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  1. Is there any such thing as an nos center console for 64 65 or are they gone forever?
  2. they break because people unbuckle and just let the seatbelt go, it winds up and the buckle hits the plastic. BAD DESIGN. Need to watch it when you unbuckle and gently guide the seat belt back into the housing.
  3. 65 Boattail

    too bad they changed the design after 1965. Should have stuck with a perfected classic design like Porsche always did and just improve things like suspension brakes and engine. (and improved the headlight mechanism!) Could not get much better than 65
  4. The house can be rebuilt the car cannot.
  5. very very sad. One thinks if a car like this survived all of these years in pristine condition, it deserves not to be hurt in its old life. Would have been better if a brand new 150 thousand dollar Porsche burned to the ground instead. Easily replaced
  6. These days some would think that factory mirror sexist as it assumes the woman is in the passenger seat!!!!! Can't even say something nice these days without getting nixed.
  7. Although the original Lionel smoke pellets were declared toxic, I still love to put them in my engines and smell them. Reminds me of all of the great Christmases of my growing up when we set up MY train set in the living room (we had a small house) but had to take it down after Christmas. I got my original set on Christmas of 1959, our 55 yellow Buick Special about to be traded the next year for our 1960 Black Lesabre, and only four years later my Dad's heartthrob car of his life, our 1964 Buick Riviera, which of course I still have. The 50s and early 60s were such a great time in which to grow up,
  8. neat but too bad they are not first generation I am pretty heavily into Lionel post war as I was denied as a kid!
  9. Really too bad it does not have buckets, center console and power windows, beggars cannot be choosers, but like previously stated why in the world would Buick make their flagship car with old overstuffed bench seats? I would certainly be a buyer for the car if it had the bucket seats and power windows. (at least it has ac and am fm!!)
  10. I agree with y&z. We have used them many times before and their work is impeccable.
  11. At one time, Gene Guarnere had several sets of new old stock
  12. The blue engine even matches the interior!
  13. My Dad always owned a Buick starting after he got out of the service after wwII 53 Buick special 55 Buick Special 60 Buick Lesabre then the best car he ever owned (by his own admission) our 64 Buick Riviera. Along the way though, for their 10th wedding anniversary in 1960 my Grannie gave them a vw bug which I saw at eight years old as a car my own size and really liked it. That influenced my aspirations, and today have had a business for the last 40 years catering to the needs of those owning a Porsche 914 and all of the others in the Porsche line. That however does not prevent me from being a single minded car guy though. In addition to the family 64 Riviera and the 17 Porsches in my collection, I have: 1966 Corvette, two 67 MGB GTs, 1971 Jag XKE, 2004 VW air cooled Ultima Edition bug, and a 2006 Ford GT. So you can see I am all over the place when it comes to diverse cars so I think therefore qualifying on being a car guy!
  14. wow that was a hard hit, thank you for saving it! Would have hated to see another first generation car scrapped By the way I was watching that old movie for Pete's Sake, and when Barbra Streisand was in the auto wrecking yard, there was a scene where the complete backdrop was a red first generation, scrapped buy looking very new, showed the right side and the RIVIERA script was gleaming. Too bad that one met its demise so early on