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Just purchased - Tail lamp from...


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Just bought this from a guy that had it mounted to a Shovelhead hardtail. The riveted mounting plate on the back reminds me of my later Desoto lamp but the angled top glass says different. Possibly Studebaker? Thanks for the help.



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Other than the so-called "tuna can" with simple round red glass and clear license plate side or bottom lens taillamps common through much of the 1910s and 1920s? This basic style was one of the most common general looks for taillamps for mid 1920s into the early 1930s! With dozens of minor adjustments to the arched upper "stop" lens, slight size and angle variations, parallel arcs, very slightly humped arcs, differences in the corners, "STOP" or the automobile marque might be cast into the lens, or a metal cutout behind a plain red lens? Seriously, the list goes on and on and keeps going! Then there is the size difference between the bezel and the bucket, and the little red taillamp might be pointed or more rounded, along with slight size variations. Whew!

The 1929 Reo coupe I had over fifty years ago, and the 1925 Studebaker I got just a few years later both had their original taillamps. The taillamps were nearly identical unless you looked at them almost side by side. Over the years, I have looked at other Studebakers and Reos, as well as Hudsons and Heaven only knows how many other marques with nearly identical taillamps.

30DodgePanel just started a thread in "General Discussion" about after-market bumpers of the 1920s. Think we can start one on this style of taillamp?

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I have noticed the same thing. Infact, as I was explaining this post to someone while viewing it on my phone I paused and noticed the tiny differences in arched glass in the pictures and a few other things. It was certainly a style they favored back then which I personally find attractive and interesting. I have 4 complete lights now that I may take a closer look at . 

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