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  1. 29 chevy has a vacuum line in the left window riser that is metal comes out buy the wiper motor on the out side of the car. Inside is a control valve that connects to the wiper and the intake manifold. The car does not have a hole above the windshield as the windshield roles up to the roof. Al
  2. use seal all available at advance auto parts. It is like old type plastic glue and it goes over rust. To use it place some on a piece of paper large enough to easily cover the aria. I have done this numerous times on chevy trucks that have out side of frame fuel tanks. Al
  3. Check the points or replace. Al
  4. Jerry the wiper arm and blade can be replaced with out removing the wiper motor, it just hooks into the shaft and the spring goes over the shaft. what is where the wiper control should be? I highly recommend the VCCA webb site and joining VCCA Al
  5. Too kill the abs lite remove the fuse for the abs this also kills the abs. Al
  6. Get the water temp up to 160 or above. Al
  7. Ford F 600 and there other large trucks 1962 - 64 and later
  8. The copper wire is insulated , you will have to determan how much Resistance is in a given length and then how much total length of all the wire is to determan total resistance. This type of wire was used on the back of older TVe picture tub sets and some of us ham operators have some. Al
  9. The pegs go into slots on top of the windshield to open or close it. Al
  10. 1953 Al
  11. try poring cold water over the coil when hot, if this helps replace coil with a new one. Al
  12. use a carb heat insulater under the carb
  13. The frame could be 29 or 30 chevy. Al
  14. Does this happen when driving or sitting still? Quick fix if it happens all the time replace coil and condenser. Al
  15. appears to be chevy because of 6 bolt wheals Al