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MG TC. 1945-49. Most likely an early one imported later in its life rather than made specifically for export to the US.  Nice find, tell us more.


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3 hours ago, Jfoss said:

IMG_20210928_180746_2.jpg.f638264909ed9e9b82e71f2cc6693d7c.jpgIMG_20210928_180742_4.jpg.44f8e82bbd509e10dbd0b1cc9d9d2a94.jpgIMG_20210928_180737_4.jpg.03bbb028782cefb510b3e2a37997f979.jpgIMG_20210928_180746_2.jpg.f638264909ed9e9b82e71f2cc6693d7c.jpgIMG_20210928_180742_4.jpg.44f8e82bbd509e10dbd0b1cc9d9d2a94.jpgIMG_20210928_180742_4.jpg.44f8e82bbd509e10dbd0b1cc9d9d2a94.jpgCould could somebody please help me identify this thank you so much.


The dash instrument setup looks like 1948 (MGTC), but I am better at MGA identifications. I have always wanted a TC.

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1 hour ago, Jfoss said:

Are you interested in purchasing the vehicle I'm going to make somebody a great deal it's location is Iowa near cedar rapids

Too many projects to think about that car, but thanks. I think it looks like a very savable car from what I see. I WOULD like to know what it is going for, though. Private message me with a price and I can torture myself with the thought of owning another old car.

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I've got to figure out exactly what year this thing is and figure out if it's a tc a ta or a  tb and I've gotta see if I can find the hood spare tire and whatever else seems to be missing.haven't checked the condition of the wood or tires / wires yet I know it's not going to be worth a whole lot the way it looks but I got to get a price on it and I'll let you know thank you

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