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Looking for pictures of certain GM tri-power air cleaners


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Trying to come close to completing my reference page of GM tri-power air cleaners for GM cars (Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac) using Rochester carburetors.

Looking for pictures of unmolested units for a perpetual reference.

I need the following:


1958 Chevrolet (both) ORIGINALS, NOT REPROS


1966 Oldsmobile, both standard and W-30

1958 Pontiac - both the standard air cleaner, and the one with the air suspension pump fitting. I let mine get away without taking picturesdoh.gif

1964 and 1965 Pontiac - there are a BUNCH of different air cleaners in these years. Anything would help. Specifically 389 or 421 federal, and 389 or 421 California.

I have been told that in 1965, the difference between the 389 and 421 units was the 421 lids were chromed; and of course the California versions would have an extra fitting.

I need:

Top picture of the complete air cleaner

Top picture of the lower section with the lid off, showing the relationship of the centerline of the carburetors to the snorkel clocking.

A picture of the underside of the lower section showing the dimples, and especially the California smog fittings.

600 dpi is fine, but I can reduce higher resolutions.

Here is what I currently have:


I still have about 25 to look at, and maybe do better pictures, but I know my 1958's are gone; and California air cleaners are pretty scarce in Missouri. Don't think I have any of the ones for which I asked.

Thanks in advance.


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Check over on classicoldsmobile.com as there are several documented 1966 W30 with original aircleaners there, both factory built (54, each numbered for the car it came on) and Track-Pak cars.


Friend has a 1964 389 TriPower Grand Prix. He usually runs Badgers on it but has what is supposed to be the correct dual snorkel tri-carb unit for a factory airconditioning car. It's a strange car, being converted from 4BC to TriPower coming down the assembly line and fully optioned, but all documented by PHS. I'll see if I can get pictures or get him to send them to you.

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Jon, here's the underside. I believe this is a Track Pack air cleaner - the over the counter version - and not one of the 54 factory built cars. The original 54 used 10 fasteners between the lid and the base, the Track Packs used eight fasteners. By the way, note the boss that could be punched out for the closed PCV breather tube required on Calif. cars.




The L69 cars used three 5" air cleaners that were the same as the ones on the 1966 GTO.



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Pontiac Super Duty 389 base air cleaner picture can be found in Pete McCarthy's book Pontiac Muscle Car Performance. Page 171.

Also Contact Rick Gonser POCI and or Tom Schauch POCI tech advisors.

 Pontiac V8 Engine History: 1955-19811961 Catalina batwing 2 dr sedan 389 Super Duty tri power 4 spdcc0381ada6e04c6040bb02adfba5931f.jpeg

1961 Pontiac Catalina " Delete " Sd 389 Tri Power, Solid Lifter 368hp, 4  Speed, Posi


Also 1957 OLDSMOBILE Batwing J-2

image.jpeg.fc87bbce2d35848b2b7d5f8daebd54f4.jpeg1957-58 Oldsmobile J2 Rocket Air Cleaner-All Body Styles - Dr. Decal

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