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  1. startergenrebuilder

    starter identification

    Autolite model MF starter. Used on 1920 Chevy. It's used for more years than that, but not sure on how many. -Jason
  2. startergenrebuilder

    1926 Chrysler Generator

    I can help you. There are several different options on repairing yours. Contact me direct to discuss details. My email is and my toll free number is 866-228-0218 Thanks, Jason
  3. startergenrebuilder

    NOS Delco Remy 818002 Starter Armature NIB

    I may be interested. Check your inbox. -Jason
  4. startergenrebuilder

    automotive oscilloscope

    Are you still looking? -Jason
  5. startergenrebuilder

    Need photo of 1929 Chrysler generator

    The 943-H generator would not have a fan on it. That would be a non-ventilated generator. The first picture keiser31 posted has a non-correct generator on the engine. That generator is more modern with aluminum end housings and a fan. Taylormade! That generator looks familiar! -Jason
  6. startergenrebuilder

    anyone know/deal with a David Leslie?

    Oops, my mistake. Darcy messaged me on here, but I haven't logged on in a while and did not see the message. I have now replied. Sorry for the delay darcy. -Jason
  7. startergenrebuilder

    1947 Chrysler T&C starter or starter solenoid

    Just in case Joe doesn't come up with anything, I can rebuild both the solenoids and starters. Let me know if I can help. -Jason
  8. startergenrebuilder

    Has Anyone Ever Bought From This Company ?

    Terry, You called me recently, but I can't recall if it was on this issue or not. Either way, I can rewind the original coils you are talking about. It would be a true restored and rewound coil and not a modern coil hidden inside. let me know if I can help. Good Luck, Jason
  9. startergenrebuilder

    anyone know/deal with a David Leslie?

    Problem Solved? I'd be happy to help you get the units you have functioning again. Let me know if I can help. Thanks, Jason
  10. startergenrebuilder

    anyone know/deal with a David Leslie?

    Are you missing the starter and generator all together? -Jason
  11. startergenrebuilder

    WTB A working generator that fits an Overland 4 1922

    What about sending me your armature to be rewound? -Jason
  12. startergenrebuilder

    Converting a generator into an alternator

    I can rebuild the generator to 12 volts and also convert your regulator to an electronic 12 volt as well. The electronic regulators I use provide a very smooth output and are very reliable, and I use the original case so everything looks original and stock. I do not convert generators to alternators and last I knew the power steering generator could not be converted. Let me know if the first option interests you at all. Thanks, Jason
  13. startergenrebuilder

    What is a 9300F 6 volt generator ? Thks.

    A groove has been milled and these numbers were stamped in that groove? That's a new one to me. Maybe Graham did that. That would be new to me, but I'm always seeing something new. I thought in one of your earlier pictures you could see the old tag rivet holes or chiseled off rivets from the original Delco tag? 943J fits 29-33 Chevrolet, has different Comm End Housing, brush plate, brush arms and springs. Technically has different armature by number, but they supercede to the same. I'm sure pulley is different, but that's not in the catalog. Note: In the last picture looking at your field case with armature in the background. The armature has two spacers/washers on the shaft that would go against the bearing. Originally there would only be one. Unless that's a lock washer that slid up the shaft? The number stamped in your armature is different than either the R or J would have originally have had, but there again it supercedes to the same thing. I'm confused when you say brushes only go across 2/3 of the comm, what do you mean by that? Let me know if you need anything more. I have NOS Delco cutouts if you need or want one in the future. I have most all other parts as well for that matter. -Jason
  14. startergenrebuilder

    What is a 9300F 6 volt generator ? Thks.

    That's a Delco generator. I can tell by the brush holders and springs. Hard to tell for sure, but it does appear to be a later style generator than the 943-R based on the brush spring and arm I can somewhat see. Is there a number stamped in the armature laminations? Again, stampings are from someone who has worked on that generator over the last 85 years, who knows. New complete aftermarket Delco generators were never manufactured to my knowledge, so I'm sure it's an original case. That was back in the good 'ole days when we fixed things and China was not on speed dial. That doesn't mean it's an original 943-R case, but one that interchanges. If you're going for original, that's not an original cutout on top. Not sure if that's your concern or if you were just curious about what you had.
  15. startergenrebuilder

    What is a 9300F 6 volt generator ? Thks.

    1931 Dodge uses a Delco 943-R generator.