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  1. It probably has dual carbs unless you opened the hood and looked. Looks to me like the short wheelbase (special and super) Buick 1940s General Specs (carnut.com)
  2. It says Long Island City but shows a picture of downtown Manhattan. They probably wouldn't sell any bumpers if they showed Long Island City. YECH!
  3. Wow. And the wiper motor sits outside under that roof canopy thing. Amazing.
  4. The vacuum line off the manifold splits and goes 2 places. One to the vacuum tank as usual, and the other goes off behind it. Is that going to an early vacuum windshield wiper?
  5. You can buy a new one at Carparts Я Us.
  6. Looks like the 1926 standard is 207 cubic inch and interchanges with 1927 and 1928 Year (hyzercreek.com)
  7. The complete steering wheel assembly should look like this. This is 1918, but they were the same for 1922. . . . . These are the parts I have. The short ones are the sector spark levers, long one is sector throttle lever, and some sector brackets. Plastic button on the spark lever is the horn button. The gears attach to the bottoms of the spark and throttle tubes. I don't know what shape your steering column is in, those tubes should all be telescoping inside each other. There are 5 tubes, from outside to inside they are 1. case 2. steering 3. stationary 4. throt
  8. Car show cruise-in's are full of Frankencars, and people just walk right past them. Nobody cares how some random dude ruined a good car by upgrading everything. You want people to stop and look at your car, even big crowds of onlookers cheering.......keep it original!
  9. Turn signals were not an option for 1922. They were first offered by Buick in 1939, and Buick was the first in the world to offer them. In 1922, all you got was tail lights. No brake lights, hazard signals, nothing. In 1922, you were on the road with horses, which had no lights at all. When I say Buick offered them, I mean they were standard, not really "offered". Rear turn signals in 1939, front and rear in 1940.
  10. Anybody who knows, what year is this tail light? I put it on my car but it's not correct for E-49 so I'm selling it. I'll take $90 for it. ,
  11. I have the tail light for 1922 Buick. I'll take pics
  12. I'm in upstate NY. Where are you? I can always grab whatever parts I have and take pictures.
  13. I just bought the other one for $20! Ha ha ha I am a happy man! ORIGINAL SINGLE TOP BOW SADDLE CLAMP AUTOMOTIVE PART 1909-1927 CONVERTIBLE | eBay
  14. The '39 Buick grill is based on the Y job concept car.
  15. This picture from the 1918 Chas E. Miller catalogue of auto parts .
  16. 1940 had a beautiful grille, better than '41. But they looked too much like Chevy so they went to waterfall in 1942
  17. I think this picture will help. It's from a 1926 edition of Western Auto Supply catalogue:
  18. From 1914 on according to Year (hyzercreek.com) .
  19. Whatever the problem, it has to be something that can result from sitting 20 years. I don't see how camshaft lobes can just fall off due to sitting.
  20. Mine had 4 shims on each bolt and plastigaged down to 3 on some bolts and all 4 on the others, never 2, so if you have taken all your shims out I'm guessing you need to put most of them back.
  21. 21 inch rims were 1926 to 1928 but most people used 6 inch balloon tires, looks like 4.5 were cheapos. Buick Pre 1930 General Specs (carnut.com)
  22. I did the same but I used a Farmall Tractor hand crank and bored it out to 13/16. But if all you want to do is set the point gap, why not just loosen the distributor and rotate it until the points are on the cam? Then set the points and turn the distributor back to time it. . .
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