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  1. It's a 1974. Vin: E0370EHB13620. Pics are problem areas... This emblem is missing on one side of the truck... missing some pinstripe on the sldriver side... Two of the gauges don't illuminate at night... I am a little afraid to test the AWD.... passenger armrest has issues.... tierod rubbed aftermarket wheel...I spaced the wheel out 1/8in... Bed is wrong year and mounted too high... We paid low for this and don't plan to put much money into it, just address the little stuff and use it...
  2. We just purchased a father son project: a running 392 V8 all wheel drive IH 200 Camper Special with 116k. Starts runs drives well. Rides harshly like a 45 yr old 3/4 ton. A bunch of ?s some are probably dumb but I know almost zero about IH trucks so any info is appreciated! 1. How to turn on interior lights? 2. What is supposed to be run by the "THROTTLE"? The label is on the dash but there is no lever... 3. Wiper arms have just a flat end, should there be a hook or something? 4. What is procedure to engage/disengage AWD? 5. What axles came under this truck? There a
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