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Need help in identifying this Buick ??


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  I am tying to identify the model of this Buick. I purchased the car a year ago to save it from either the scrap yard or some one that was going to make it in to a rat rod. the gentlemen that I saved it from was in over his head and became frustrated enough that he was contemplating scraping it as the rat rod fellow never came to pick it up. so now I have made room in my stable for it (wife approved) I was told it was a 1930, however there was no title or paper work and no VIN tags that I could find in all the 10 box's of parts.  The vehicle came out of the Kent/Tacoma Washington area and all that was there was the body and all the trim and trinkets already re-chromed and bagged with labels.  there was no frame or power train with the vehicle as it was sitting on a 1953 Buick frame and the gentlemen was trying to modify the body and fenders to fit (cut up the fenders). How does one figure out if it is a type 40/50/60 with out any body numbers? and does any one have a frame with powertrain for sale?   


  thank you for any assistance,  Marc image.jpeg.cbee506f9a04e3f04f54325506b07626.jpegimage.jpeg.e3ab959edb8773b84ebb38795fce9a5c.jpegimage.jpeg.1d10ec65850b961aa36d390c29855e4c.jpegimage.jpeg.5d5488a8adc175f8668e80111d92c551.jpegimage.jpeg.1436224f3ac6604371a3f81c3a61ca73.jpegimage.jpeg.4176e36ae41698baad5503f9e523cf22.jpeg

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If you can use it, I have a complete drive train from transmission, torque tube, drive line, differential, axle housing: everything from clutch pressure plate to rear brakes, from a 1934 series 60.  You can call me at (540) 493-8756.  Leave a message if you miss me.  I also have the clutch and brake pedals, other miscellaneous parts.

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thanks Bob,  


 it is difficult to say the wheel base as the frame under it is not the correct one. I guesstimate that it is 114" or 117" is there a way to measure the body to determine ? 



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If the wheels look centered in the fenders, you should be close on the wheelbase.


1930 series 40 had a 118" wheelbase.

1930 series 50 had a 124" wheelbase.

1930 series 60 had a 132"wheelbase

1930 Marquette had a 114" wheelbase

1931  series 50 had a 114" wheelbase

1931 series 60 had a 118" wheelbase

1931 series 80 had a 126" wheelbase

1931 series 90 had a 134" wheelbase.


Bob Engle



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Great information Sir,


  I found a 1930 Marquette with the 114" and the Gentlemen has a "project" with a parts frame and the measurements are close to it. unfortunately he only wants to sell it "ALL together".  and I don't think I can talk the Misses into another car. my measurements are closer to 114' than the 118' as I think the fenders are too far forward just sitting on the wheel.   I did see that SuperBuick had a big 6 frame with running gear listed about 8 years ago, however I doubt that he still has it.  I appreciate the information, now just have to find it.





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