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For Sale - Not Mine, But A FRIEND _ AACA Senior 1981 DeLorean - 32K Miles with multiple Repeat Preservations

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A long time friend and Region and Chapter President is reluctantly offering along his beloved AACA SENIOR, Multiple Repeat Preservation, Twice  National Award Nominated 1981 DeLorean. This gem is offered at $63,000 FIRM.


1981 DeLorean DMC-12 GT


This is a fantastic 32,xxx mile car was twice nominated for an AACA National Award, and has multiple Preservations.

It is also a serious driver, having traveled cross-country multiple times. 




Please send me a PM with your information, and I'll gladly pass your contact to the seller to have him speak with you directly.


Here is his link to his Hemmings ad:







  • History

    The DeLorean DMC-12 was the brain-child of John Zachary DeLorean, an American automobile engineer and executive.  This GT type production car was designed and developed in the 1970s, but production and funding issues delayed its introduction until 1981, the year model of this car. DeLorean Motor Company was an United States corporation, headquartered in New York, but DeLoreans were build in Dunmurry, Ireland with support of the British Government.  John DeLorean considered several build sites in the US and around the world, but the British Government wanted to resolve poverty and religious strife in Ireland and offered him the best support, subsidies and tax breaks.

    Its not easy to design and build a car from scratch, but John DeLorean knew engineering and the automobile business.  This is not a kit car assembled from off the shelf parts.  Almost everything was designed specifically for the DeLorean.  The timeless good looks were from celebrated designer Giorgetto Giugiaro of Ital Designs, now famous for his design of such cars as the Alfa Romero Brera, Ferrari 250 GT, Maserati Ghibli, DeTomaso Mangusta, Lamborghini Cala, and many more. The DeLorean is a unique car with several distinguishing features.  The doors are of the gull-wing design, opened by gas struts and crysotwist torsion bars designed by Grumman Aerospace.  Lotus designed the double Y frame.  The fuel tank is safely nestled in the front Y and the engine is cradled in the rear Y.  That engine is an aluminum alloy V6 jointly developed by Peugeot, Renault and Volvo and designated the PRV6.  It employed a very successful early use of mechanical fuel injection by Bosch.  It has a trans-axle setup, rear wheel drive and fully independent suspension. 

    While the car appears to be of stamped metal panels like conventional cars, it is actually a composite car with a FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) core covered by stainless steel panels.  The 304 stainless steel costs about four times that of conventional steel.  No factory cars were ever painted, but about 4 were gold plated for a special American Express promotion.  Even the Craig WS450 cassette/radio was state of the art at the time.  There was only one production model of DeLorean automobile the DMC-12 by company designation.  That was part of DeLoreans plan for an 
    ethical car that would be fun to drive, safe to operate, and long lasting.  Fewer than 10,000 DeLoreans were built and sold from 1981 to 1983.

    This DeLorean

    The car was purchased from one of the  original investors of DeLorean Motor Company.  He was a beloved local physician who mostly drove it from his home to a nearby golf course.  I became the second owner in 2005 with 14,000 miles on the odometer.  Clear Louisiana title.

    After refurbishing the car, we drove it to many distant states, mostly showing it at national shows of the Antique Automobile Club of America.  It has earned its AACA First Junior, Senior, and multiple AACA Repeat Preservation Awards.  It was twice nominated for a prestigious AACA National Award.  It won Best of Class at the 2019 Ridgeland EuroFest (multi-state event) and multiple local awards.  It's been driven regularly and currently has 32,000 miles.

    I am an amateur restorer, but have restored several cars.  I have a well outfitted shop with a professional lift.  The DeLorean has been protected, regularly serviced and well cared for.

    The car is fully restored, updated, runs and drives perfectly.
    Factory air, original radio and hidden modern radio with Bluetooth radio and telephone interface.

    I am a founder of the regional DeLorean Owners Group.  We support one another in ownership and maintenance, get together for technical Sessions, and participate in touring events.


    The original stainless steel is properly grained and in excellent condition.  The front and rear fascias were removed, stripped and refinished in original color.  The windscreen was replaced due to a rock chip.  Inner and outer door seals were replaced.  Window motors were replaced and switches refurbished or replaced.  Door and bonnet struts were replaced and torsion bars adjusted.  Doors open and close smoothly, latch, lock and fit properly.  Electric door locks work properly.  Headlight and tail light assemblies were removed and refurbished.

    The gull-wing door hinges, cryo-twist bars and T-panel assembly are all original, rust free and properly secured.  Inner and outer door seals were changed during renovation.

    Wheels, tires and brakes

    The original wheels were refinished by DMC/Houston (international headquarters for DeLorean parts). 
    Original wheels are painted silver, but these wheels were painted charcoal and then machined to produce a glossy finish. 
    RR wheel has a curb scuff.

    The tires show well, but are aged out for high-speed driving. 
    The spare tire, jack and wrench are properly installed in the bonnet area.

    The brake pads, calipers, brake lines and front rotors were changed.  The car stops firmly and straight.

    Engine and Transmission

    The engine is original and has not been rebuilt (only 32,000 miles).  The Bosch fuel injection system is original, but has been cleaned and adjusted.  The original fuel pump has been upgraded with the GM-style pump from DMC-Houston.  A modern inertia type safety switch is installed.  The engine starts well, even after sitting up.  The engine runs and accelerates smoothly with no smoking, pinging, or other signs of malfunction.

    The transmission is original - an automatic three speed unit from Renault.  The only service has been oil change.  It pulls and shifts properly.  The transmission's electron circuit board (controller) has been refurbished.  The axle seals and boots were changed.  The transaxle weeps oil slightly at the seam.

    The air-conditioner system was internally cleaned and adjusted, the condenser replaced.  The system was dried and charged with R134A.  The Heater hoses were changed and the control valve replaced.  Heat/cold both work properly.  The AC system on the DeLorean is not its strongest suite, but this one works well until we get into our Louisiana muggy 90+ degree weather.


    The frame has had little work.  DeLorean frames are epoxy coated and prone to chips and rust. This frame has been repainted in places and is in overall good condition.  The suspension is original with new shocks and repainted coil springs.  Lower ball joints were changed.  The FRP tub, which constitutes most of the underbody is in great condition.  The


    The dash was removed and refinished in original color. 
    The instrument binnacle was recovered. 
    All instruments were removed and cleaned.  All are in proper working order. 
    Dash and side panel radio speakers were replaced. 
    The automatic antenna was replaced. 
    The incandescent lamps in the door frames were replaced with LEDs to avoid battery drain when doors stay open at shows.
    Carpets are original and show some wear, but still very presentable. 
    Headliners were recovered. 
    Door panels are in great condition. 
    Seats were recovered in leather. 
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Marty, you may know that our own Steve Moskowitz

(of the AACA office) used to have a DeLorean dealership

franchise.  He sold them out of the same building as his

Oldsmobiles.  I interviewed him for our regional AACA

newsletter and published some good insights from his


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John, at the first National Meet where we showed the DeLorean, I was pretty anxious.  My only consolation (as I confessed to my wife) was that we might do okay since few people know much about DeLoreans.  The bell sounded to start judging and the team of judges approach our car first.  Heading the team was Steve Moskowitz.  "I used to sell these things!", Steve announced.  Oh well,...


Steve, of course, was friendly and gracious.  He finished with, "What a nice car.  Thanks for bringing it.  Do you have a sales brochure for it?"  I did not.  A couple of week later, a pristine original DeLorean Sales Brochure arrived at my home.  Nice guy that Steve Moskowitz.

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Im going out for a lottery ticket!  I LOVE deloreans. Def a bucket list car. This looks to be nicer than the average one, GLWS.  I suppose like all old cars it wasnt that long ago that you could take your pic for $15k, then again I sold my 190 SL for $10k!!

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