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WTB wood rim steering wheel

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And I am a rank amateur at that! Once you have a center and access to the right equipment it's not all that difficult. Happy to do one if you have the center bit but freight back and forth might hurt the hip pocket. 

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On 11/11/2023 at 1:30 PM, pre1939chrysler said:

The72 didn't  have wood it was all bakelite . Leo was over and showed me the correct one. Will send picture Mondaty


Still  Looking ??

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35 minutes ago, Vintageben said:

Here’s the wheel on my 72 coupe, I can get more photos and measurements tomorrow if you require.


Thanks Vintageben   I have the same wheel in my car but want to replace it with a wood rimmed wheel

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3 hours ago, BlueDevil said:

The hub detaches from the wheel with screws so you just need something to bolt on the hub. Have you looked at Motolita



Hi Bill  My steering wheel has no screws just one molded piece

I am looking for wood rimmed wheel but one which is period correct

I noticed in one of your posts you used a reamer on your new boss

do you know the details of the reamer  as I have seen a few steering wheels that are correct but slightly out on taper

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