe away from the pipe. Al
  2. 1929 timing chain

    Looks rather loose timing chains and sprockets are changed as a set. Al
  3. Looky what I bought. - NOT!

    In New York titles first issued in 1973 Al
  4. Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

    great photos Al
  5. steering stablizer

    This is an old style two long dubble over springs that go on the tie rod one left one right center bracket on axle, can't figure out how to install.
  6. Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

    John you have some of the same luck as me. Yesterday backed corvair out of it's storage caught tail pipe, rip out muffler and broke of mounting ears on manifold. Fortunately have fresh manifold but am weighting for gaskets, need three have two. Al

    The wire from the generator goes to the side of the ammeter where all other wires are attached and the other side goes to the battery directly. If the old ammeter is defective do not connect anything to it. Al
  8. steering stablizer

    Can anyone show me a photo or describe how the old style spring type stabilizer attaches to the axle and the tie rod ? Al
  9. "54 headliner

    What kind of car?
  10. What Was The First Car You Ever Drove?

    At age 9 drove dads 1925 Brockway pickup got licence at 16 in a 55 chevy 210 265 v 8 with 3 on the tree and overdrive.
  11. Installing pistons and rings from bottom

    Get a ring compressor for a VW or corvair they come a part when relaxed AL
  12. Tires for 1929

    29 chevys have 20 inch wheels so why 18 inch that are 32 wheels
  13. Starter Spring

    If you have a tractor supply near buy they usually have some. Al
  14. Tinindian is correct about wiring did this to my 29 years ago and still works fine