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1969 Impala Custom

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I know that I posted a picture of my Impala in another thread, but I thought it should be here with the other unrestored vehicles... it's a 327 / 235HP with a turbo350 with 7000 miles, it's all original. I purchase it in 2004 out of Audubon, Mn with 4900 miles. There were two previous owners: Henry Anderson from Wayzata, Mn. who took delivery on September 9, 1969 from "Village Chevrolet Co." in Wayzata. Then at some point, Ms. Gloria Van Nyhuis of Nevis, MN purchased the Impala. It was purchased at an estate sale from a Ebay "flipper" who I purchase it from.  I think I paid $14,000 for the car back in 2004.









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Very nice. I have a soft spot for those. 
Might be a stretch. I will have to check with my dad and see if I maybe had a 'Uncle Henry'

I am closer to Nevis than I am to Wayzata, but stranger things have happened I guess. 

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4 hours ago, PAV8427 said:

I will have to check with my dad and see if I maybe had a 'Uncle Henry'

That would be very cool...... I've contacted the Chevrolet Dealership to see if they had any records going back that far..... they didn't. There is a door service sticker from 1980 at that dealership of an oil change with just over 1000 miles listed.

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I love it!  I was going to ask you if you still have the original wheels and wheel covers -- then I saw the trunk photo!  327 with the TH350 is a great combination.  Seems like most 327s wound-up with the Powerglide.  Apparently Henry knew exactly what he wanted!  Beautiful!  ;)

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Village Chevrolet is still in business. We used to go there often for parts as young lads. Parts & service was open until midnight.

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