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  1. My Dad always owned a Buick starting after he got out of the service after wwII 53 Buick special 55 Buick Special 60 Buick Lesabre then the best car he ever owned (by his own admission) our 64 Buick Riviera. Along the way though, for their 10th wedding anniversary in 1960 my Grannie gave them a vw bug which I saw at eight years old as a car my own size and really liked it. That influenced my aspirations, and today have had a business for the last 40 years catering to the needs of those owning a Porsche 914 and all of the others in the Porsche line. That however does not prevent me from being a single minded car guy though. In addition to the family 64 Riviera and the 17 Porsches in my collection, I have: 1966 Corvette, two 67 MGB GTs, 1971 Jag XKE, 2004 VW air cooled Ultima Edition bug, and a 2006 Ford GT. So you can see I am all over the place when it comes to diverse cars so I think therefore qualifying on being a car guy!
  2. wow that was a hard hit, thank you for saving it! Would have hated to see another first generation car scrapped By the way I was watching that old movie for Pete's Sake, and when Barbra Streisand was in the auto wrecking yard, there was a scene where the complete backdrop was a red first generation, scrapped buy looking very new, showed the right side and the RIVIERA script was gleaming. Too bad that one met its demise so early on
  3. What I did on my car was to purchase a non working am fm and send it to electro tech, where they gutted it installed modern high powered guts and bluetooth. Now I can play songs from my i phone, put plenty of power through the stock fit but modern speakers (yes perfect fit high performance and quality speakers are available) and retain the perfect stock looking and fitting original radio. No one can believe that my "stock" am fm B U I C K pushbutton radio sounds so good (the pushbuttons still work, the radio signal seeks as well)
  4. yup we got this form with the car when my Dad and I took delivery on may 28th 1964, he sent it in to the Buick Motor Division and it came back some weeks later with the gold engraving. Any new owner could do it, even if the car was not ordered, but just on the lot, hence "Built Expressly for" on the 64 engraved plate did not necessarily mean it!!
  5. My Dad was on a budget when he bought ours in May of 64. Positive traction deluxe interior, power windows and power drivers seat, turbine wheel covers, 425 engine, power antenna, remote trunk release, and tilt steering. During a light restoration I added the options I always wanted. GS valve covers, factory air, rear center seat cushion, power vent windows, Factory AM FM, GS wood wheel, and thanks to Tom Mooney, Guidematic and Twilight Sentinel. I am waiting For Gene to send me a set of trumpet horns!!!
  6. I highly recommend the cover craft flannel custom fit
  7. we have an excellent welder who can weld the cast aluminum. He has welded and ground and then sanded and polished some of these covers with nice success. There are so few left that every one of them should be kept and saved
  8. I paid 800 for a nice set, and then an additional 800 for nos spinners. Supply and demand. The problem besides the tire monkeys trying to pry them off and break the rims, is that is that they over tighten the nuts and break the studs as well, and more particularly the bosses for the studs. We have rewelded many of the cast aluminum bosses and then retapped for new studs.
  9. I do not believe the miles myself, has had some restoration work, looks like the wood and the rear trunk lining, would not a 23 thousand mile car still have the original materials? Love the pcv routing, too much blow by?
  10. There just has to be someone good out there who will take the time to work through minor problems on one of the first generation cars. I know that most of the TV shows are a lot of hype but there has to be someone like Dan's Fantom Works shop who will take the time and accomplish the goal
  11. I was thinking the same thing about Fantom works. I have a concours car (as in the picture) just needs a bit of attention to a couple of things, and we do not have time to do it. Every nut and bolt is correct, and the car was not one that was ever through the mill,
  12. Is there any concensus on the best first generation (63-65) restoration shop in the nation? I would mean a shop that would insist on concours perfection and be able to troubleshoot problems like twilight sentential , aluminum drum brake performance, wind noise, driveline vibration, transmission performance, radial tire alignment, etc
  13. We sell both kyb and bilstein for the riv. (I advertise them in the review) After long years experience with Porsche, I loved the bilsteins so much that they finally made them to fit our cars. Kyb is cheap and has unsophisticated valving. Bilstein has very sophisticated valving hence the far superior ride. However even kyb gives a better ride than monroe! Bilstein on my Dad's original 64 along with the GS spring set made all of the difference in the world, makes one want to add quick ration steering and four piston calipers and disc brakes! George Hussey
  14. my wwll Dad used to call it "cheap Jap junk" of course things changed quickly a few years after the war.