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Column shift off what?


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I could shift with my left hand.... ;)  And that was on a GM, both Chevrolet and Buick, so a close column shift pattern. :D   I never understood why the Fords used such long throws. 


No recent or future young people will know how to do this. Unless they get into antique cars. Ha!


I'm sure someone could use that, just have to get it into their hand. Know anyone going to Hershey?

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23 hours ago, 28 Chrysler said:

On some of the Ford cars you could flip these over for left hand shifting. Your right had could be used on a date for other things.

I had a 56 Ford that was flipped when I got it. I pulled the pin and put it back the factory way and found out why they did it.

It jumped out of second on decell , With it on the left , the weight of your hand kept from jumping out.

Speed shifting to second was easier on the left, but awkward for right handed person.

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