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  1. Dave, As much as I'd like to help it is impossible. I have so little time I hardly get to work on my own car(s). Oh yeah. I'm sorry about what happened to your beautiful car...... Joe
  2. How about a few pics of the interior. Also, is the engine free - can you turn it by hand using the fan? It looks like a solid car that will need quite a bit of work to get back on the road - brakes, fuel system, tires etc......That's what happens when a car sits, unused, for long periods of time. It can be made roadworthy but you stated that you don't have the skill set to tinker with it. There are plenty of shops that will work on the car. I would estimate the cost to get it back on the road would be $3000-$5000 - It adds up quickly
  3. Forgive me for making two assumptions about what is in your first post: First, I think the seller is likely flipping the car, rather than selling for an estate or a friends widow. I say he's likely a "flipper" as the title is still in former owners name. In defense of a flippers reason not to title in his name on a "very reasonable priced A" is simply that he'd need to spend lots of money on insurance to be able to get registration, pay perhaps a lot for registration plates and ALL of the related fees. If it's priced decently as a fairly common car, omitting all those costs keeps the sales price lower for the buyer, and more importantly, to keep the car priced low enough to actually sell it. If he spends a lot of money to get it registered in his name, he may not make a dime or not be able to sell it at all if he tries to cover those costs. I'm probably going to get killed on this BUT......... I'm sorry but I have to disagree with your reasoning about a "flipper" incurring the "extra" cost(s) of titling/registering/insuring a car to sell. I know that, at least in my state, you can do a "just title" transfer without insuring/registering a car. That way the car is in your (the sellers) name. Also, being a "flipper" yourself, you should know going into the purchase of a car what your costs will be and how that will affect the asking price. So, if doing all of the "right" (legal) things might cut too deeply into your profit then that is on you - not the buyer. The bottom line is that you can sell a car for what it is worth and/or what someone is willing to pay you for it - not based on "I have x-amount of $$$$ into the car and I want to pocket $5000.00 in profit so I'll ask way more than the car is truly worth. Besides, skipping/jumping titles is illegal in most states (maybe all) - (the Gov't wants those tax dollars) and if you, as a buyer/seller, get caught you're in for a whole lotta trouble. It would be in EVERYONE'S best interest to have a title in your (the seller's) name.
  4. If the title is the issue, and it would be for me,too, then I would have told the guy to xfer the title into his name and then we could talk. I love it when a seller says "There is a title issue (missing, etc) but that can be fixed easily". So why don't they make the so-called easy fix on the title BEFORE trying to sell the car???????????
  5. OH BOY!!!!!!! That's almost as good as "THE LEG LAMP" from a Christmas Story Do I have to buy the car to get the prize???? BTW - to stay on the topic of the car and not hijack the thread - not a bad looking car but as stated before the missing spark plug is something to look into.
  6. Bruce, What's wrong with the engine in your 47 Chrysler? Is it rebuildable. If so why not just rebuild yours?
  7. I would leave the seat covers on to protect that 73 year old upholstery Just my opinion
  8. A little more progress. Not completed yet but moving in the right direction.
  9. Looks like pipe insulation to maybe prevent vapor lock. Just a guess
  10. Could be that it's a replacement door from an 8 cylinder car because the drivers side doesn't have that piece on it.
  11. Haven't gotten as far along on the oil pan, etc. as I thought I would. Only have a limited amount of time during the week - work gets in the way, you know? Anyway, I'd like to ask a question. Either someone used some sort of gasket sealant (looks like Indian Head) on the oil pan gasket OR that's the way it came originally. The gasket on there is a paper gasket not cork. So my question is: After I get the pan mounting surface(s) clean should I use a sealant or not with the new gasket?
  12. Was able to get under the car today and drop the oil pan It didn't look so bad. There was, however, a bit of sludge on the bottom. That will be cleaned out tomorrow and the pan will be painted.
  13. Yep! Saw this episode tonight, too. Not a big Shemp fan, though. Curly is THE MAN
  14. One thing about rust is that once you start digging into it the more you're going to find. I would get under the car and check the rocker panels. Really look at them carefully. Also, check the floors, trunk (spare tire well,too), the bottom of the doors, etc. From what I see in the pics it looks like the more you look the more rust you are going to find. As far as you stating that you don't want the car to rust out I think you are beyond that point already. That said, anything can be repaired as long as you are willing to spend the time and money to do so. I think you might want to keep looking. Good luck with your search
  15. Was finally able to get that last sparkplug out without doing any damage. Also, cleaned up some more chrome and while I was working on the car my neighbor came over with his friend to show him the car They loved it
  16. It appears that that sun visor is mounted incorrectly. Maybe because when they are mounted correctly they tend to block the view looking out of the windshield. So maybe it was mounted higher up to avoid the "interference" when looking out the windshield. Also, I sure hope the car was parked on a hill when some of the pics were taken. There is some serious "lean" going on. I wonder if the homemade "cup holder/floor console"" is included in the sale. Nice car but Chryslers of this era (50's) struggle to bring any kind of decent money - regardless of condition. They just don't. Especially 4-doors unless it is an exceptional car - like one with only 1000 miles from new and was wrapped in an airtight bag all its life......
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