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1950 Oldsmobile 98 convertible, not mine.

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As usual broken page.  That just says this product is currently not available.  Looks more like they mean their page and not the car,  but who knows.  Seems all the terrible tech help they fire from ebay,  goes to work for Facebook. Hands down,  worst classified site on the web that we are stuck with because everyone choses to list there out of convenience. 

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3 hours ago, Xander Wildeisen said:

Please take the time, as others do, to copy all the

pertinent information into the "Not Mine" listing.


Thank you for the reference.  However, 3 hours after

you posted the link, it's already dead.  It would be nice

to know what the car looked like, where it was, its price,

and if there was any contact information.  We have found

that deleted ads do not necessarily mean a car has been

sold, and anything overpriced may be available months later.


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Mike Buegeleisen
Classic car for sale
1950 Oldsmobile 98 · Convertible · Driven 1,800 miles

1950 Oldsmobile 98 Convertible. Nice restored car.. I know nothing about the restore, when it was done or who did it. I bought this from a friend and he bought it from an estate. The owner had pasted so the information went with him. My guess from being around the car is this was a decent restoration with a driver quality paint job. You can pick it apart up close but at 10 feet it looks great.. The engine was rebuilt from the looks of how clean everything is and how clean it is under the valve covers. The underside of the car is clean as well.. It runs and drives well.
Here are the bads: the car needs tinkering as I believe it was never completely sorted out after the restore. One rear quarter glass is broken. The fit on the doors needs adjustment.. The back of the hood needs pushed down after opened. Carburetor can use a freshen up as the accelerater pump is lazy.
It's a cool car with tons of potential.. It's a lot of car for the Money. It gets a lot of attention and is fun to drive.
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OK folks - I found it - it is not on Facebook Marketplace - it is listed on Mike Buegeleisen's personal Facebook page... and...

He pasted it on the Group Page called "Classic 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 Oldsmobile Futuramic 76, 88, & 98"

If you have a Facebook account - from your home page - cut-n-paste "Mike Buegeleisen" into the people search box and hit enter.

It will take you right to his page/listing.


You can also try this link - but it may only work if you are logged into Facebook.

https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=Mike Buegeleisen


$27,500   Windsor, California - Listed two days ago

I don't think Sellers on FaceBook realize how narrow their posting is distributed when they only post it on a specialized group page.


Good luck with the search.


{Edit - I can confirm the link ONLY works if you are already logged onto Facebook}




The above link should take you to the Group site directly - but again, you already have to be logged into Facebook. 

FaceBook is so 'painful' to navigate to find car listings - uggggh






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10 hours ago, auburnseeker said:

...Unfortunately 5 G in shipping to get it here. 

I've gotten quotes for cross-country enclosed shipping

by the well-reputed big carriers, and it has been more

like $2500.  They carry maybe 6 cars at once.


So, if a car suits your style, Auburn Seeker, just factor in

the shipping cost into the price you negotiate.  Don't let

distance deter you!

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Last time I shipped long before all the price increases with fuel enclosed was 2500 coast to coast and that was 10 years ago,  by Passport.   I know they can give good rates but I suspect the days of 2500,  unless you are standby to fill a hole are long gone unfortunately.   Not sure if it will affect the auto transporters but Ca is also giving truckers alot of flack and enacting laws and regulations that may decrease the competition and in effect drive up rates.    Hopefully not the case ,  but I wouldn't bet against it. 


I like it and it seems like a good deal,  but there are alot of cars on the bucket list and this one isn't very high.  I have to get my land deal sealed before I really buy anything new.  It's nice to dream for a few minutes though. 

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