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This forum was an accommodation as not all the moderators were on board with issues it brings.  So in order to provide a legitimate way for businesses to advertise for free we allow them to post with approval (so that we are sure they are legit) but do not allow for replies as we do not want to have to deal with competitors disparaging each other.  We also do not want to deal with the noise of one person saying I got great service and the next bad and so on and so on.  We kept it simple.

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The following  is found at the top of the services offered page. How can it be made clearer?:


Services Offered



  • Commercial auto related services ONLY (transport, restoration, repair, etc.)
  • Include complete description of your services and contact info including current AACA member number,  company name, name, email, phone, etc.
  • All other forum rules apply
  • All new topics require approval by moderators
  • No responses will be allowed
  • One post per service provider

For display or classified advertising please contact Stacy Zimmerman at 717-534-1910
Information contained herein regarding any specific person, product, or service does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by AACA or its directors, volunteers or employees.



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