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  1. Ride height

    we have measured quite a few 63-65 cars and with the GS springs installed, measuring from the ground at the middle of the tire to the fender well the front height is 24 inches in the front and 23 inches in the rear
  2. I had always wondered why my near perfect car did that after sitting!!! Thanks for the tech tip
  3. yes yes yes, great news for the value of these cars. Maybe finally they are getting the recognition they deserve.
  4. I personally think that the first generation are way undervalued. Look at the outrageous money the "cheaply built" muscle cars bring! The Riv is a high quality build on the level of that era's Cadillac. (and virtually cost as much!) Maybe people are finally recognizing that
  5. If I was going to put a "cheap" shock on my Riviera, I would install KYB gas
  6. so it vibrates at a standstill with the engine running? If so certainly the engine, (like has already been stated, harmonic balancer, torque convertor, flex plate, if not the driveline, maybe the drive shaft
  7. I bought the same kit from Cars but did not install after several guys told me that they do not wear much and that I would not notice a difference. THAT is why we are waiting for that guinea pig to do a quick before and after for us (LOL)
  8. My new purchase

    That beautiful Riv needs whitewalls asap! (LOL)
  9. 64 Front shocks?

    thankfully the cars are worth more these days. Springs and shocks are certainly one thing to do after all of the bushings and steering linkage parts are tight (remember Randy Rymal and his so called restored center link??)
  10. 64 Front shocks?

    sure am and love 63-65 buick rivieras until the day I die, and have been since may 28 1964 when my Dad and I went over to the buick dealer in west hartford and took delivery of what my Dad said was the best car he ever owned. Every night when I arrive home, I lift the flannel cover and pat it on the hip and remember all of the great times our family and I had in that car. The funny thing is that my Dad and then I (were) are only temporary curators of our own personal 64 Buick Riviera museum. That car will be around years after I die with its own new curator (and I cannot imagine anyone else owning that car!)
  11. 64 Front shocks?

    I advertise the shocks and springs in the review, (did not want to make my post commercial, but this set up was so good that it put a smile on my face
  12. 64 Front shocks?

    I have used with great success, bilstein gas shocks and GS springs, gives the car firmer compliant suspension and a lower look that is not too low. From the moment we purchased our 64 in May of 64 I always though that the car really handled well as compared to the other cars out there, until, after driving Porsches for many years, I got back into our Riv when my Dad gave it to me, and wondered what happened to it! Even new shocks and springs did nothing for the handling! I finally convinced Bilstein to look into making shocks for the car, which they did, and mating them with factory replica GS springs gave just the edge that I needed to make the car really handle well. NOW, I hate the seat that does not hug me in, and the brakes, that will not stop! (I installed the quick ratio steering box which helped as well) Hate to change the stock looking brakes on this pristine car, but the car is too fast and handles way too well to suffer with the old drum brakes, and booster
  13. love the original leather patina!