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1940 Buick super manifold question


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Series 40 are showing as different part numbers in the Buick Master Parts listings. If someone could measure the length and spacing of a '37 manifold and the ports (or who already knows the answer), then that would confirm it for you.



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2 hours ago, den58 said:

Will a 1937 exhaust manifold from a 248 cubic inch fit a 1940 248 cubic inch motor

The inlet manifolds 1939 and later have a step at number 8 cylinder

Have seen complete 1938 intake-exhaust manifolds on later engines.

But unsure if exhaust only will bolt up to 1940 intake.

Image shows both types of intakes


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I have the 41-42 dual carb intake and exhaust manifold on my 37 248. Bolted right up. The only issue I had, I needed to machine Carb Spacers (1/2'" heat risers) to tilt the crabs forward to correct for the later manifolds Backward Tilt. It would seem that the later engines didn't set in the cars level I.e., the transmission was a bit lower than the engine.


All of my exhaust system was custom to accommodate the dual outlets but they probably would have been pretty close if not for the DUAL factor.

Not sure that helps to answer your question though.

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