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Museum of American History - Smithsonian, Washington, DC


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There are lots of things to see at the various buildings of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, and the American History building has a number of old cars, trucks, motorcycles, wagons, and trains.  In April 2023, their Tucker (#1039) was on display. This is the twelfth Tucker we have seen in person of the 51 cars. You could spend many hours wandering this building. In DC, Uber is your best friend for getting around. 



1948 Tucker, s/n 1039. 



1903 Winton, first car across the country, with dog Bud. 




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We took the kids there about 12 to 14 years ago and stayed about halfway between Washington and Baltimore and took the MARC commuter train in to 'Washington.  Saved on the hotel room plus parking and the hassle of getting into the capital area.  Added bonus was the clerk at the hotel sent us to Timbuktu Restaurant in Hanover, Maryland.  Special of the night was 2 crab cakes for a really cheap price.  We asked the server how big they were they size of a soft ball.  Being Canadian we are used to crab cakes being sized and shaped like a hockey puck and wow were we surprised when then arrived - truly the size and shape of a softball and absolutely fabulous!

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I havent been to the Smithsonian since my last trip around the 8th grade (many moons ago). Sad part is I live 2 hrs away. Will be commuting to Washington in the next few days for about 2 weeks for work. Just not in the same area. A couple of years I visited behind the scenes with a woodworking guild. The senior furniture conservator was our guide for the day and took us to the conservation labs. IMO, much more interesting than the exhibit space. I do want to get there one of these days and look things over though. The cars look pretty nice.

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